We have been together for 17 years!  Married for 15!

LOL!!! This photo makes me giggle. It was taken in my dorm room at the University of Alberta – 17 years ago!!!!!

The funny thing is I love this guy more now then I did then! At the time you just don’t think that is possible – but it is!

Happy Anniversary Christoph – thanks for so many things

Love you

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    That’s adorable!! You two are so cute together!!

    My question is this, though: How are you going to explain to your daughters what he was doing in your dorm room??? 😛

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    Congrats on the milestone. I am amazed by how much more I love my hubby now than when we were first married. Every year gets better and we fall deeper in love:)

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    congrats you guys!!!!! that is wicked! you look so cute too! did Christoph have to climb in the window? that would make the story sooo naughty!!!