Congratulations to this weeks lucky winner – Diane Brydges Smith!

It is Wednesday and we love giving stuff away EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY!!!!! This week we are giving away some of our FAVOURITE cardstock stacks from the WONDERFUL people over at Core’dinations ColorCore Cardstock!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  Someone is going to win – why not you eh???


Visit Core’dinations ColorCore Cardstock on facebook – CLICK HERE – Say hello from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!

To enter to win this contest leave a comment right here under this blog post. You have until Friday April 4th at midnight to enter!

TIP TO ENTER – You just need to check the box that says “I’d rather post as guest” and then you don’t have to do anything but put in your name and email address.

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Avatar
    Karen Addison Reply

    Graphic 45 is my absolute FAVOURITE!!! I could soo use these… fingers
    and toes crossed… come on Why not win Wednesday… Why not me??

  2. Avatar
    Lisa Johnson Reply

    Beautiful bright g45 paper, it’s simply to die for. Hope I win!

  3. Avatar
    Wendy Orme Reply

    I’d love to win this as I just bought an embossing machine!

  4. Avatar
    Heather Thompson Reply

    i am such a paper addict, this would be great to add to my hoard!!!

  5. Avatar

    Oh I would love to win this! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  6. Avatar

    You can never have too much card stock – especially Core’dinations ColorCore Cardstock!

  7. Avatar
    Debbie Dussault Reply

    Love Core’dinations ColorCore Cardstock !! Thank you for a great chance to win! 🙂

  8. Avatar
    Debbie A Smith Reply

    I would love to win Cardstock to go with my favorite paper- Graphic 45!
    Thank you.

  9. Avatar
    Cathy Miller Reply

    who couldn’t “use” more cardstock?? thanks for the chance to win this awsome paper. thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Avatar

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! Especially cardstock!!

  11. Avatar
    carlahundley Reply

    Love your Win It Wednesday!
    Hoping to win.
    Carla from Utah

  12. Avatar
    Twila Young Reply

    Oh! I absolutely love Core’dinations! Wonderful prize. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  13. Avatar

    Core’dinations is one of my favorite papers. You can do so much with it – distress it, tear it so you have several colors. Great prize

  14. Avatar
    Janet Cobb Reply

    Wow! I would love to win some Core’dinations!!! Great prize for this Wednesday giveaway!

  15. Avatar
    Beverly Lane Reply

    Thank you CSM and Core’dinations! Love you both! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Avatar
    Cathy Collom Reply

    Hello! Loving the pretty cardstock and just went over and gave a shout-out from you all! Love the prizes!!

  17. Avatar

    Thanks for the chance to win some Wednesday treats! Love Core’dinations papers. 🙂

  18. Avatar
    L.r. Smith Reply

    LOL!! Just practicing!!!

  19. Avatar
    Jennifer Stahr Reply

    I really need these papers! 🙂 Love them! What an awesome prize!

  20. Avatar
    Deborah Kind Reply

    oooohhhh so nice…thanks so much for a chance to win…I’m going to start to teach my Granddaughter how to make cards and then scrapbook…she is 12 and we will have a sleepover after each times:)

  21. Avatar
    Debbie Burton Reply

    I love the colors of the paper packs. Thanks so much for the chance to win. 🙂

  22. Avatar
    Cori Fifield-Mounce Reply

    I have never done this before, so thanks for the chance to win this great prize

  23. Avatar
    Margo Shute Reply

    Awesome!!!!!!!!! I always need cardstock – and Core’dinations is a fantastic one!!!

  24. Avatar
    Jennifer I Reply

    One thing that I never seem to have enough of is cardstock! This is a great prize!

  25. Avatar

    I love Graphic 45 & Coredinations! How could I not enter this giveaway?!

  26. Avatar

    I love Core’ as their product is absolutely of the highest quality and unique, especially the sandable cardstock!

  27. Avatar
    Janet Hrechka Dorkin Reply

    Love it!!! Thanks for the chance to win as always!!!!

  28. Avatar

    Love core’dination card stock and this will go great in my collection 🙂

  29. Avatar

    Love the colors!! This would make my birthday the best on Friday … if I won!! if not, congrats to the winner and hope they enjoy!

  30. Avatar
    Shauna Stotts Reply

    I love paper, a bit obsessed actually lol 🙂 Thank you for this great giveaway!!!

  31. Avatar
    Janet Fulcher Reply

    It would be wonderful to win this paper! Love the colors!

  32. Avatar

    What a great time to have a give away. All the beautiful colors ready to use for spring. Thank you for sharing these papers with us.

  33. Avatar
    Barb Macaskill Reply

    LOVE my Core’dinations papers and these are two of my favorites since they match my G45 papers that I so love!!! Would love to win them! I left Core’dinations lots of FB love!!

  34. Avatar
    Jean Courtney Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your great paper.

  35. Avatar
    Kathy Oates Reply

    love the idea of colour matching card stock to Graphic 45 papers.

  36. Avatar
    Sharon Young Reply

    I want to win these papers. I love Core’dinations paper.

  37. Avatar
    Laura Thompson Kulinski Reply

    I am so a paper junkie and this would go great with my collection

  38. Avatar
    Judy Hawk Estrada Reply

    This awesome Cord’niations would be nice a nice win! A card maker always needs paper. I love to make cards & donate to make a smile on someones face!
    Thank you for the chance to win an awesome prize!

  39. Avatar
    Kathy Auld Reply

    I would love to win Thank you for the chance to add to me hoarding with some great paper from Core’dinations

  40. Avatar
    Mary Kay McDonnell Reply

    Wow that would be so awesome to win. I am in the US. But I’m near the Canadian boarder., 😀

  41. Avatar

    What beautiful colors. Would I ever love to win. Thank you so much for the chance. Love, Love Core’dinations.

  42. Avatar
    Tammy Valley Reply

    This is a fabulous prize. Good luck to all as someone will be a very happy crafter 🙂

  43. Avatar
    Angelica Chambers Reply

    Love my Core’dinations and G45 paper!!! This would make a fabulous compliment to what I have now!

  44. Avatar
    Laurel Stone Reply

    Fabulous colors! Would love to win and would for sure be put to good use!!

  45. Avatar
    Sandi Smith Reply

    Fabulous cardstock and gorgeous colors! Would so love to win!!!

  46. Avatar

    Fabulous prize makes hump day south better dreaming that I could win

  47. Avatar
    Carol Newman Reply

    something every card maker & scrapbooker can ALWAYS use. Gorgeously coloured cardstock of the best quality. this has my name written all over it. <3

  48. Avatar

    Would love to win such a great giveaway! What great possibilities… Thanks

  49. Avatar
    Betty Spry Reply

    Love the bold colours of the paper. Thanks for introducing us to so many great sites

  50. Avatar
    Deb Fagnant Reply

    It’s been awhile since any new scrapbooking paper has entered my scrapbook stash! Would love this to be the latest addition. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  51. Avatar
    Patricia Pent Reply

    Sure need to refresh my stach. Thank u for the opportunity

  52. Avatar
    TracyM #6773 Reply

    I LOVE working my CORE!!!
    GORGEOUS COLORS and fabulous quality card stock that is always a pleasure to work with!!!
    THANK YOU for the chance to win 🙂

  53. Avatar
    Janice Davis Reply

    This is fabulous paper and I am grateful for the opportunity to win some.

  54. Avatar

    Love, love these products, sure wish I could win. Thank you for the opportunity.

  55. Avatar
    Krista Somerville Reply

    love it, thanks for the chance to win 🙂 …….I think I might be addicted to paper lol

  56. Avatar
    Mary Karas Reply

    Beautiful colors and great paper to work with. Keeps it’s shape even when I beat it up.

  57. Avatar

    Who couldn’t use all this gorgeous card stock?!! But I would be ever so grateful if you picked me!! Thx CS for the chance to win!!

  58. Avatar
    Linda Storey Reply

    I just ordered a flash sale from SMS & I would LoVe to win some new paper to go along with them. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  59. Avatar
    Loretta Sloan Davidson Reply

    Who can’t use more cardstock, you always have beautiful colors.

  60. Avatar

    would love to win, need to fill my cardstock stack and this would definitely help

  61. Avatar
    Cheri Duncan Reply

    Love Canadian Scrapbooker & would love to win Core’dinations!

  62. Avatar
    Clairebear Reply

    Wow!!! would love to get my hands on these. Thanks for the chance to win.

  63. Avatar
    Celeste Depatie Reply

    It’s nice to have solid colours in your stack of cardstock.

  64. Avatar

    I would really love to win this stack of core’dinations ColorCore Cardstock, I don’t have any, I would love to use it! Thank you!

  65. Avatar
    Susan Huston Reply

    I don’t own any Coordinations Cardstock, and would love to win this prize!

  66. Avatar

    Love to scrapbook and always love beautiful coloured paper!! Would love to win 🙂

  67. Avatar
    Judi Clapp Reply

    I can just envision all the cards I could make with this beautiful paper.

  68. Avatar

    Love this weeks giveaway. I am using some to scrap my parents’ baby pictures (87 years ago)

  69. Avatar
    Janet Hickey-Trim Reply

    Hello Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine folks. Hope you are enjoying some spring weather. This weeks Why Not Win Wednesday contest is looking pretty good to me. I posted a big Hello on their Facebook page for you. Take care and enjoy the weekend.

  70. Avatar
    Arlene Ainsley Reply

    The colors are great. Love Core’dinations ColorCore Cardstock

  71. Avatar
    Julie Golding Page Reply

    I’ve just recently tried this paper for the first time, at a scrapbooking event. It would be great to try some more! Thanks for the chance to win.

  72. Avatar
    Taryn Mandrusiak Reply

    I love Coordinations! Could definitely uses these in my next project!

  73. Avatar

    nice bright colours –would be so great to win
    Sorry I’m late for win it Wednesday
    But I got here for Today Thursday..
    Great giveaway
    Hope that it is headed my way.

  74. Avatar
    Nancy Todd Reply

    I love these papers! Thanks for giving me a chance to win 😀

  75. Avatar

    This give away is awesome, Thank you for being so generous Nancy

  76. Avatar

    Love Cordinations and Graphic 45. Thanks for this incredible chance.

  77. Avatar
    debbiesiddle Reply

    I love Core’dinations, so yes please, I would love to win.

  78. Avatar
    Melitta Archibald Ball Reply

    This product is a never ending amount of wonderment and joy when you get to revealing its ‘Insides’! A lot like a Wherthers hard candy shell with soft sweet Carmel inside!

  79. Avatar

    This is a really nice prize to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

  80. Avatar

    I have never used this cardstock but always wanted to try it! It looks like I would have fun with all my die cuts and this paper.

  81. Avatar
    Angela Watson Reply

    Seriously, what’s not to love about these papers? IMHO, you just can’t go wrong using these in your design.

  82. Avatar
    Debra Parminter Reply

    Core’dinations ColorCore what more needs to be said! Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

  83. Avatar
    Brenda Norsworthy Reply

    thanks for the chance to win. I haven’t tried Core’dinations yet but I hope to see them at the Scrapfest in Kitchener on April 12.Sooo loojking forward to going!!

  84. Avatar

    Oooo! I’ve wanted to try this paper for AGES! Pick Me! Pick Me!!!

  85. Avatar

    This a great prize pack and could be used for so many beautiful projects.

  86. Avatar
    Kia Richardson Reply

    oooow – paper -yum. Thanks for the opportunity to win.