It was possible to work with, play with and absolutely love the people that I work with so much!!!!

This picture was taken on May 1st as we were celebrating National Scrapbooking Day a bit early!!!! Every year members of our team travel to the very beautiful Bull River and enjoy time together, scrapbooking, eating, drinking smoothies and doing a whole pile of giggling! (photo by Kim Gowdy – who is a CS Consultant – she has the best ideas:))

How lucky I am! 

This is the ONE OF KIND, AMAZING group of scrapbookers but more importantly FRIENDS! Some of these crazy ladies I only get to see once a year – right here at Bull River – where we celebrate scrapbooking.  We hang out for 4 days once a year and go home with muscle pains in our jaws and cheeks from laughing so very hard! It’s kinda like Vegas – need I say more!

Scrapbooking has brought all these wonderful people into my life. Forever friends!  I am so very grateful for this crazy hobby – I would not trade it in for the world!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for an amazing weekend – I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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    Thank YOU Jackie and Katharina!!!!! Bull River was AMAZING and scrapbooking was sheer delight, but there’s nothing that comes close to deepening friendships 🙂 I am honoured to be part of this wonderful team and can’t wait for next year!!!! And these photos will make me smile all day now!!!!!