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Tomorrow I am heading to Calgary for a photo shoot with my partner in crime Katharina.  Every once and awhile we need to update our photos for various media type things.  Really and truly NOT one of my favourite things to do – I actually dread it!!!!! But it needs to be done.

This gorgeous lady – Allison Orthner

Makes taking my photo much less painful! Allison is so creative and personable that she can even get a good photo of me – and that is challenge!!!!!!!

If you ever have the opportunity to take a photography class with Allison – please do so. She really takes the complicated stuff right out of it and will have you taking awesome photos in no time at all.

Wish me luck everyone!

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  1. Allison is a hard person not to love. The pictures she took at the mondaynightclass.ca photo shoot for the magazine spread were so great. Everyone looked like models. I am sorry that I had a pregnancy drs appt that I couldn’t miss as I would have loved to gotten my hands on a photo by Allison when I was pregnant. I am sure she will make yourself and Katarina look even more gorgeous then the two of you already are!

  2. Connie Nichol Reply

    Good luck!! I know how hard it is to get a photo of yourself that you are happy with!!!

  3. Jackie Reply

    Okay – I survived!!! and Allison was very gentle with me!

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