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I just finished reading this book last night.

It is the true story of Mary-Ann a young girl coming of age in a Hutterite Colony in Manitoba and then adjusting to life in the outside world. I found it both fascinating and heartwarming. A nice light summer read while bathing in the sun! 

I love the fact that at first no one would publish Mary-Ann’s book so she created her own publishing company – Polka Dot Dress and published it herself!  The book has now been printed three times and is a National Best Seller! I absolutely love when good things happen to good people! 

Bravo Mary-Ann!

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  1. I read this book last year and I agree . . . it is fabulous! I found it even more intriguing for two reasons:

    1. As I read the book, I was astonished to read about my older sister’s best friend, “Miss Pattimore” who actually taught Mary-Ann!

    2. I worked as a principal/teacher myself on a Hutterite colony in Manitoba.

  2. Jackie Reply

    How cool is that Linda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a surprise to see someone in a book that you know! I bet you have many insightful stories as well!

  3. Loved this book and even went to the library and got another book by the same auther. I was really pleased with both books.

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