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A labelling error occured in the Spring issue of Canadian Scrapbooker magazine – in the Passport to Creativity section.  Not just on one of the pages – but perfectly incorrect – on all three!  I probably could not have done it that way had I planned it!

These three wonderful ladies from Manitoba

Lisa Tottle

Amber Dutka

and Cathy Schellenberg

…were kind enough to let us into their scrapbooking worlds – and we messed it up!  The layouts do not belong with the artists.  We are so very very sorry!

Please take a minute to visit our website where we have posted an apology and where the layout credits are given to their rightful artists.

Once again Lisa, Amber and Cathy – we are very sorry

Kind Regards

Jackie Signature


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  1. To Err is human…
    I wondered actually because the children that were on the pages did not match what they spoke about in the article.. wondered if they were cousins etc.
    All very well done.. so it didn’t hurt how impressed I was with what each of these talented ladies could do.

  2. I’m so very happy to see not just one but two of my scrappy buddies featured in this issue of Canadian Scrapbooker!

    Although it is ashame, the mix up that happened, no one is perfect~ It was so very awesome to see the heartfelt response by Jackie & the magazine, trying to make it up to the ladies.

    I know my friends are so excited to be featured & it’s so great to see them here. I also know Jackie & that she would never intentionally try to rain on someones parade. I’m certain she feels awful about what happened.

    Thank you ladies for sharing your fabulous artwork & stories with us!!!

  3. Jackie it’s one of those things, they happen and no one knows how or why.

    I was quite sad & disapointed when I saw Amber’s lovely face credited with my layouts.

    But you have been great, you jumped in right away apologizing to all 3 of us and really have done everything you can to make up for it! Thank you for that!

  4. Jackie, and Canadian Scrapbooker….all is good! I appreciate the apology and the gift but honestly, I was just honoured to work with you and hope to do so again someday soon. You have an amazing publication – makes me proud to be Canadian!


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