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After seven months of dancing 4-5 times a week – festival season is knocking on our door!

This is a typical tap class. Eila (young lady in the middle) is a fabulous tap instructor – she has really inspired Madeline to be a tap dancer – as tapping is not one of Madeline’s favourite classes.

My Hannah bear gets to play with make-up! Which is unusual as she is my tomboy! I am not sure for how much longer though – she has been coming out of her shell a little more in the last 1/2 year.

Madeline is growing up so fast! PLEASE slow down just a little!

These two girsl are super duber ATHLETIC! Alley Cat and Hannah Bear! After they dance an elegant jazz duet – they go outside and CHUCK the baseball around!  Makes me smile.

These three girls spend most of the day giggling and smiling! Really what dance is all about!

I do love how in our house we go from MANLY hockey season – skates, equipment, smelly everything….to gentle dance with slippers, costumes and well…..smelly everything! Hockey and dance definately have that in common!

Over the next 7 weeks – we will live and breathe dance. I look forward to watching them being nervous, anxious, over the top excited and sometimes disappointed. Dance is such an amazing sport and I am so lucky to be apart of it with my girls.

Have an awesome Monday everyone

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  1. Ooh I LOVE watching the girls dance (and the boys, they can rock out a mean hip hop!!!) Good luck in competitions this year girls!!!

  2. There is nothing prettier than young dancing ladies and yours are for sure Jackie. Congrats on having such talented daughters.

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