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The  Distrezz-it-All from Zutter is COOOLIO!

I played with this a little bit at CHA and definately need to get my hands on it.  It distresses edges with a blink of an eye!  YEP! and you can do more then one page at a time!!!! I LOVED IT! If you get a chance to play with one, go for it!  Be warned however – you will be adding it to your NEED list! LOL! Check out their website to watch a video of it in action!

Have a great day everyone


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    Wow, what will they think of next! And just when I thought that there was NO way I needed another tool!!!
    This is just awesome!

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    Corinne Braun Reply

    i have got to get one of those – hoping they hit the LSS in Saskatoon soon!