They are ready for the cupcake buffet!!!!!


YAHOOO! My mother in law Doris Ludlage baked all day creating the most YUMMY 350 cupcakes you can imagine!!! These cupcakes are part of The Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival crop area!!!!!! If you are a cropper you will be decorating and EATING!!!!!! Fun stuff! There are still a few regular crop packages left in Calgary!!!!!

Check out our website for all the details!


For 65$ you get

  • 1 space in our exclusive crop area in CALGARY
  • 2-Day Marketplace pass (valued at 12$)
  • Cupcake buffet!
  • Door prizes!
  • Photo booth fun!
  • and so much more…

REGISTER TODAY!!!!!! We would love to meet you!!!

See you there!

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    Lucinda Davidson Reply

    I sure hope All you ladies get lots of pictures of the cruise and Cupcakes!!!!!!I know you will all have a blast!!!