Can you believe it…they won’t build a Starbucks in a town with only 2000 people:) 

I could really use one of these today!

They now have…..”However-you-want-it” frappuccino’s!!! Literally THOUSANDS of ways to customize it!  CRAP!!! That is going to take me a ton of visits to get it the way I like it!!!!!!;) Anyone wanna mail me one??????

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    LOL – you so make me laugh! I’d send ya one.. but I think it might spill…… and that would be a waste!

    See you soon.. I hope….

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    I hear ya. Although I live in Montreal, and there are many SB locations here… whenever I head east to visit family, I’m in a SB-free zone, and I near die of coffee withdrawal!

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    They won’t build one in Bon Accord either but at least I am only 20 minutes to Edmonton. I am in Elk Point all the time for work (library system HQ is there) I could bring one along next time. When I go visit my parents in Nova Scotia it is 3 hours to SB, I can’t stand it!