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I could not do what I do without my Mom!  She is the person I turn to for just about everything.  She has gone to bat for me, got me out of tight spots, celebrated with me, shed tears with me…..and everything that happens inbetween all that!

She is fun, she is creative, she is solid – a rock – no matter what.  Mom always takes time to do things with her grandchildren – from camping, scrapbooking, watching their sports, listenning to them read, and YES – photoshoots with Madeline!!!!!!!  I love this picture Madeline took of Hannah and Liam and my mom!!!!! AWESOME!

Mom – have a wonderful Birthday – I hope that I can give my kids as much as you have given me!

I love you!

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  1. I just wanted to say what a BEAUTIFUL picture of your family. What a special daughter to leave such a touching message for your Mom. I’m sure your mom is so proud of you she beams with joy!.. Thank you for sharing a small moment with you and our family. Happy Birthday to your mom too.. What would we do without our mom? My mom is 80…. I hope she remains healthy and has another 20 years, as I can’t see losing my mom. Again, thanks for sharing Jackie.
    Take care Sherry

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