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Welcome to Part 9 of a 10-part series called Where We Scrap, where our bloggers share their scrap space with you.  This week, Kim Gowdy is sharing her space.

Welcome to my scrap room or as I like to call it…MY HAPPY PLACE!

First off I apologize in advance for the sense of disarray! I have been asked to share my “space” at a point where I need to get in and do some spring cleaning. I have recently brought in a few more organizational aids but have not yet got them organized! I promise it will happen! Don’t get me wrong…I am not saying my room is always tidy, it’s just at a crossroad where I need to purge some old “stash”. So…..enter!

My craft room started out as my sewing room! I have always had a space to sew or craft, a place where I could start a project and walk away without concern of the mess. I feel it is important for the creative soul to come and go as time allows or creativity sparks. In the past it has been a corner in the basement, or shared with a spare bedroom not often used, our current home offered the 3rd bedroom of our house to provide this important space. We don’t get as much company as we did when we lived in Nova Scotia, so the spare bedroom has found a place in the basement, and is used mainly by one of my son’s many friends that can be found here over the weekends!

This shelf from IKEA moved into my room after redecorating my son’s room. It’s a great unit that holds stamps, embossing powders, adhesives, paper and idea books. Top shelf displays a couple projects that I have done in the past.

Many of my stamp sets (I wish this was all, but stamps are a guilty pleasure of mine!) are displayed on these shelves, also purchased from IKEA. I will often rotate them with other sets in drawers so they all get used. I find I am a very visual scrapper, if I have to look too hard to find something…it won’t get used. I think this is why my room feels so busy…so much is out visually for me to see. Ironically this is not how keep the rest of my house…I really get stressed with clutter anywhere else!

As mentioned before, this room used to be my sewing room (a passion that stills lives, but has taken a backseat to paper crafting); I have adapted my sewing table to accommodate my Cricut, photos, computer and embellishments. It becomes a usable horizontal space to work from if company comes by, and my sewing machine is tucked under the desk on the left side (plaid cover). It sits on a hydraulic lift, easily ready to use when I need it for paper or fabric crafting! To get the best bang for your buck on these higher priced tools, they must be accessible whenever you need them!

This storage shelf was purchased at Michael’s. It’s great as the bins hold 12 x 12 paper. The top stores some twine/ribbons, brads and miscellaneous embellishments!

This over the door storage unit holds many of my alphabet sets, mini albums, and odds & sods. The little paper bag on the door handle stores 1×1 squares of paper (from past project), just lots of random colors and patterns. They are great to use for backgrounds or adding a punch of color to a project!

My ironing board is forever set up! It is one of the most used horizontal surfaces in the room. Not just for ironing! Lay a nonstick craft sheet on top and you have an embossing station! It often becomes a place to store containers that I am using during a project!

My most favorite part of my room is my closet! Once I was committed to scrapbooking/card making as a passion…I had California Closets come in and work with me to design a storage space! I took off the doors to keep it open, I have shelves that hold 12×12 papers, magazines, ink, stamps, ribbons…everything stores beautifully & visibly! I designed it with drawers, baskets and a pull out shelf. I sit between it and my table, so everything is at hands reach! I LOVE THIS CLOSET!!!

This picture shows the pull out shelf that holds my scoring board, Cathie Allan Position It and my Apple TV remote! A girl’s got to have a little entertainment in the background!

So thanks for stopping by and checking out My Happy Place! It’s cluttered and full, but functional for the way I work! I hope you are lucky enough to have a space of your own. Whether it’s a room, a closet, or a corner…it’s a wonderful place to spend some time!

To see Kim’s projects, please visit her blog, Kim’s Corner of the Web.


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  1. Connie Nichol Reply

    I LOVE your closet too!!! I wish I had a closet!!! LOL Looks amazing – you sure can cram an awful lot of stuff into one room!!!

  2. Anne Girard Reply

    love your room! Lots of great ideas for storage and organizing stuff! I too like to keep things where I can see them so my room often looks like a bomb went off. I do tidy between projects! My room doubles as my book room, reading is my other passion, so I have to store the books as well as the scrapping stash! Lots of paper and probably a fire hazard if truth be told! 🙂

  3. That closet is amazing! wow. And I love your twine storage too! Cool idea! Now you have me thinking about that over the door hanging storage….I should really do that! Thanks for sharing your wonderful space with us, Kim!

  4. Jessica Roberts Reply

    This is a fantastic set up and I could swear you took my room and turned it into yours. I too like to sew (noticed the sewing machine)and quilt and am having a little (?) problem fitting both into my craft room. Its the fabric stash that I can’t part with that is causing the problem. In addition to papercrafts and sewing, my husband has been teaching me leathercraft! Its a wonderful world in my craft room!!!! ( but its a bit crowded ;-))

  5. Wow, that is one of the most inspiring rooms I’ve seen yet! I love that it looks like mine does – organized chaos! And I’m totally going to use some of those ideas for organization. I have the IRIS 12 x 12 storage drawers too but I got mine at Costco in Calgary. Great room, thanks for sharing.

  6. Great space Kim.
    I’m loving this series on Canadian Scrapbooker – like getting to “nose around” in other scrappers spaces, LOL

  7. Robin Mowat Reply

    I love love love your room Kim! I don’t use a lot of things because they are tucked away. It’s a problem to remember when you get into the senior age group! But it is fun when you find something you forgot you had.
    I love your twine storage rack and your closet is to die for.
    I had to smile when I saw Cathy’s position it in a place of honour. I will get one of those someday I hope.

  8. beautiful room..i’m the same visual scrapper, so i started storing my embellishments in salad containers you buy in the produce aisle(dole feild green)LOL and it does work, i now see what i have and i use alot more of my embellies..

  9. Nancy Mason-Nichol Reply

    I too am loving this series from Canadian Scrapbooker. My room is in constant chaos. I have way too much stuff so I’m always looking for ideas to re organize. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Cheryl Bullock Reply

    I love that this works for you ..I’d have a seizure trying to tidy it all. My craft space is a much smaller scale and I share it with an 8-year-old. Keeping him out of “my” stash means tucking it away 🙂

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