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It is DAY#4 of a Taste of CHA featuring Tombow, Quietfire Design, Grafix and DCWV

How it works

1. This contest is all about giving our sponsors some LOVE! NO sponsors NO prizes!

2. During the next 12 days (Feb 11 – 22) you need to visit 41 of the HOTTEST scrapbooking manufacturers on facebook LIKE their pages and say CS SENT ME. Joining their communities will keep you informed of all things good in the scrapbooking industry!

What will you win – A TASTE OF CHA sample pack worth  over 1000.00$ of the latest product released by each of the 41 sponsors this past Jan at CHA!!!!!!!!!! WOWZERS!

Lets get started!

#1 – Tombow – Xtreme Adhesive – WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Visit Tombow  on facebook – CLICK HERE – say hello from us.

*Please do not continually post the same comment on the facebook walls of the sponsors i.e. CS SENT ME – by doing this facebook will think you are SPAM and stop you from making any more posts. Change the greeting each time. For example – hello from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine or Thanks for sponsoring over at CS or Nice to be here thank you to CS for sending me or here from CS etc etc.


#2 – Quietfire Design – beautiful sentiments, beautiful designed!


Visit Quietfire Design on facebook – CLICK HERE – say hello from us.



#3 – Grafix – Oh the creative fun with these products!!!!


Visit Grafix on their blog  – CLICK HERE – tell them CS sent you!


#4- DCWV – gorgeous paper to design with or to display for home décor!


Visit DCWV on  facebook – CLICK HERE – tell them CS sent you!

To enter to win this jammed packed prize that includes products from BoBunny, Spellbinders, Chameleon, Impression Obsession, FabScraps, Sizzix, Heartfelt Creations, Clearsnap, Core’dinations ColorCore Cardstock, Simple Stories, May Arts Ribbon, Tombow, Quietfire Design, Grafix, DCWV, Magenta, Westcott, Canuck Crafts, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, Shop the Hound, Kraftin’ Kimmie, Plaid, Frog’s Whiskers Ink, Quick Quotes, Kaisercraft, Adornit, Avery Elle, Graphic 45, Lawn Fawn, BasicGrey, DoCrafts, Unity Stamp Co., The Robin’s Nest, Willow & Washi, Karen Foster Design, Technque Tuesday, The Crafter’s Workshop, Bella BLVD, Imagine Crafts, Xyron and Stampendous!!!!!!!  YAHOOOOOOOO!!!


1. Come back to the Canadian Scrapbooker Blog and post DONE under this post.

2. Participate in all 12 days – for your name to be entered 12x in the draw!!!!!!

3. A random winner will be drawn and announced on Feb 25th.


Good luck everyone and thank you so much for sending your LOVE to our wonderful sponsors! We wouldn’t beable to have such GREAT giveaways if it wasn’t for them!  Please take the time to visit them for us!!!!!


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  1. Regina Furman Reply

    Done! Except, I wanted to leave a comment on the Grafix blog, but you have to create an account first. Why? Other than that, I’ve really enjoyed looking at all of the featured sponsors products and inspirations.

  2. Linda Spence Reply

    Day 4 done! And sending Happy Valentine’s Day wishes to everyone!!

  3. Janet Cobb Reply

    I, too, tried to comment on the Grafix blog with no success. Their last blog post was 2/25/14 and you have to sign up for an account or log in to comment. The sign-up page doesn’t work. Help! I hope the attempt to comment will count 😉

  4. Julie Barlocher Reply

    Done, except for the Grafix blog. Couldn’t figure out where to post a comment.

  5. I couldn’t create an account at Grafix. But I signed up for their mailing list and told them I heard about them from this giveaway on the form. Hope that counts! If so, then Done day 4! 🙂

  6. Cheryl Layton Reply

    Ditto comments above. all done except for Grafix. Tried to create an account to comment but kept getting an error message. 🙁

  7. day 4 done. also not luck with grafix blog. if anyone figures it out let us know thanks..

  8. Mary Holshouser Reply

    Done. Visited all of them and left a comment. Visited Grafix but couldn’t leave a comment as I don’t have an account. thanks.

  9. robin mowat Reply

    I think my comment for Grafix went through, I just wrote a message on the ‘contact us’prompt. Took a long time to finally get there though.

  10. Karen Greig Reply

    Day 4 Done! I was unable to do Grafix as the link was a blog not a facebook page and no place to leave a comment I hope I am still qualified – Happy Valentines day

  11. tinkerbell Reply

    Done except for grafix, could not. Would not exept sign up.

  12. Janet Dorkin Reply

    Happy Valentine’s! Done Day#4 except I too was unable to comment or sign up on the Grafix blog! I also signed up on their mailing list and mentioned CS!

  13. Done, except for Grafix, same issues as everyone else. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Brenda Olvera Reply

    All Done!! But I couldn’t leave a comment on the Grafix’s Blog.

  15. DONE-ish.. Like the others, can’t comment on Grafix’ old blog, can’t sign in as customer to comment, but CAN sign up for newsletter and say referred by CS, which I did. Those free decoder glasses in their old blog were FAB! Saved me some $ from buying the dies for some!!!

  16. Done, sorry about the Grafiz problem, looked like it was interesting though

  17. Deb Jennings Reply

    Day four done except, as everyone else, I could not at Grafix. The link to create an account was broken and consequently I could not join and leave a comment. I was so glad to see Quietfire listed amoug the suppliers- love their stamps. I also love Tombow, Grafix and DCWV…. let’s face I just love all the supplies and crafting supplies…

  18. Kimberly Wildeman Reply

    Day #4 done…except Grafix…I looked at their products while there but couldn’t leave a comment

  19. Maureen Bosch Reply

    Day 4 done except Grafix. Can’t make an account. Doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with me.

  20. Done, exept I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment for Grafix.

  21. Sarah Bowdidge Reply

    DONE (except for Grafix, as others have said, there’s an error on thier signup form. YOu need to sign up to comment on thier blog)

  22. Done Thanks
    except Grafix…I looked at their products but couldn’t leave a comment
    FB name
    Suzie Magee

  23. Done , Thanks for the opportunity to win such an amazing prize. Could not comment on Grafix but did sign up for mailing address . Their products look interesting and I would like to know more about them.

  24. Jaime Sunshine Reply

    DONE … Looks like we all had a problem w/ the Grafix Blog. I did find new stores in my area that sell Grafix so that’s a bonus. Thanks for a great opportunity to win big!!

  25. Karen Giordano Reply

    Done, unable to post on Graffix, it’s not a Facebook page. Thanks again for another chance to win!

  26. Debra Parminter Reply

    Done! Happy Valentine’s Day! Well other than Grafix as I couldn’t find how to make a comment without setting up an account. I did sign up for their newsletter to learn more though.

  27. Same here… Day 4 Done, but unable to post on Grafix blog. Their last post seems to date back to February 2014.

  28. Adri Myburgh Reply

    Done — Except there is no way to comment on the Graffix blog. I just join their mailing list and told them that CS send me….

  29. Cathy Covin Reply

    Done! Sent an inquiry to Graffix through their Contact Us link.

  30. Debbie Brewster Reply

    Done except for Graffix. Their most recent post on their blog is a year old. Thankz!

  31. Debbie Siddle Reply

    Done but for Graffix, whose blog has not been active for a year and for which you need an account which doesn’t work. Wonderful prizes…

  32. Kristina Pavlovic Reply

    Done — Except there is no way to comment on the Graffix blog.

  33. Ms Wendy Bradford Reply

    Done except for Grafix as no way to comment on their blog. xx

  34. Done Grafix blog has not posted a blog posting since 2014 so I had no way to comment. Thank you for the amazing chances to win.

  35. Twila Young Reply

    DONE! Thanks again for the chance to win all of these awesome prizes!

  36. Done except for Grafix! I’ll keep trying though, maybe it will get fixed!

  37. Lorna Sampson Reply

    Done! As others have stated I could not do anything on the Grafix blog.

  38. LeeAnne Schroeder Reply

    DONE except for the Grafix site. Tried to make an account and it goes to an error message. Site not working properly.

  39. Done and also send a message through their contact site
    …thanks for the opportunity to win.

  40. Johanne Lacombe Reply

    DONE. I couldn’t left a comment on Grafix’s blog so I registered for the newsletter.

  41. Marlo Dunlop Reply

    Done….but I didn ‘t know where to comment on the Grafix’s blog.

  42. DOne – except for Graphix, cuz I couldn’t figure out where to comment! Thanks for the contest

  43. Ronna MacCormack Reply

    Done – except for Grafix. Can’t access to say hello.

  44. Christine C Reply

    Said hello to all except for Grafix….could not access it to say hello.

  45. Helmi Switzer Reply

    Done, except for graphic. Would love to say hello to them….?

  46. I too tried to create an account on the Grafix blog without success. Other than that I am done for day 4.

  47. Done, except grafix, too bad but I did visit the blog and looked around.

  48. Laura Shantora Nelles Reply

    Also done. Was unable to sign up for the account on Grafix .. does anyone know what’s going on there?

  49. Done! Except for Grafix. No one has posted on that blog for a year.

  50. Isabel Topps Reply

    Done, except for Grafix, no where to post and can’t sign up

  51. LaChelle Shown Reply

    DONE -Grafix I went to “contact us” and sent them a message since I couldn’t comment on their blog

  52. Day 4 Done except for Grafix (wouldn’t let me create an account or comment on blog)

  53. Sharon Gullikson Reply

    Done, except GRAFIX wouldn’t let me create an account or make a comment on their blog.

  54. Done! Except for Grafix, experienced the same problem as others.

  55. Cindy Ault Reply

    Done except for Graffix. No place to comment on their blog.

  56. Done, great sponsors again wish I could have commented on grafix

  57. Get this message when I TRY TO LOGON TO Grafix – ”
    A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the pre-login handshake. (provider: TCP Provider, error: 0 – An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.)
    Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

  58. Other than Grafix an the problem noted in the previous post, I’m DONE!!!!

  59. Hello was happy to visit all he above sponsors. Tried numerous times to log onto Grafix’s blog but was not successful. I kept getting error messages. There is not any comments on their blog.

  60. Laura Turcotte Reply

    Another day of awesome prizes!!!! wow!! thank you CS for the amazing chances!!!

  61. Laura Turcotte Reply

    Just letting you know it is quite a challenge to leave comments for Grafix.

  62. Billie Dee Reply

    Done! What fun! Commented graphix while signing up for email.

  63. barbara macaskill Reply

    Left a comment on Quietfire Designs, DCWV and Tombow’s Facebook pages and for Grafix I had to use their “contact us” form to leave them a comment as I couldn’t leave a comment on their blog. When I tried to sign up for an account it gave me an error message. Hope that is ok!

  64. Done! Grafix was definitely a trial to leave a message on so just used “contact us” area.

  65. Rebeca Yahrling Reply

    DONE! (I also left a message at Graphix’ “contact us” form as there was no other way to leave a message. Thank you, again, for having such a wonderful giveaway!

  66. Tina MacIntyre Reply

    Done! Left a comment for Grafix as well, but they didn’t like our Canadian postal code!

  67. kathleen schriber Reply

    DONE! Except Graphix isn’t setup to receive comments.

  68. Done, except for Graphix. Ran into the same problems as the others.

  69. germaine fryc Reply

    all done except for graphix, the page came up error when I tried to open an account!

  70. Kim Street Reply

    Day #4 Done!! All caught up now, on the correct page 😉 😉

  71. Beatrice Lawson Reply

    All done except for Grafix ( blog not active for 12 months?)!

  72. done except for Graphix – challenging to find a place to comment

  73. I still have problems with Grafix but did sent something to PrettyGrafix.

  74. Lori Martin Reply

    Done but had issues with graphic site would let me sign in

  75. Patricia Molnar Reply

    Done! I left a comment while signing up for the newsletter because I couldn’t find a comment form to leave a message.

  76. Tina Kovacs Reply

    Day 4 done. Did not realize that I was not leaving the msg until today. So I am hoping that this will still work. Day 4 done on Feb 14th.

  77. Dawn Skene Reply

    Done, with the exception of Grafix. I couldn’t leave a comment but I found out their products are carried by Michael’s in my city!

  78. Elaine Addison Reply

    Done – same as all others – Grafix has no comment section

  79. Karen Addison Reply

    Done again, no place to leave a comment on the Grafix blog, and I really didn’t want to set up an account

  80. Elaine Addison Reply

    I sent a comment to Grafix through their online Contact Us page.

  81. Done except for Grafix. There is a problem with their site I think. Great products featured today. Love them all.

  82. Annelies Batty Reply

    done, again. thanks for a chance to win such great stuff.

  83. Angie McArthur Reply

    Day 4 done..with the exception of Grafix…like everyone else I couldn’t find a place to leave a comment but I did have fun looking at their products :). Thanks again CS for a great day of prizes!

  84. Done! For Grafix I filled in the “contact us” section – only place I could figure to leave a comment! Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. Tracy Moloney Reply


    … apart from Grafix – I did not set up an account with them, instead I sent STRONG VIBES their way, filled with a BIG, SMILING HELLO and a HUGE THANK YOU!!! Their products sound quite exciting & creative!!!

    THANK YOU for the chance to win some CRAFTY AWESOMENESS 🙂

  86. Cathy Couch Reply

    Grafix cannot be left a comment and the Blog’s last entry is February 2014….Done the rest of the day though

  87. julie francis Reply

    done, except for Grafix, couldn’t find a place to leave a comment.

  88. Janetta Zeimetz Reply

    Done except for Grafix. Couldn’t leave a comment for them.

  89. Done yesterday and forgot to comment. I couldn’t get Grafix, something is wrong with the site

  90. Sandi Davidson Reply

    Day 4 done, love the exploring! Couldn’t do the message on Grafix

  91. wow DONE – great prizes I hope they ship to the UK if I win 🙂

  92. Sandi Marson Reply

    Done except for Graphix! I kept getting an error for logging it to leave a comment. Soooo I hope they check back here because I was looking through their blog and loved the Grafix Rub-Onz Transfer Film! I really have to try this! Thanks Graphix for sponsoring A Taste of CHA!

  93. April Crann Reply

    Done. Grafix. Site is having some problems so you can make a account right now tried lots

  94. Jamie Larsen Reply

    Done except grafix site had an error when I tried to sign in to leave a comment.

  95. Debbie Fagnant Reply

    Done , couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment for Grafix

  96. Done except for Grafix – last post was Feb 2014 – no place to leave a post!

  97. Done!! Why haven’t I liked some of these pages before now??? Thanks for sending me!

  98. Taryn Mandrusiak Reply

    Done, execept for Graphix – I couldn’t find a place to leave a comment

  99. Ulli die ll Reply

    Not all done 🙁 Well, everything except the Graphix blog. Wouldn’t let me leave a comment. Hope the other will work though.x

  100. Here we going adding Done to my posts which I missed saying on my other post.

  101. Tammy Thompson Reply

    So many great prizes! Thanks again CS Mag and Sponsors! Done Day 4!

  102. Arlene Burke Reply

    Day 4 is done. Thank you for this chance to try new items and play with the one I already know.

  103. Melitta Ball Reply

    I tried to post on Grafix Blog as instructed but it says you need an account to comment on their blog…I tried to create an account but just kept getting a ‘server error’ so I commented on their Facebook Page instead.

    Done! And thanks for another great day of product tours!

  104. Laurie Ketler Reply

    Done for day 4. Thanks for all the opportunities to win great prizes.

  105. Elise Mungovan Reply

    I had missed some of these and so happy to be able to look at them today. Thanks you. I am done.

  106. DONE!!! What great fun to see all these wonderful products. Someone is going to be very lucky to receive this great package.

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