Every year for the past 3 years Carolyn Peeler hosts a Winter Cheer Giveaway on her  blog!  This year is no exception!  Through out the month of Dec she gives all kinds of fun stuff away including a complete set of Canadian Scrapbooker Basics!!!!!!!  Check out Carolyn’s Blog and please pass the egg nog!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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    Dalena Macleod Reply

    Adhesive! The most important part of scrapbooking because it holds everything in place and I have all kinds: Glue Glider Pro, vellum, dimensionals of all sorts, liquid, sticks, heat and stick powder, etc!

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    Christine Monteiro Reply

    Oh! i would love to have the basics set! i’ve dabbled a little in the scrapbooking world and want to do more and more.