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Okay – so for the past 4 years Katharina and I have gone to one of them most beautiful places on the planet to scrapbook for National Scrapbooking Day –  Oasis Scrapbooking Bull River Retreat. Over the years the getaway grew to include any and all members of the CS team that could join us as well as some fabulous new found friends whom we meet there every year!!!! During this weekend we have soooooooooooooooo much fun and get sooooo much done for future issues of the magazine. This year much to my sadness, I was unable to attend:( – but have thoroughly been enjoying the posting of pictures on facebook and blogs about the event. 

It is a joke between us all that as the Editor of the magazine I give everyone assignments (at the retreat) and like to see  them completed at the end! (however this is just a little giggle that we all have – as the retreat is really a retreat for us all to enjoy and scrapbook whatever we like – you get the picture)

With this in mind…..when I saw this picture on Cathie Allan’s facebook (which I had to borrow-thanks Cathie) – I had to share it here on my blog!

Whatcha ya doing Katharina? LOL!!!!! Doesn’t look like scrapbooking to me??????????? When the cats away – the mice will play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL!!!!!!!! Your so funny!!!!! Thanks for the giggle!

For more awesome photos of the event be sure to check out Connie Nichol’s blog  she will be posting all kinds of photos over the next little while of WHY we love what Beck Litz from Oasis Scrapbooking does every year!!!!  Check it out!!!!!

Have an awesome Wednesday everyone

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  1. OMG, now the boss knows! teehee. I think I almost peed putting her chair up there. It wasn’t a total success though, I thought it would be a little funnier if it was standing up, but that ledge was so shaky and I couldn’t reach with the ladder. I need you Jackie to crawl on the roof and lift it up!!!!NExt year.

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