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Today we welcome Barb Brookbank, an Albertan photographer who elevates her photos into works of art!

@cdnscrapbooker @keepingwiththetimes #photography

Hi! I’m Barb Brookbank, and I’m thrilled to be a guest blogger at Canadian Scrapbooker. I’m a wife, mom, and grandma, living in the beautiful province of Alberta. I’m the blogger behind Keeping With the Times where I share my love of food, photography, and life. You can also find me on Instagram @keepingwiththetimes.

I started scrapbooking in 2003 after my first grandson was born and scrapped traditionally for many years. It was a great fit since I had been making greeting cards and loved working with paper and glue.

However, life changes and evolves, and I became interested in digital scrapping after purchasing a copy of Photoshop Elements 4. The box included “Learn Digital Scrapbooking” by Linda Sattgast of Digital Scrapper. Learning Photoshop took time, and a lot of work, but when it finally “clicked” I found myself on another exciting journey. As well as being on several creative teams, I began to write Digi Scrap Tutorials for Digital Scrapper, which eventually led to my becoming a Premier Video Instructor. My style is clean and I tend to use a lot of white space on my layouts. You can visit my gallery here.


Today, my passion is photography. I’m a natural light photographer, working and manipulating available light with a simple white foam core deflector. I shoot in Raw, with a Nikon D7100, then organize and process all images in Lightroom.

Although I love landscape and nature photography, most of my work today revolves around still life, with an emphasis on flowers and food:

@cdnscrapbooker @keepingwiththetimes #photography

@cdnscrapbooker @keepingwiththetimes #photography

For the following shot I used a 40mm lens with an aperture of f/2.8. I focused closely on the teacup which resulted in the teacup being sharp, and the background softly blurring away:

@cdnscrapbooker @keepingwiththetimes #photography

One of my favourite styles of shooting is “from above”. I think it’s directly related to my scrapbooking roots where everything is carefully laid out across a page:

@cdnscrapbooker @keepingwiththetimes #photography

@cdnscrapbooker @keepingwiththetimes #photography

I love to press flowers, and when I saw how well these two Queen Anne’s Lace were preserved, I had to create a layout! I layered handmade paper on top of the flower press, added the Queen Anne’s Lace, a ribbon and the wing nuts from the press. Then I photographed it and added the script in Photoshop:

@cdnscrapbooker @keepingwiththetimes #photography

Food is a large part of my photography, and I love to explore many different styles. A huge trend right now is to create moody, desaturated vignettes. For these images, I set my scene close to a window, taking advantage of the beautiful side-light which creates a wonderful play of light and shadow. I used Lightroom presets by Kim Klassen to achieve the moody looks you see here:

@cdnscrapbooker @keepingwiththetimes #photography

@cdnscrapbooker @keepingwiththetimes #photography

@cdnscrapbooker @keepingwiththetimes #photography

The best advice I can give about photography is to do what you love! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a DSLR, a point and shoot, or a phone. Beautiful art can be achieved using any of these cameras, as demonstrated by the following images taken with an iPhone 5:

@cdnscrapbooker @keepingwiththetimes #photography

@cdnscrapbooker @keepingwiththetimes #photography

To see more of my work, please visit me at Keeping With the Times.com

Well, Barb, we definitely want to see more of your work! Your photography is breathtaking!




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  1. Connie Nichol Reply

    Wow, Barb, these photos are just stunning!!! Thanks for the inspiration and for guest blogging for CSM!!! Talk about eye candy…..

  2. Liette Hudson Reply

    Just love your photography. I am currently taking a leisure photography course and working hard at not going back automatic. Scrapbooking and photography compliments each other. Looking forward on your future blogs. Yes definitely eye candy…….

  3. Thank you Connie and Liette, for your kind words! and yes, scrapbooking and photography definitely go together!

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