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Congratulations to these 6 lucky winners

1.  Shauna Stotts

2. Cheryl Layton

3. Twila Young

4. Lynn James

5. Kimbra

6. Sharon Noble

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It is Wednesday and we love giving stuff away EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY!!!!!

This week we are giving away 6 prize packages worth 120$ each from the AMAZING people over at DCWV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

6 LUCKY winners will receive this prize package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY NOT YOU EH?????



Visit DCWV  on facebook  – CLICK HERE – Tell them CS sent you!

To enter to win this contest leave a comment right here under this blog post.

You have until Friday Feb 15  at midnight to enter!


Good luck everyone!!!

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  1. Karen bradley Reply

    Love love DCWV, going stateside this weekend to get some. Can always use more, thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Susan Maracle Reply

    Awesome prize! I love DCWV paper packs!, thanks for the chance to win them!

  3. Now, this is a way to start of a Wednesday!!!! Thanks for chance to win.

  4. Thanx for the chance to win these great paper packs. I just purged my really old papers to my daycare to practice cutting 🙂 and these news ones would be great to restock. Good luck everyone.

  5. Donna Johnstone Reply

    Awesome prize package,,,love paper packs, so easy to coordinate your projects..thanks

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that paper!!! Thanks for the opportunity, you guys are great!

  7. Kimpossible Reply

    Okay, I have more paper than I have sense … but that is a sweet prize pack for a paper junkie like me.
    Awesome – hope you’re all having a great day!

  8. Thanks for the chance to win…I need to get inspired to get back to scrapbooking, haven’t done any for a while. This looks like just the thing to get me back into the swing of things!

  9. Thanks! All that paper would be put in good use in my brand new album!

  10. Since I don’t have a Valentine this year, this would be an awesome replacement! Although a close race, I think I would pick DCWV paper stacks over chocolate any day! 🙂

  11. Brenda Banks Reply

    Awesome prize. Love the papers.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Carol Vivenzio Reply

    I would be so tickled to win your wonderful prize. Thanks so much for this chance to win!

  13. Gail Richard Reply

    Wow, what I could do with that collection. My brain is swirling with creativity. Absolutely love it.

  14. Pat Griffiths Reply

    I want it , I want It …..singing my little heart out . Great prize.

  15. I would love to win instead of buying for once. LOL Who am i kidding, I buy anyway! LOL

  16. Jodi Cossette Reply

    My mind started inagining all kinds of layouts when I saw these packs! I would love to win! Thank you for the oppotunity!

  17. Anne Tompkins Reply

    That’s a great scrapbooking prize! I’d love to win once!

  18. Wow, my birthday is coming up next week and I sure would love to get this as my gift! I love DCWV paper stacks!

  19. Oh my goodness I would so love to win this! Thank you CS and DCWV!!!

  20. Ok here’s hoping this works 🙂 because I would love to win this beautiful prize pkg. to help get through the next few weeks of winter. The beautiful colors of the paper become the sunshine of the days and bring smiles to the faces that they light up .

  21. Lucinda Davidson Reply

    Thanks for another chance to win some great paper collections!!

  22. WOW!! What an amazing prize package….times 6!! Thanks so much for the chance to win:)

  23. Cary Brunett Reply

    With all the scrapping I’ve been doing, I could really use some more paper – what a great give-away 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  24. Christine Ganter-Pomares Reply

    I have a paper, pattern and color addiction and this would feed them wonderfully!
    Thanks for the chance to win and for your terrific magazine!

  25. Cathy Staeven Reply

    Sweet give-away – thanks for the opportunity to win this and make my day, month, year! 🙂

  26. I LOVE DCWV!! I know I just said that in all caps! On purpose. My LSS can’t get them very easily so I’d love to win these!! Thanks, CS!

  27. Katie Dupre Reply

    I would love to win this prize. I could use this to make pages for my kids which is my favorite thing to do. Please pick me

  28. Would love to win. I never win anything so winning this would be awesome !!

  29. Chris Dumont Reply

    I would love to win. Who that scrapbooks doesn’t love paper?

  30. Wow what a great prize pack,those papers are so cute. pick me! pick me!

  31. This would certainly make an admitted paper addict happy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. Colleen Oxford Reply

    I Love Love Love DCWV paper 🙂 Thanks for this amazing chance to win 🙂

  33. Tracy Penner Reply

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!! That would be awesome in my stash!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  34. Carrie Scaduto Reply

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Hoping I am one of the winners… LOL

  35. Carolyn Arnold Reply

    Love the look of the Kidlet stack. I have a “few” pics of my kids laying around. 😉

  36. Tamiko McCurry Reply

    I sooooo want these papers.I love, love , love DCWV papers… I would share these papers with my mother.. I promise.. I would also use these papers to help make some cards to distribute in a support group that I am in.

  37. LOVE LOVE LOVE this company!! thx for the awesome opportunity! xoxod

  38. wow!!! awesome prize!!!!! would LOVE to win this since I am a DCWV stackaholic!!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  39. Anna Comeau Reply

    Honestly this giveaway is like Candy for a child !!`gOOD lUCK TO US aLL !! yAY !!

  40. Kelly Gordon Reply

    Wow, awesome prize pack!! Woohoo to Winning Wednesdays, I’m fairly new to scrap booking, this would help me get going thanks for the chance 🙂

  41. Amazing.. 6 people get to win this prise. hopefully I`m one of them 🙂

  42. Char Kerney Reply

    I love these paper pads!! I could get a lot of my scrapbooking done if I win!!

  43. Chelsea Haemel Reply

    What an awesome package! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  44. wow! You give away great prizes, hope I can win one. So glad I found you this week!!!

  45. Angie ashuk Reply

    Wow!! What a prize!!! I would love to win. Maybe it would get me out of my scraping funk!

  46. Kathy Dieterle Reply

    DCWV and CS Wonderful team. Thanks for the Why Not Win Wednesday Prize.

  47. Thank you so much for all the great contests and prizes. you guys rock!!!

  48. Joyce Horst Reply

    What geat paper!!! Makes me want spring:) Would love to win!! Thanks

  49. Madeleine Martens Reply

    Wow, what a great prize. I would love to win these.
    Thank you.

  50. Theresa Davies Reply

    WOW! What a great prize!! Would love to win! Thanks for the chance.

  51. Kathy Molina Reply

    Wow wow wow wow wow….how great would it be to win this prize??!!!! I’m excited just thinking about it! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Wow, what an incredible giveaway this week! Thanks again to everyone who makes this happen!

  53. Chantal Visi Reply

    So want to win! my girls 9 & 10 have discovered the joy of scrapbooking and my papers seem to fly out of my supplies cupboard!!!

  54. OMG!! I love the dinosaur paper!!!! Would love to get my hands on that one!! Imagine I could do quite a few layouts for my kids using these papers! Luv it!!

  55. Why not me??? Oh, I hope it is me! Amazing prize package! So many great patterns with so much possibility.

  56. Crystal Brum Reply

    I am paper crazy!!! These stacks would be awesome to add to my collection 😉

  57. wow-what a generous prize pack!! I could sure use a dose of DCWV sunshine in this grey chilly weather!!

  58. Just lovely – thanks for the opportunity to win these pretty papers!

  59. Terry fryer Reply

    I hopped on over to DCWV. I enjoy using their papers. I will share with all my friends too!

  60. Marilyn Ritchie Reply

    Woot Woot for DCWV and Canadian Scrapbooker … fingers crossed!

  61. Patricia Spencer Reply

    Wow! Love the chance to win such awesome stuff all the time. You guys rock!

  62. Jodie Ganshorn Reply

    Love DCWV!!!! Would love to add these stacks to my collection!!! 🙂

  63. What a amazing gift wish to win this would be a awesome valentines present

  64. OMG.. Would LOVE to win this collection…. Happy Wednesday !! 🙂

  65. Alexis C-Smith Reply

    WOW what an awesome prize! Thank you for the chance to win! We scrapbookers can never have enough paper!

  66. Kim Crossland Reply

    Got my fingers and toes crossed to win!! Thanks DCWV and Canadian Scrapbooker!!

  67. Nice…who doesn’t love free stuff…but stuff we love…even better

  68. Love, love, love DCWV papers!! What a great prize giveaway!!! Thank you for the chance!

  69. Alma Dirpaul Reply

    Thanks for the great prize! I just can’t seem to get enough paper.

  70. Looks like a great paper collection. I can see a lot of greeting cards being made with it. thanks.

  71. Marie-France Reply

    I love the Sunday afternoon colors and the kidlet pad also! Great giveaway!

  72. After all these years I still get excited when they come out with new pads. I have to fight the urge to buy them all. 🙂 I would love to win some. 🙂

  73. wow… what an awesome giveaway… Thanks for the chance… I just love DCWV and I have been trying to get my hands on these stacks but they are sold out…
    Crossing my fingers…


  74. Beatrice Lawson Reply

    Sweet!! left DCVW some love on FB, they are so awesome. the Kidlet stack is one of my new faves.

  75. Krista Ritskes Reply

    Wow, what a great looking prize! Would love to win and then share with scrap pin’ buddies.

  76. Ruth Prowse Reply

    A great paper collection,I can make a lot of cards and scrapbook pages with this! Thank you soooooo much 🙂 Ruth

  77. Shantele Lindquist Reply

    Just love thses papers! =D Thanks for a chance to win them.

  78. Dianna DeCaluwe Reply

    Oh how I would love to win this prize. The new papers are AWESOME!!!

  79. sharon little Reply

    Never entered before, love canadian scrapbooker.Prize pads look very interesting!!1

  80. what a dream come true it would be to win….
    thanks for the change.

  81. Jenni Jones Reply

    This prize would be perfect for the scrapbook weekend I have coming up in a few weeks:) thank you!

  82. Janice Shearer Reply

    Ooooooo, AWESOME prize! I can’t believe I don’t already have at least one of these.

  83. Tammy Valley Reply

    Fantastic prize and love the stacks, a little bit of everything 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. What awesome looking stacks! Thank you CS and DCWV for the contest =)

  85. Kari Coaentino Reply

    Oh my! I HAVE to have that glitz stack!!,!, it is AWESOME!!!

  86. who doesnt love paper?! thank you cs for these wednesday give aways

  87. Joanne Gerbrandt Reply

    DCWV, I love your Paper Packs, and i really do have a few in my stash. Thjanks for the chance to WIN. Happy heart day everyone.

  88. Happy Valentine’s Day to all for tomorrow. What a superb selection of papers from DCWV. Thank you for the chance to win this prize package.

  89. Shel Anderson Reply

    wow wow – what great spring colors….there is hope for us folks in the deep freeze….thanks so much for the chance. You rock!

  90. Helen Bennett Reply

    Wow, this is such a generous prize. You can never have too much paper and their paper packs are always so wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  91. Jill Lafferty Reply

    Wow this is a super great prize! I would so love to win this prize

  92. Mary-Elizabeth Reply

    Looks great and I sure could put it to good use. Thanks for the chance to enter! I’ll pop over to DCWV too.

  93. crystal chamberlin Reply

    It’s my birthday today. Big 30, it would be great to win this!!!

  94. Kellie Dignean Reply

    Looks like an awesome prize! Many thanks to CS & DCWV for the awesome contest 🙂

  95. Wow! You guys are awesome to do this every week. Giving to people is my thing too. 1st pad of paper many years ago was DCWV. Love to win so I could share it with others. Hope to win, but good luck to all. Blessings.

  96. Jennifer Reynard Reply

    OH my goodness, just 8:00 am and look at all the responses! No wonder, what a fabulous bundle of specialty cardstock and paper! Super generous prize!! THanks DCWV……will visit on facebook and thank also!

  97. Agreed this would be an awesome birthday gift just in time for our annual scrapping week-end!!! Love LOVE LOVE paper and DCWV is awesome for that!!! THANKS!! and hope that I hear from you!!!:):)

  98. Deborah Stevens Reply

    This is an awesome prize, would love to win it. Thanks for the chance.

  99. April Berry Reply

    wow! this looks awesome! Would be very grateful to win this 🙂

  100. Debbie Carter Reply

    What a fabulous prize. The mind is already thinking of what i could make. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  101. Canadian Scrapbooker has the most amazing prizes! Thank you for the chance to win!!! <3

  102. Looks like an awesome selection of paper. Would love to add it to my collection 🙂

  103. Karen Melbourne Reply

    WOW, love all those stacks and would LOVE to win any of them 🙂 Tks CS

  104. Would love to win one of these packages! The Sunshine Stack is my favorite! Will inspire many pages even if I don’t win.

  105. I am new at this and this would be perfect way to get really started.

  106. This is exactly what i need to kick start my scrapbooking and get some projects done! These are so great! Thank you for such a great prize and a chance to win it!

  107. Fantastic & generous prize pack!! Thank you for the chance to win – such great paper packs!! 🙂

  108. Would LOVE to win this prize pack! I especially love that glitzy paper….already envisioning cards and layouts I could use it for! Thanks for the chance to win and I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  109. Miranda Burnett Reply

    Would love love love to win! Thanks for offering such great contests, you guys rock!

  110. Jodie Renaud Reply

    Would love to have this paper..looks amazing to scrapbook with

  111. Cathy O'Brien Reply

    What a great boost this would be. Thank you for the opportunity.

  112. Brenda Ferguson Reply

    Why not win some amazing DCWV papers?! Thanks for the great prizes and the chance to win!

  113. Ruth Lacroix Reply

    This would be just what I need to get me back in the scrapbooking groove!

  114. Rebecca Daly Reply

    this is by far the best prize ever. . .DCWV is my absolutely favorite paper company. Most of the stacks in this prize pack are on my wishlist so this is the perfect prize for me. Thank you so much and thank you for hosting this giveaway

  115. Jo-Ann Clarke Reply

    Another wonderful give away. Thanks for the chance to win – Canadian Scrapbooker is awesome!

  116. I absolutely love DCWV products … even framed some of their pages to put in guest bedroom … Could not “cut into them” 🙂

  117. Crystal Cook Reply

    Paper packs are one of my favorite things, and glitter…..LOL Thanks for the chance to win!! 🙂

  118. Terry Handel Reply

    Hello – so nice of you to offer these paper stacks as a prize! I so hope to win! Thanks!

  119. Woohoo! And so awesome that six people will win something. Thanks to DCWV and CS!!!

  120. Glenna Wood Reply

    woohoo beautiful paper packs…thanks for the chance to own such a nice package…

  121. Sherry Butcher Reply

    OMG this is wonderful, I would love to win to make cards for OWH, Hospitalized Kids, and scrapbook pages I need to get to!

  122. Wow!! Thanks for giving a chance to win.. Paper is always awesome to have. A person can never have enough :):) cs sent me

  123. Lovely paper supplies. They would be perfect for preserving our memories.

  124. Debbie Dussault Reply

    What beautiful paper!! Thank you for the awesome prize! 🙂

  125. Stacie Patton Reply

    I love Wednesdays. What gorgeous paper. Thank you for the opportunity.

  126. Monica Baker Reply

    DCWV has the best themes! Love their lines…. Thanks for the chance to win one 🙂

  127. Love the paper pads. Thank you for the chance to win an amazing prize

  128. Paulette Poore Reply

    This would be a perfect gift to get me back into doing my favourite craft after a 5 year hiatus. Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

  129. Amanda Leclerc Reply

    The papers are gorgeous! Definitely inspirational. Thank you for the chance to win!

  130. I have a soft spot for DCWV! It was DCWV paper that started my paper journey years ago and it is DCWV the helps continue my journey!

  131. What a great set of paper packs! It would be great to win them 🙂

  132. Ohhhh myyyyy!!! Who wouldn’t want all these gorgeous collections.. my head is spinning with ideas already! Thanks CS!!! Your the best!

  133. Michelle Hoitsema Reply

    I love all the paper,especially the kids pack,already know what I am going to do with it.Ideas for two projects are spinning in my head!!Haha!!

  134. Tina Harsch Reply

    Wowsers!! what a fabulous prize pack. Thanks for the chance to win!

  135. Vicki Poole Reply

    DCWV rocks! What a prize. This would cover almost the whole year. And I could host craft parties and provide the paper! What fun!

  136. Stacia Brandt Reply

    What a wonderful prize pack!! Thanks for sharing the chance with us!!!

  137. Tina MacIntyre Reply

    DCWV is always there for me. Would love to win this package! THAT would be amazing!

  138. Corinne Chapman Reply

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you for this great opportunity CS and DCWV!!!!

  139. Luanne Taylor Reply

    Wow! What a great prize – thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  140. Love your magazine I think it is so interesting and inspiring and full great ideas !!!!

  141. linda kulka Reply

    Yeah !!!!!! Another awesome chance to win. Thank-you for the chance.

  142. Marie Butler Reply

    DCWV paper stacks are wonderful!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  143. Oh goodness!! I would love love to win this!!! Thank you so much for the chance. I shared some love with DCWV.

  144. Marylou Williams Reply

    What an amazing way to celebrate the Love Holiday! Thank you for your loving generosity! Here’s hoping I win a pack!

  145. Melinda Nowak Reply

    WOW!!! What an amazing prize. After almost 7 days of my daughter being ill If I was lucky enough to win one of these packs it would sure brighten things up in my house.

  146. I would love to win this! Thans to everyone involved in this giveaway..

  147. Brandy Williams Reply

    This is awesome! What an amazing giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  148. Sandra Caldero Reply

    I love your papers! I often use them to wrap candy bars! Everyone gets to see how beautiful your papers are 🙂

  149. Linda McMunn Reply

    Awesome prize! Have lots of scrapbooking ahead and this would be a great win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  150. Francine Racette Reply

    This prize would make me very happy. Younever have enough paper.

  151. Alexia Misso Reply

    Would love to win these beautiful stacks, happy valentines day!

  152. Carla Hundley Reply

    Always looking to win!
    Thanks for the change.
    Carla from Utah

  153. Tracy McLennon Reply

    Thanks for the chance to win! Who doesn’t love a stack or two……or SIX!!

  154. Woooooo hoooo!!! What a wonderful Wednesday!!! Awesome sponsors!!! Cheers!

  155. Wow!!! Awesome papers. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Someone will be very happy to get these!!!! You guys rock!

  156. Roni Anderson Reply

    Wow what a great prize! Thanks for the chance to win. CS rocks!

  157. Barbara MacAskill Reply

    DCWV and Why Not Win Wednesday are a great combination! Thank you for the chance to win some awesome papers!

  158. Debra Parminter Reply

    Awesome choice for a Why Not Win Wednesday! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  159. LOVE LOVE LOVE DCWV! Yes, I’m a stackaholic….no, I’m not interested in being cured…LOL 🙂 Love you guys!

  160. Love it – oh, the things I could create with this awesome prize package…thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  161. Sandra Knight Reply

    I really love DCWV paper packs. Love the opportunity to win more of their fabulousline of papers.

  162. I love the papper pads! thanks for the opportunity to win them. Couldn’t have them all otherwise. I’d have to choose just one! And that’s not fun.

  163. This prize package just inspires me to create. Thanks CS for the opportunity to win!

  164. Wowzers! What an awesome giveaway…DCWV is a must for any crafter! LOVE their stacks, the prints and paper quality are amazing!

  165. Sabine Edelmann Reply

    UHHHH… Wednesday again with a great prize to win….love it!

  166. Pat Hymanyk Reply

    Fantastic prize. Love that paper as is very nice to work with and so many choices.

  167. Debra Watson Reply

    Love, love, love this prize pack. Thank you for the chance to win! Happy valentine’s day everyone!,,,

  168. Thanks for a chance to win these beautiful paper collections..would be super crafty fun!!

  169. Great paper collecton..thinking of all the great cards I could make. Thanks for the chance to win.

  170. Amazing package, Oh I so need to win this!!!! PLEASE, and of course thank you so much for the giveaway 🙂

  171. Kimberly S. Reply

    Another awesome prize giveaway – thank you so much for the chance to win!! 🙂

  172. Dawn McConnell Reply

    Are you Kidding me? This is amazing product, how exciting. thanks for the chance.

  173. Lynsi Williams Reply

    Awesome!! You can never have enough paper, I’d love to win!

  174. Sherri Brady Reply

    Would love this amazing prize pack — those papers are awesome!

  175. Wow, what a great prize to win!! Certainly will help with all the scrapbooking I do.

  176. I am truly enjoying crafting making cards and being able to share my supplies with friends and make a day of it. So could we use more paper? Please there can never be to much. Thanks for the chance!

  177. I love these ‘snack size’ paper packs. Thanks for the chance to win!

  178. Kathy Oates Reply

    Love these paper packs. Great to have similar colours and designs in one handy pack. Happy Valentines Day by the way. (Already the 14th over here in NZ)

  179. Wowzers! What an awesome prize package!!!!! CS – you’re the best!!!

    Hey, you can’t blame for practicin’ now can you!!

  181. Kay Hendriks Reply

    This is outside the box. Love DCWV. Thanks for the chance to win.

  182. Tina S Davidson Reply

    WOW! What an awesome prize that would be 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  183. Lisa Rodriguez Reply

    As I am a card maker and have my own business, I need this paper and would love to win….thanks for for the chance!

  184. Nancy De Sousa Reply

    Wow, great giveaway! I can definitely use new paper as it has been a while and I just started getting back into the swing of things.

  185. I love Canadian Scrapbooker. It is packed full of so many great ideas. Thank you for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize!

  186. Dalena Macleod Reply

    Oh–birthday paper!! Oh–kidlet paper! Oh–glitter paper! Yes, I’m going to need it ALL! <3 CS!

  187. You can’t win if you don’t try. Scrapbooking is a wonderful quiet activity…allows the brain to settle and the mind to wander. And all those darn pictures of kids to finally be put away. Just saying.

  188. Thank-you so much for the opportunity to win this awesome prize package!!!

  189. Debbie Cicchini Reply

    What a winning combination–DCWV and Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine! Great products, inspiration and always fun!!!!

  190. Donna Gerrard Reply

    what awesome papers for nieces and nephews (no grandkids yet!!) Thank you DCWV!!!!!

  191. melonie colon Reply

    What a great giveaway dcwv is my go to paper!!! would love to win thanks for the chance!!!

  192. Great prize! Would love to win this prize package to allow my creativity to grow.

  193. This looks like a great giveaway. I am usually attracted to more neutral and fall colours but these looked so cheery!

  194. Andrea Ulmer Reply

    Awesome paper stacks! Thank you for the opportunity to win them 🙂

  195. I Love CS and their sponsors!! Always amazing prizes to win!! thx for the chance CS and could you please pick me… pretty please!!

  196. Thank you. This would be a beautiful gift for my scrapbooking sister who needs some cheering up since having surgery and being separated from her daughter.

  197. Dawn Morrone Reply

    Six prizes on a Wednesday! How lovely! I just love your magazine!

  198. Diane Young Reply

    Why not win Wednesday is so much fun! This week, why not pick me??? LOL!

  199. What an awesome prize!! I have my fingers crossed in hopes of winning!!!!!!