This is the first year my daughters are in 4H and I am loving it! I especially have a soft spot for the photography group they are in 🙂 Hard to believe!

Check out this assignment they did – Lines!

They went into Madeline’s bedroom with my camera in hand, a brown sheet and some water paint – BAAM – these are just a few shots that they came out with!

I LOVE you 4H!

Big Proud MAMMA

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  1. Just thought I’d drop in to say I got my hands on the new issue of CS yesterday, read it last night, and have nearly every page flagged for great content! Thanks so much. I especially liked your letter from the editor. Inspirational! Thanks!

  2. Jackie Reply

    Thanks so much Kelly! So glad you are enjoying it!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Shelly Neal Reply

    I love that you posted something your daughter did at 4-H. Such cool pictures and such a fantastic youth program!

  4. Jackie Reply

    4H is such a wonderful program! My children LOVE IT! and so do I!

  5. Robin Mowat Reply

    Gorgeous photos, Jackie. Very timely subject too. Just watched the trailer for the movie “Black Swan”