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Dance competition season has ended in our home. This is both a sad time as the costumes and solos are put away in the memory boxes and an exciting time as we move forward and begin to plan for next year.

I thought I would share with  you what we actually do at competitions…….

First we do a whole pile of hurrying up and get there so that we can hurry up and wait!!!!! Lots of time is spent visiting, stretching and trying to get rid of the nerves! I actually love this part the best – connecting with the girls, visiting, laughing, being silly cause we are almost always tired from all the travelling!

Very often during these times I have my work with me.  This weekend I had the Kodak proofs for the Summer issue that I was editing while waiting!

Next – we get ready! There is a whole pile of putting make-up on…..fixing the hair….hair spraying…..looking in the mirror….more make-up…..looking in the mirror…..and lots more of that! Mostly I just watch….they do a way better job with their hair and make-up then I do!!!!  I have learned way more from them than they have from me:)

Finally – they get to perform.  Here are some highlight photos from some of the performances they put on this weekend in Edmonton.

The Snake and The Snake Charmer – Character Ballet Duet

The Princess and the date from e-harmony – Character Ballet Solo

The date was actually a Frog…that no matter how many times you kissed him…he just would not turn into a prince!  You never know what your going to get from e-harmony!!!!

An energetic Jazz solo to the beat of Hannah Montana!

Hip Hop at it’s finest! Hannah’s Hip Hop Solo

And then we wait for the awards ceremony!

Dance season is not nearly finished yet – just the competitions!  They still have their year end recital and Madeline will continue to take dance classes until the middle of August. Dance is really a year round thing in our home – I am grateful for all the music, acting and spinning that goes in our house 24/7!

The girls were on fire this year! Such a pleasure for me to watch and be inspired from. Thank you so much Madeline and Hannah – I am very lucky to be your mom:)

Have a wonderful week everyone

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  1. The girls look fantastic… you can tell it’s something they truly love! So great that you could take the time to enjoy them.


  2. Dance competitions sound alot like swim meets… except I’m sure it’s a lot hotter in the pool area!! The girls have grown up so much in the last five years and look like beautiful young women now – you must be so proud!

  3. What a wonderful post! It really does look like they’re enjoying every minute of it! One can see why you are truly a blessed Mama! 🙂 Congratulations, girls!

  4. Gees, dance is a lot cleaner and more glamorous than showing a 4H steer! What no water fights!! lol!
    Way to go girls! Be very proud of what you accomplish with them Jackie!

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