My scrapbooking area is everyones in our house. My little people are allowed to use whatever they like AS LONG AS they put everything away when they are finished! I have been known to go completely CRAZY if there is a big mess (that I didn’t make – that might not be very fair – but its the deal in our house that everyone has to live with) The positives of this aggreement far out weigh the negatives. I am showered with albums filled with layouts that they have created – just for me (better then flowers)! I love seeing their stories and adventures through their eyes rather then mine. Their layouts inspire me and remind me what scrapbooking is really about.

I have a spot on the corner of my desk that I display the latest creations on.  My daughter Hannah designed this one about me. I have to tell you it makes me giggle! Some of the things on that list REALLY irritate me and are a private joke between Hannah and I! She is so awesome – thank you Hannah. I love you!

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    LOVE it!! I get the little notes from my daughter, but she hasn’t made me a layout (yet!)… will have to show her this one 🙂

    Allison Orthner