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I have been away the last few days scrapbooking and playing at my daughters grade 6 camp just outside of Elk Point. Christoph and I also attended this camp as children and could not be more thrilled that our children are able to share these memories with us! Everytime I go there my heart is flooded with fun childhood stories and feelings 🙂 I LOVE IT!

They stay in these fun little authentic cabins – that look exactly the same as they did 20 years ago!

Canoeing is still a huge hit – and I am happy to report that tipping the canoe in your lesson is still a very high priority!

Being silly, hanging out and giggling are the main reason you attend camp – that certainly hasn’t changed!

Every once and awhile you have to do some actual work – but even dishes are fun at camp:)

And if you are very lucky – you get to hang out in one of my most favourite places in the world…….

The Craft Shack!  I love it in there!  The walls are painted from different groups of children, there are projects hanging on the walls from the beginning of the camp, the windows are old and perfect, the entire area is just PERFECT for crafting!!!!!! This year 20 young campers put together an album in this room. What started out as 2 – 1 1/2 hour sessions turned into 2 full days of fun!

The campers loved it – they hung out in the craft room in their spare time, scrapbooking, giggling and being creative! For two days straight the room was filled at any given time with 10-15 eager scrapbookers!  I was in heaven!

Thank you to the Elk Point Elementary Grade 6 class for reminding me once again why I love scrapbooking so much!

Big Hugs

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PS – I couldn’t help but add this photo….

My son Liam and his GANG of friends!  Future camp attenders!  They ran around like wild monkeys!!!!!! To fun!


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  1. Emma Holota Reply

    Thanks Jackie for coming out and doing your thing. I have absolutely loved being able to get to know your family through our school. I have had a blast teaching your girls. Thank you again~!! Your kids ROCK!

  2. I am 34 now and this is still my favorite place on earth and not that I M so far away I miss being able to come camping here during the summer makes me miss Alberta July summers! So far this is my favorite place on earth!

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