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WINNER UPDATE – Congratulations to Gillian Martin – this weeks lucky winner!

We are so excited to introduce you once again to WILLOW & WASHI!  They are the sponsor for this weeks WHY NOT WIN WEDNESDAY!  YAHOOO!!!! You get to pick 12 rolls of your choice of WASHI tape from their fabulous store – CLICK HERE

Yahoooo – someone is gonna win – WHY NOT YOU????


Visit Willow & Washi  on facebook – CLICK HERE – Say hello from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!

To enter to win this contest leave a comment right here under this blog post.

You have until Friday June  6th  at midnight to enter!

TIP TO ENTER – You just need to check the box that says “I’d rather post as guest” and then you don’t have to do anything but put in your name and email address.


Get your Washi Tape on!

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  1. julie francis Reply

    thanks for the chance to win, would love to play with some washi tape on my next project.

  2. endless possibilities for using the washi tape, can’t wait to experiment with it. Thanks

  3. Renee Scruton Robinson Reply

    i love using washi tape when i’m making cards and matching envelopes! thanks for the chance to win this!

  4. Janet Hrechka Dorkin Reply

    Oooooo awesome! Thanks for the chance to win this great prize!

  5. Tanis Oliver Reply

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to win! I have just recently discovered Washi Tape and how fun it is to work with!

  6. I have yet to get a hold of any Washi, this would be so cool. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. April Richardson Reply

    What a wonderful giveaway! I’ve just started to use washi tape so this would be a great way to get more!!!

  8. I have just discovered washi (I know, I know :)….) and would love to add to (start?) my collection!

  9. I have a collection of Washi but I don’t really use it as much as I should. I’d be thrilled to add more to my stash. then maybe I’d get to using it.

  10. Ruby Marchand Reply

    This is a great giveaway. Never have to many Washi rolls. Thanks to you and Willow and Washi for this prize pack.

  11. Nathalie Jakubik Reply

    This is a fabulous prize. I went over and said hello. Did I mention that I loooooooove washi tape.

  12. Rena Richter Reply

    Sure are loving washi tape have just gotten in to it in the last couple months. Could use some colours that’s for sure. 🙂

  13. I am learning more all the time on how to play with washi tape and I love it!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  14. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Washi Tape, I’d have a seriously hard time picking a pattern/color.. but I’d do my best and give them a good home.. Thanks for the chance to win.. I appreciate it!!

  15. carlahundley Reply

    Washi tapes rules! Oh
    what I could do with 12
    rolls of this! Wonderful.
    Carla from Utah

  16. Nicolle Fox Reply

    I’ve never tried Washi Tape before, I admit I’m a little intimidated to start trying! I would love to learn better ways to accentuate my scrapbooks and cards with it.

  17. kimboydyoung@hotmail.com Reply

    Thanx for the chance to win such a great prize 🙂

  18. Michelle Minken Reply

    Loving the Washi tape! I’d love some different colours to use in my projects.

  19. I absolutely LOVE washi tape! Please pick me!!! Pretty please!?!

  20. Carole Anderson Reply

    Would absolutely love to win this. I am loving my Washi tape. Have found a new project for it. So much fun.

  21. Denise Williardt Ferrari Reply

    I have just started using Washi tape. I have 2 colors, so far.

  22. Kristin L. Cisyk Reply

    I love washi tape so much, so many ways to use it! Thanks for posting this!

  23. Never have too much of washi if only I could win once from CS! 🙂

  24. I could use some new washi tape! Thanks for a chance to win some!

  25. Janet Hickey-Trim Reply

    Hello everyone, boy does this look like a fun prize package or what??? I would love to win it so that I can get creative using Washi tape. Yahoo. Have a great week all.

  26. Lisa Posthumus-Harper Reply

    Love Washi tape!! I don’t know how I could pick 12 out of all the fun colors and styles.

  27. Oh my to win washi tape would be awesome!!! Thank you so much for the chance!

  28. Brenda Humby Reply

    The colors are so beautiful…I use quite a lot of washi tape so winning some would be super.

  29. Wow, a heavenly treat! It would sure help build up my Washi stash!

  30. Carol Douglas Reply

    What a great prize, I have just discovered so many ways to use Washi!

  31. Tambi Dalman Reply

    What a prize! I ordered some from them because of this contest

  32. Oh boy I recently has “caught” a Washi Tape addiction this would just add to the very small collection I have.

  33. Sharon L. Konkus Reply

    I love Washi tape, especially all the different patterns can be used on cards really good.

  34. Love love love washi tape, for Scrapbooking and roads for Hot Wheels 🙂

  35. Susan Meager Reply

    With money being tight I can only win prizes to craft for my local dog charity this would be a super to win!

  36. Would love to win… So like you say Someone’s Gotta Win! Why not me.

  37. I need washi!!!! Please, washi me!!! WIN WASHI!! Thank you to the Washi God’s that will allow me to win all this wonderful washi!! lol

  38. I love washi!!! I went to their site! Sooooo many pretty tapes I need!! 😉

  39. I have never used tape before. This tape looks great! Would love to win and try using it! Thank you for the contest!

  40. Candace Robichaud Reply

    I need more washi like a hole in the head 🙂 But I love it oh so much and use it on everything! I liked Willow & Washi 🙂

  41. Denise Bryant Reply

    Awesome prize! I will head straight to their FB page and leave a hello!

  42. oooh my fave types of patterns, how ever did you know ? LOL thanks for the chance & good luck everyone. my mind is bubbling over time with ideas

  43. stefanie haluk Reply

    I love washi tape and need to start a collection i could use to make my layouts and pretty.

  44. Mary Kay Lyons Reply

    Love washi tape just found a fun way to use it with Framelets. So it would be awesome to win and add more different patterns to my collection.

  45. Anastasia M. Reply

    I love washi tape. And they have nice selection in the store!

  46. debbiesiddle Reply

    Yummy, I love washi tapes, but don’t have that many. Yes please, I would love to win this.

  47. Jennifer Reynard Reply

    I absolutely love Washi tape!! Willow and Washi has an amazing selection also! Would love to win, who wouldn’t!! “_

  48. Great prize and a great product! Would love to win! Thank you for posting these contests!

  49. What a great prize and so many wonderful ways to use them too 😀

  50. Rosann aka Rea' Reply

    Thank you for chance to win Washi Tape , this are so fun to use!

  51. I’m a washi addict, so I can never have enough!! great contest.

  52. Danelle Lux Reply

    Love the colors and patterns of the washi tape! Thanks for the invite to another great company!

  53. Dianna Lockard Davis Reply

    The creative possibilities are endless! What a treat for whoever wins!

  54. Janet Dorion Reply

    This would be an awesome prize. Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. Glenda Thorne Reply

    Have been loving Washi tape lately and using on all my cards and layouts. Would love to win some of these beautiful tapes for my collection.

  56. Kim Haygood Reply

    I love washi tape! Even my little 4 year old daughter asked for some washi tape for her birthday!

  57. Theresa M Edwards Reply

    Oooh! I’m a washi hoarder! It’s like an addiction. Would LOVE to add these to the collection.

  58. Stephanie Roberts Reply

    This washi looks amazing! I would be so excited to win it!!

  59. I would love to give these a new home!! Gosh, havin’ a hard time pickin’ just from the picture.. lol!! AWESOME LOOKIN” WASHI!!!

  60. I love, love, love washi! My BF and I refer to it as wasabi tape – because it is so hot! Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. Deb Williams Reply

    How I LOVE washi tape. I would love to give this a loving home!

  62. Melitta Archibald Ball Reply

    What a treasure to have the chance to win! Thank you for these Wednesday opportunities!

  63. I love love love washi tape. It’s beginning to be my new favourite thing.

  64. Elizabeth Simpson Reply

    I love washi tape, and I just happen to have room for 10 more rolls. And there are some cute patterns here, too, so I’d love to win!!!

  65. I would love to try the Washi tape! The colours and designs would work well with my projects.

  66. Would love to add some washi tape to my stash! I’ve recently found myself reaching for some to finish a layout or two. Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. Ardis Baldwin Reply

    You can never have too many washi tapes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. Terry Peters Reply

    I have just started using washi tape and I live it!! It would be amazing to have these colors ad patterns!

  69. Bartemous Black Reply

    Willow & Washi have some awesome designs. My favorite is the birds on a wire! So darn cute!

  70. I’d love to win some washi tape so I can share it with my sister!

  71. pinksuzanne Reply

    I have seen so many ways to use washi tape and would love to try these out.

  72. Washi tape is the best! I have so many ideas and projects that would be enhanced by any one of their great tapes. Thanks for the chance to win

  73. Karen Hayes Reply

    I’d love to win because i might be the only scrapbooker in the world who doesn’t actually own any Washi tape, seriously! Not even one roll! Surprising right?! Thanks so much, this would be a great addition to my craft!

  74. Just starting to use washi tape, and think it will be new addiction. Would love to win. 🙂

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