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Today my husband Christoph was at work, my two daughters were at dance, my youngest son was visiting with his cousins…so after Hayden’s hockey game we had some time to either catch up on work – or watch a moive before I had to pick up the girls!!!

This movie won…..


Hayden and I ate some pizza pops, drank some rootbeer and then I CRIED! He said we are not going to watch that movie again cause he doesn’t like movies that make you cry and insisted we watch another movie – “feel good” movie…..so then we watched this movie


I cried again!! Hayden decided there is no “winning” We did do a lot of cuddling and giggling together while we were home alone! So I thought I definately WON! Sometimes when you have 4 children it is hard to find time to just focus and connect with them alone – today I got lucky!

Thank you Dolphin Tale and Kung Fu Panda 2 – the magazine will be waiting for me tomorrow! 🙂

See you all tomorrow!

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  1. LOVED Dolphin Tale – worth the cry. Haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda 2. Maybe I should, but Dolphin Tale alone was worth the cry!

  2. Karen Mroczek Reply

    We loved Dolphin Tale too. And we are headed to Clearwater next month to see Winter! Can’t wait, especially now it’s gotten cold here.

  3. My daughter loved this movie so much that when we went to Florida in January, 2012 we went and seen Winter. What a beautiful story about an amazing animal.

  4. I haven’t seen the movies however, I can relate to the challenge of getting in that special time with each one…and I only had two children. They’re all grown up now and busy with their own lives so I cherish each moment we get to spend together. 🙂

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