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I finished reading this book yesturday….

This book will stay with me for a very long time.  It was inspiring, saddening, joyful, thoughtful….and so many more adjectives!!! This is an absolute MUST read and the author is CANADIAN! Add it to your list – you will not regret it!

Hope your all having a great long weekend – we still have tomorrow left!!!!!!!!

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  1. Valerie Gibbons Reply

    I read this book recently, I loved it. I have been to Charleston area as mentioned and seen the historical sites such as the slave market and a couple plantations outside of the city. I also grew up in Nova Scotia so knew about the history of the negro population.

  2. Jeanne Gallant Reply

    That was an awesome book. I think you will like “The Help” Same sort of book but set in the 50s(I think) I really liked them both.

  3. Desiree Saskiw Reply

    This was one of the few books that i have had to abandon…it was sad and distrubing in a way i couldn’t get passed. The horrific true events were too much…similarily the Holocoaust stories depict the worst of human nature!!!

  4. Sandi Marson Reply

    I think this is one of my best reads ever! It’s right up there with The Help and Sarah’s Key! I bought the paper back book but a friend of mine bought the hard cover. I wish I had spent the money because the hard cover had illustrations that really brought the story to life!

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