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A 10 team Novice tournament kept all the parents of Liam’s team extremely busy this weekend in the little old town of Elk Point! So many rosey red cheeks, smelly hockey rooms, greasy burgers, parents laughing, horns blowin and lots and lots and lots of hot coffee! I took my camera and never took one single photo!!!!!!!!!! Luckily a friend’s sister in law (Monique) did and managed to capture this awesome shot of Liam in the face off circle! Thank you for sharing it with me!

I love his concentration in this photo but mostly I love how much Liam thinks when he plays hockey. He is always planning, anticipating and thinking about what might happen next all the while working as hard as he can! Skills that will follow him long after the game is over! Thank you hockey – I owe you one!

Happy Monday everyone

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  1. Kelly Meier Reply

    Awesome!! I love the look of concentration! I did the same thing this weekend, except my boy plays in the Bantam division. I remember when my son was little with his wide eyes, waiting for the puck to drop. Things havent changed so much except the size of the player! But I still see the little boy of days gone by. Enjoy them!!!!

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