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CRAZY – we are finished the photo shoot for the Summer 2011 issue and are working on putting the Summer issue together right now for a press due date at the end of April!!!!  After 5 years I am still not used to working so far ahead! Right now our Creative team is working on their FALL assignments!  That is just NUTSO!!!!!

Here is an inside look of some photo shoot fun!

It all starts right here at my kitchen table – your layouts arrive, supply lists are typed out, return labels are printed, layouts are categorized and given a label as to where exactly they will appear in the upcoming issue.  Next they are placed in the order that they will be photographed.

Next everything is packed up in the back of my Denali and we head off to Calgary – about a 4 1/2 hour drive from my farm in Elk Point.

Since my Dad retired last June he has been my right hand man!!!!  He was a manager before he retired and here he is giving me a hard time …. “Stop taking pictures and get to work!” – Yep that is exactly what he is saying 🙂

Here Brian and Katharina are adjusting the light for this shot! Katharina is holding up a reflector card so that the bling on Trisha Ladouceur’s gorgeous layouts sparkle in the photo!

The fabulous Christy Riopel joined us at this shoot!  Talk about tons of giggles! Wondering why they are playing with a pile of laundry???? Check out the summer issue on June 1st to see if you can find this photo!!!!!

Katharina is UBER excited about this very artistic CHALK photo!!!!!!  See Christy in the background – she had a really hard time leaving!!!!!!  See if you can find this photo in the Summer issue!!!!!

I simply love photo shoot day!

Have a great Thursday everyone – the weekend is knocking on the door!


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  1. awesome! thanks for sharing…I can see my layout in the first pic, can’t wait to see it in the magazine!

  2. Ohh… I can just hear all of you!! Yup – and even though we can’t SEE you Jackie I know that you are making your presence felt(heard?) Remember…. If you are ever stuck last minute for an assistant… I’m here for you! :o)

  3. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! I so am going to drive over and help with one of these shoots!!!!!!! And hey, was that some of my laundry that I saw!?!?!? {giggle}

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