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ETA:  So sorry for the delay, everyone!  The holiday messed up my calendar – I thought TOMORROW was Tuesday! 🙁

Today, we’re starting a new blog series, called Where We Scrap.  Over the next 10 weeks, our bloggers will share their scrapping spaces with you.  With the new year, maybe you’ll find some ideas to help with your resolution of keeping your scrap space organized! 🙂

~ Sue

My Scrapbook Space
by Jayme Loge

 Happy New Year Scrapbookers! I wish you health, happiness and love for 2013 :0)

I am the lucky lady that gets to start off our new blog series on our scrapbook spaces.  My space has been through many, many transformations and adaptations, but the current set up is one I love. It is right in the middle of our family room, and is a space I share with my daughter’s toys, and all our family activities.

I have a counter height table set up behind the couch (on custom built stilts courtesy of my husband/super-organizer). When needed I have two more tables that I can set up, usually in a U shape, but those were put away to make room for hosting Christmas dinner.

I have had my own separate scrapbooking room, but found that I didn’t like being sequestered away from my family.  This way, I can be right in the middle of things.  We have set up the space with storage in mind.  I share an Ikea shelf with my daughter’s toys.  She has the baskets, and I have the bins.

On my right side is a sofa table, or hutch that I keep my albums, cricut and small odds and ends in.  And some wine… Over that is a large metal magnet board, where I keep sketches, assignments, my daughter’s art and other odds and ends that just need a place to hang around.

On my left side is a small storage closet. My husband built shelves that fit different bin sizes, and here is where most of my supplies live.  I went crazy with my labeller and can actually find what I need in here.

Finally, behind me are some built in cabinets and drawers that hold most of my big tools, dies and other supplies. With the plug in right there, it is also where I use my heat gun, cricut and photo printer.

 Here is the view from the other way! It may not be fancy, but I love the central location of my scrapbook space and the way storage is set up so I can find things.

To view Jayme’s projects, please visit her blog, Jayme’s World.


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  1. Julie Fernandes Reply

    I feel your sequestration and love how you were able to compromise! I wish I had the right space to do the same but I don’t. I’m looking forward to more great workspace ideas!!! Hopefully there will be some fresh ideas for me to try out. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. What a great space, and I love that you can be with family while crafting.

  3. Love it Jayme! I agree that it just feels weird to be hidden away from the family while scrapbooking. I love to be right in the middle of it all while I scrapbook. Love how you have made everything handy.

  4. I love that you have such an open space! My room is very small, and we are thinking of moving out into the family room at one end…. after seeing your room, I think it might work!

  5. Kathy Dieterle Reply

    Wow a scrapbooking cave (just like a man cave.) What a great idea to share the whole room with the family.

  6. I love how “real” your space is! There are a lot of us scrappers out there who have to share living space for their craft space, and it is so nice to see one of these spaces showcased!

  7. Maureen Bosch Reply

    I really like how you have everything set up. and you can still interact with your family. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I like how you’ve made the space work for you. We’re building a new house so I’ll be starting from scratch. I look forward to seeing more great crafting spaces and organizing ideas. In our previous home I had a spare bedroom as my craft room /office and plan to do likewise again. I like having my space separate so I don’t have to worry about putting everything away if I’m not finished with it. I can just close the door!

    When I want to scrapbook and be with my husband, i just bring my tote to the family room and setup a small portable table pulled up to the couch. That way we’re able to watch a movie together and get my layout done too!

  9. Hi Jayme! Thanks so much for sharing your very ‘real’ scrap space. I live by myself in a one bedroom apartment where room and storage is very limited. My scrapbooking space is right in my living room which is also where my desk/laptop/ tiny office space is. Most of my scrapping supplies are located on either side of my desk but should be over by my work table on the opposite side and end of the room. UGH! I’m still working on a ‘how to’ plan. I love your Ikea shelves with baskets idea. I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing only with a smaller scale bookshelf. Your little closet space is like the ‘magic room’! LOL! Thanks again for sharing your fabulous space and ideas. Wishing you a wonderful new year. 😀

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