I took some pictures of the photo shoot Katharina and I had with Allison Ornther a few weeks ago!  It is a behind the scenes look 🙂

We started here

and took a ton of fun shots…including this one of the two of us being silly:)

Next we moved to another location……..

Here Allison is taking some gorgeous shots of Katharina! Then…she took some of me….it looked like this…..

and it turned into this……..

As you can see…you never get to see my BUTT!!!! I do actually have one…..its just a BIG secret I like to keep!

Once again – thank you Allison!

Off I go to make a Spring Snowman!

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  1. Kim Gowdy

    STUNNING! I need to get that girl taking pics of me…now that would be a challenge!!

  2. Avatar

    oh, that’s funny. You look fantastic!!! In a perfect world Alison could take photos of all of us and make us look like beauty queens! LOL

  3. Jackie
    Jackie Reply

    I think we should just hire Allison to run around after us all day, everyday! Then we would scrapbook more about the everyday day to day!!!!! Cause my everyday day to day….well….it isn’t pretty!