Congratulations to Staci Rae – This weeks lucky winner!



This prize package from Kraftin’ Kimmie could be yours!!!!! It features ALL FOUR of thier Once Upon a Time stamp sets with a total value of $96!!  WOWZERS!!!!!!!! GREAT PRIZE package!!!!

WNWW - May 6, 2014



Do 2 things to win

1. Leave a comment right here

2. Visit Kraftin Kimmie on facebook – Tell them CS sent you!!!

You have until Friday May 11th to enter!

TIP TO ENTER – You just need to check the box that says “I’d rather post as guest” and then you don’t have to do anything but put in your name and email address.

Good Luck everyone!

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    Rogena Stout Reply

    WOW!! I Love those stamps!! Would make some cute stuff for all 3 of my granddaughters!!! …:::Fingers Crossed:::… Thanx for sharing!!!

  2. Avatar Reply

    This Kraftin’ Kimmie would love to win this prize 🙂

  3. Avatar
    Taryn Mandrusiak Reply

    I <3 this set of Disney/Fairytail stamps! They'd make an adorable scrapbook and card set for all my neices and (hopefully) lil one growing in my belly 🙂

  4. Avatar
    Mom2Two2 (Jenni) Reply

    I would love to win these!! I have a princess loving 7 year old daughter!! Can’t get enough of the princesses! Thanks for the chance!!!

  5. Avatar
    Sheri Loatwall Reply

    These stamps would be perfect for my granddaughter’s Disneyland scrapbook we are working on. These are soooooo awesome!!

  6. Avatar
    Cathy Miller Reply

    Would love to win the Kraftin Kimmie prize pak. Thanks for the chance

  7. Avatar
    Roxie Griffith Reply

    I love these cute stamps. They would be perfect for projects with my daughter.

  8. Avatar
    Nathalie Jakubik Reply

    I just love Kraftin Kimmie Stamps. They are so much fun to color.

  9. Avatar
    Ginger Benedict Reply

    Kraftin Kimmie stamps are sooo cute. I love them all. Thank You for the opportunity.

  10. Avatar
    Jody Thompson Reply

    I love Kraftin’ Kimmie!!! Don’t have any of these stamps yet though…would love them!! 🙂

  11. Avatar
    Maureen Bosch Reply

    I love Kraftin Kimmies stamps and I love Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine

  12. Avatar
    sallyhammer Reply

    Only done a bit of “stamping” but would like to do more. Would love to win this prize package!

  13. Avatar

    Love these stamps! I haven’t heard of them before, thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Avatar

    I also love the show “Once Upon a Time” and all things ‘fairytale’… Kraftin’ Kimmie Stamps would be make a lovely prize!!

  15. Avatar
    Rae Ann Beyerl Reply

    I just recently discovered Kraftin’ Kimmie Stamps and I am in LOVE! Thanks for the chance to win a few to add to my stash!

  16. Avatar
    Kimberly S. Reply

    These are so super cute! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  17. Avatar
    Mary Blake Reply

    Oh!! these are to die for love them.. thanks for the chance…

  18. Avatar
    Jackie Vandaele Reply

    I love Kraftin Kimmie Stamps!! Thanks for the chance to win these.

  19. Avatar

    Would love to win these stamps Have alcohol markers that would love to colour these

  20. Avatar

    Would love to win this stamp package! Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Avatar
    Zehavit shaked Reply

    Would love to win this stamp package!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  22. Avatar

    I would love to win these stamps. I love Kaftan Kimmie stamps.

  23. Avatar
    Helle Ness-Kvalvik Reply

    I’ve visited your FB group 😉
    Fingers crossed!!
    -Helle from Norway-

  24. Avatar
    Sandra Williams Reply

    I love Kraftin Kimmie stamps….would love to win these ones

  25. Avatar
    NanaWhoMom . Reply

    These are adorable! Would so love to win. Thanks. Headed to FB.

  26. Avatar
    Teresa A Mikalouski Reply

    Guess what? I don’t have these. Please let me win!

  27. Avatar
    Carla Suto Reply

    Awesome prize pack! I would love to win! Thanks! Already visited Kraftin Kimmie on FB!

  28. Avatar
    Dianna DeCaluwe Reply

    These are so adorable, my fingers are crossed. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Avatar
    Jacqueline Reply

    Love them and look forward to adding them to my collection!!

  30. Avatar
    Anie Roberge Reply

    wow, beau concours, je suis fan de Once upon a time moi aussi 😀

  31. Avatar
    Debbie Kay Reply

    I would love to win these gorgeous stamps – I only discovered Kraftin Kimmie last week and am nuts about her stamps!

  32. Avatar

    Ahhhhh, I LOVE Kraftin’ Kimmie!!!!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Going to say HI!

  33. Avatar
    Nancy Freeman Reply

    Oh my goodness — winning these stamps would MAKE MY DAY! Love your stamps!

  34. Avatar
    Debbie Gamble Reply

    Oh, this prize pack looks awesome! I see a LOT of possibilities, with these cuties! 🙂

  35. Avatar
    Jennifer Rogers Reply

    I was introduced to Kraftin Kimmie stamps this past winter by my good friend Aymée Higgins and I would love to win and start building a collection of fabulous stamps!

  36. Avatar
    Tammy Predovic Reply

    oooh such cute stamps, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  37. Avatar
    Tara McCarthy Reply

    They are absolutely darling. I would love them to find a home in my stash 🙂

  38. Avatar
    Linda Spence Reply

    Great giveaway – I have some other Kraftin’ Kimmie stamps and they are fantastic!

  39. Avatar

    THUD!!!! Is it Christmas already??!! I have visions of Kraftin’ Kimmie awesomeness dancing in my head!!! Somebody is going to be one happy stamper!!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win and for the opportunity to discover your blog and magazine! 🙂

  40. Avatar
    Heather Thompson Reply

    Just love KKS. They are so talented over there. What a great chance wi win and play!!

  41. Avatar
    Carole Saviak Reply

    These are so cute! I’ll be able to do so many things with them for my first granddaughter in August!

  42. Avatar
    Dallas Keenan-Fooks Reply

    LOVE those stamps!!!! I don’t have any of Kimmie Stamps here yet…

  43. Avatar
    Roni Anderson Reply

    These stamps look like great fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. Avatar
    carlahundley Reply

    How fun these four stamp
    sets would be to use!
    Carla from Utah

  45. Avatar

    These stamps look Adorable!!!!! As well as great fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Avatar
    Jacqueline Reply

    I’ve loved Kraftin’ Kimmie ever since I first saw her stamps in CS. Great prize.

  47. Avatar
    Laurie Higgins Reply

    These are adorable stamps. I would so love to win them! Thank you for giving me the chance.

  48. Avatar
    Emerald Perez Reply

    These stamps are so adorably awesome! Would so love to win this prize pack! Good Luck everyone!

  49. Avatar

    did you know that when I left my other comment, there were 4 ads that were there above the comments? FYI

  50. Avatar
    Carla Harkies Reply

    What an amazing opportunity, thanx! Love Kraftin Kimmie stamps.

  51. Avatar

    I would love to win these stamps. thanks for the chance to win and add them to my collection.

  52. Avatar

    wow …love these stamps and very much would like to win them 😉

  53. Avatar
    Jess Doyle Reply

    What an awesome prize! I’m already part of the Kraftin’ Kimmie FB community, but will pop over and say “hey” anyway 😀

  54. Avatar
    Sheena Brooks Reply

    Have been a long time fan of Kraftin’ Kimmie! Thanks for the chance to win!

  55. Avatar
    Laurie Alexander Reply

    Love Kraftin’ Kimmies stamps! Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. Avatar

    Would love to spend hours of fun colouring these gorgeous stamps. Thanks

  57. Avatar

    Wow I could use the sets for my disney scrapbooing 🙂 Ty for the chance to win

  58. Avatar

    I absolutely love the cards that the krafty girls create with their beautiful stamps! I would love to win this prize!!

  59. Avatar

    It would be a fabulous happy ever after if I win this prize!!!! I have my fingers crossed!!! 😉

  60. Avatar

    Love Kraftin Kimmie stamps!! Thank you for this lovely prize 🙂

  61. Avatar
    Janet Hickey-Trim Reply

    This is the cutest series of stamps that I have seen. I love the Kraftin Kimmie stamps. It would be soooo much fun to win this prize package. I have let Kraftin Kimmie know that you said Hello.

  62. Avatar

    Fairy tale fun cards…
    Always so many ideas with krafty stamps!

  63. Avatar
    Michele McLachlin Reply

    Once.upon a time….I won this prize, and.lived happily ever after!

  64. Avatar
    Lisa Siverns-LeClair Reply

    Oh my, my girls and I love these stamps! Once Upon a Time is a family favourite.

  65. Avatar
    Kerry Walton Reply

    What a great prize, would love to win them. Thanks for the chance…

  66. Avatar

    I’ve just started stamping and would love to get my hands on these!!! They are lovely!!

  67. Avatar

    I Love Kraftin Kimmie Stamps!!! Thank you for the chance to win this amazing package 🙂

  68. Avatar
    Brianna Loeffelbein Reply

    Oh my, it would make my day to win this fab Prize pack!! Thanks for the chance!!

  69. Avatar
    Julienne Gagne Reply

    Love Kraftin Kimmie stamps! Thanks for letting me have a chance to win!

  70. Avatar
    Shelley Lange Reply

    I heard so much about these stamps just gotta give ‘er a try!Ty for the chance to win!!!

  71. Avatar

    Such a wonderful giveaway!!!! I just adore the stamp sets! Thank you SO much for a chance to win.

  72. Avatar

    As I told Kimmee’s on FB, these are just so “stinkin cute” love them!!

  73. Avatar
    Cora Schindel Reply

    Who doesn’t love Kimmie’s stamps!?! Thanks for the opportunity, fingers crossed. 🙂

  74. Avatar
    Carol Newman Reply

    oh my!!! I’d love to add some Kraftin Kimmie stamps to my collection.

  75. Avatar
    Holly AKA KopyKat Reply

    Oh I would love to win! I NEED these! Thanks for the chance.

  76. Avatar
    Tracybstamping Reply

    Your stamps are adorable. I would love to win. Thank you so much for the change. Good luck everyone

  77. Avatar
    Lynn Harris Reply

    Brilliant offer. Kimmies stamps are fabulous and the artists are so talented

  78. Avatar

    This would be an awesome prize. I could make cards for my grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.

  79. Avatar
    Brigida Henriquez Reply

    This is so cute but will you ship my prize to New York? Pretty please?

  80. Avatar
    jennyfer l Reply

    I’m in need of sone fairytale stamps for my kids upcoming birthdays and these would be perfect! Thx for the chance.

  81. Avatar
    Leslie Loutit Reply

    I would love to win anything really. Would love to have these stamps. I don’t have anything like this at all. Thanks for the chance to win.

  82. Avatar

    what fun my granddaughter and I could have with these stamps. 🙂

  83. Avatar

    Oooh I can think of a number of possibilities with these. So cute!!

  84. Avatar
    Darlene Whalley Reply

    I would love to win these!! KK stamps are awesome!!! ?thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  85. Avatar
    sandra lavoie Reply

    These stamp look like they would be fun to create with. Would be nice to win

  86. Avatar

    What a really nice stamp set! Thank you for the chance to win.

  87. Avatar
    Jess Marin Reply

    Kraftin kimmie stamps are awesome!! Thank you for the chance to win this amazing prize.
    Jess Marin

  88. Avatar
    NanaWhoMom . Reply

    Wonderful stamps. Ordered one and can’t wait to see it!

  89. Avatar

    Those are really cute stamps. I have 3 grand-daughters those would suit.

  90. Avatar
    Shauna Stotts Reply

    Those are so cute. They would make a great adition to my craft room 🙂

  91. Avatar

    Have some of Kraftin’ Kimmie Stamps and they are great Would love to win some more

  92. Avatar
    Susan Kinakin-Russell Reply

    These stamps are cute 🙂 would love to win thanks gor the chance

  93. Avatar
    anne mcsheffrey Reply

    would love to win these stamps as I have just got into stamping…

  94. Avatar

    I would love to make some cards for my nephews and nieces with these beautiful set of stamps!!

  95. Avatar
    Kim Windsor Reply

    They are so cute!! would love to win. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  96. Avatar
    Ronna MacCormack Reply

    What a great stamp set! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  97. Avatar

    Would love to win these Kraftin’ Kimmies! Thank you for giving us the chance to win!

  98. Avatar

    I love Kraftin Kimmie stamps!! Awesome!! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  99. Avatar
    Danielle Vincent Reply

    I LOVE love love Kraftin’ Kimmie stamps and don’t have any of these yet . Would so love to win. Thanks for the opportunity :o)

  100. Avatar

    First time I see Krafting Kimmie, I’d love to win this, I’m on my waynto my scrap store and will definetely look for them!!!!

  101. Avatar
    Bonny Johnson Reply

    Thanks a bundle for letting me be a qualifier for the great giveaway. Cute, cute, cute stamps. 🙂

  102. Avatar

    I love these stamps. They are so adorable. Would love to win these.

  103. Avatar

    wow, this is awesome. great stamps. thanks for the chance to win