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What a wonderful prize package from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hooooray – we reached 2000 fans!!!! Leave a comment here and on the Canadian Scrapbooker Facebook page for your name to be entered into the draw to win a Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L prize package. Contest closes Tuesday Jan 18th at midnight – A winner will be announced on Wednesday Jan 19th!!!!! Thanks so much everyone

Good Luck and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Susan Ovington Reply

    I would love to win this prize package. I have every single Candian Scrapbooker Magazine, except for the very 1st one! Love it!

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    Woo Hoo!! Way to hit 2000!!! This package is awesome!! I Love love love adhesives and can never have enough!!!

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    Jennifer Piotrofski Reply

    Wow, that’s a fantastic prize. Love my Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L! Congrats on 2000 fans.

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    Melissa Willick Reply

    Can ALWAYS use more adhesives! Thanks for the opportunity to win some! Have a great day! =)

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    Daniela Donner Reply

    So cool!!! You totally deserve those fans 🙂

    Thanks for the prize!!!

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    Glenda Jordan Reply

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this fantastic prize. Congrats on the 2000 mark, not an east thing to do. 🙂

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    Shirley Marchand Reply

    Congratulations on reaching 2000 fans!!! You have an awesome prize package…thanks for giving us the opportunity to win it 🙂

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    Mellissa Tolch Reply

    Congrats on reaching 2000!!!!
    Adhesives are always a fabulous prize 🙂

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    Tanya Wilson Reply

    Excellent magazine!! You have an amazing team and have had the privaledge to meet many of them!! Keep up the excellent success of acknowledging Canadian crafters!!

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    I would LOVE to win this prize pack. No matter how much adhesive I buy, I always seem to be needing more. Between scrapbooking and card-making, I go through a lot of adhesive, so this would be a wonderful prize for me to win!!!


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    Amanda Quintilio Reply

    I love Scrapbooker adhesive -the only stuff I use. I would so love to win this prize!!!!!!

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    Christine Ranson Reply

    Congrats on 2000 fans!!!! Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful prize!!!! 🙂

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    Cynthia Bandola Reply

    WHoo Hoo Fantabulous..2000! Congrats and thanks for sharing the love.

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    Congratulations on reaching 2000 fans! Thanks too for the chance to win the adhesive package!

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    Michele Labrie Reply

    CONGRATS….so excited about an ADHESIVE giveaway….always need more! Amazing magazine and people!

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    2000 fans and growing I am sure.
    Wow, what a fantastic selection of adhesive.
    I would so love to win this prize as I use
    tons..hmmm…lots of adhesive!!! 🙂

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    Congratulations! I am sure we will see that number double again in no time 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win such a fantastic prize…I can ALWAYS use more adhesive!!

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    Yvonne NIxon Reply

    AN AMAZING Magazine. Canadian Scrapbooker is THE BEST magazine out there.
    COngrats on 2000 fans and on 5 years

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    Wow could I use this!! I live in a small community where you can only get a few kinds of tape and are often expensive!

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    Leanne Chester Reply

    Wow, what a great prize from a great company! Thanks for a chance to win!! Congratulations on 2000 fans. I’m proud to be one of them!

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    Jasmine Ford Reply

    Congrats on hitting 2000+ fans!! I love this magazine, always some great ideas and lots of inspiration!!

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    Monique Ouellette Reply

    EEEEK! My scrapbook pages are seriously screaming for quality scrapbook adhesives by 3L!!!

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    Stephanie M. Waterhouse Reply

    What a great opportunity to win some great prizes! Thank you Canadian Scrapbooker!

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    Lise Malette Reply

    I would love to win these adhesives. My absolute favourite brand. Congrats once again on reaching 2000 fans!

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    Beth Anne Thomas Reply

    Congratulations! You deserve to have even more fans for such an awesome magazine!

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    Arlene Bonsma Reply

    congrats on reaching 200 fans! you can never have enough adhesive.

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    Esther Turner Reply

    2000 fans for my favourite mag (and not only because it`s Canadian). Great prize, too!

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    This is fantastic!!! I love your facebook page and the CSM website! Way to go ladies!! 🙂

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    Amazing! I love Canadian Scrapbooker and will continue to refer people over to your site!

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    Wow! 2000, that is awesome! Keep up the good work…love the prize. Who can’t use adhesive.

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    WOW, 2000 that is fantastic. Thank you for a chance to win this great price package. Love the products and I am totally in love with Canadian Scrapbooker.

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    As a scrapbooker I think the most important thing you need is good adhesives for your projects.

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    Jodie Lavigne Reply

    I would totally love to win this! If you don’t have a great adhesive your memories will never be preserved the way you want them to.

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    2000 is only the beginning, you do such a fantastic job more followers are yet to come. And, who wouldn’t want a chance to have some awesome adhesive? It’s what holds it all together!

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    It`s so funny me seeing this post on FB today I have to go to town later for adhesives that I am running short on and to try and find a heavy duty one for more substantial ribbons and heavier embellishments. Love to win this prize for sure.

  36. Avatar

    Go fans Go! I love 3L adhesive, a page is not complete without it! Plus their variety is unbeatable! And I love Canadian Scrapbooker! It’s the BEST magazine ever!

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    Whoohooo! Love adhesives and my Canadian Scrapbooker magazines..2 things that you can’t leave home without! 🙂

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    2011 – a year of cutting back (or more like joining the frugal learning curve). Trimming the magazine-buying budget, but Canadian Scrapbooker made the cut! In fact, you’re the only one that’s staying on the list. Fabulouso!!!!

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    ooooh! This would be a great prize! I always hate spending my scrapbook money on adhesive! lol It’s a necessary but boring part of scrappin! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Peggy Oliver Reply

    Hi, Congratulations on the 2000 fans! I am one of them! Love your magazine and content. I found all the stamp/scrapbook stores in my city with your magazine. A Big Thank you. Wonderful ideas and supplies.

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    What a great way to celebrate reaching 2000 fans! I am very happy to be one of those fans, and very appreciative of 3L because these are my favourite adhesives. Thanks for celebrating with a chance for fans to win such a great prize! Here’s to another 2000 fans!

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    WOW!! 2000!! I’m sure we could all use the prize pack lol! Love your magazine and your website:) Always going through my issues for ideas!

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    Congrats!! So awesome to have a Canadian Publication of this quality. Love it sooooo much !!

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    Stace-Kim Stewart Reply

    What a wonderful prize to start off a new scrapbooking year with! Two of my favorite scrapbooking tools, Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine and 3L!

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    2000! Whoohoo 🙂 It’s only the beginning too. This adhesive prize pack is awesome, 3L has great products

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    Hi I have not yet had a chance to try out your products in my scrapbooks what a great time to try them if I win