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and look what we have!!!!!

We are sending it off to press today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will start to ship around the end of Nov!!!!!  It’s my favourite! 😉

Jaime Brash designed the cover layout for us! What a wonderful job! Thank you!

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    I love the cover and the ski goggles for the O’s in the title are so cute! You’re all so clever 😉 Good job, I look forward to it!

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    YAHOO! It’s always so exciting to see the new cover of the magazine. YOUPI!

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    Can’t wait to have this baby in my hands!! Congratulations, Jackie & Katharina, on your five year anniversary! And thanks for dragging me along (quite willingly!!) for the ride!! Love you guys!

  4. Kim Gowdy

    Looking forward to devouring it…front to back > back to front…congrats to 5 years of hard work! you guys rock! FYI…I think I still have EVERY magazine from the get go! Does that make me a bit obsessive???