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Hi everyone – Karen Ellis here!

I had the pleasure of popping into USArtQuest on the weekend and the wonderfully talented Susan Pickering Rothamel showed me a little technique that I thought I’d share here with you today!


Aren’t these cards sweet?   The technique Susan showed me lets you add some dimensional POP to your photos.   The POP is provided by tiny hole-less beads called Prills that are adhered to a photocopy of a tree picture with my favourite soft gel, PPA – Perfect Paper Adhesive.


Here’s how you get the look.


You’ll need:   (left to right) USArtQuest PPA – Perfect Paper Adhesive and Prills, round paint brush and a photocopy of your favourite picture.


Dip your paintbrush into the PPA – place some on your picture and then….



Dip the PPA’d brush directly into the Prills.  The beads will stick to the PPA,



“Roll’ the Prills onto your picture with your brush.  Your hands don’t need to touch the glue.  The Prills will randomly stick to the photo and will dry permanently in place   The rolling action of your brush embeds the beads in the PPA which will dry crystal clear with a matte finish.



All that’s left to do is mount your texturized photo onto some scrapbook paper (pictured above – Hopefully by 7 Dots Studio) or even some of your own custom Gelli printed papers (as shown in top photo).


Prills are really beautiful accents for landscapes but I’m sure you can find some other fun places to use them too!

Hope you are just as inspired as I was.

Have fun and a super creative day!


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  1. Connie Campbell Reply

    I love this idea. Can’t wait to find the supplies to give it a try.

  2. GLad you all like this!!
    Carmel – you could try but the flock will get wet from rolling it through the glue and I’m not sure if it will dry the way you’d like. Give it a go – see if you like the result. If nothing else, it will help keep your fingers less gluey when applying it! 🙂

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