Today’s blog post is brought to you by a group of wonderful scrapbookers from the East coast.  Several times a year, Deidre Edison Clarke organizes a crop retreat in Springdale, Newfoundland.  Last year they took on our Double the Fun sketch and last weekend, they worked their magic with the October Sketch.

A big big thank you and shout out to Michelle Marks who attended the retreat and invited everyone to join in the fun, taking photos of the layouts and emailing them to us.  We love you Michelle!

Here is the October sketch:

@kellycreates @cdnscrapbooker #scrapbooking #creativememories #fall #brotherscanncut #scanncut #pumpkin

@cdnscrapbooker #scrapbooking #sketch
Designed by Michelle Marks
@cdnscrapbooker #scrapbooking #sketch
Designed by Shirley Burke
@cdnscrapbooker #scrapbooking #sketch
Designed by Rhea Skomorowski
@cdnscrapbooker #scrapbooking #sketch
Designed by Joanne Kelly
@cdnscrapbooker #scrapbooking #sketch
Designed by Jen Thoms
@cdnscrapbooker #scrapbooking #sketch
Designed by Elaine Beck
@cdnscrapbooker #scrapbooking #sketch
Designed by Diane Roswell

WOW! Aren’t these layouts fabulous? Thank you so much everyone for participating in our Sketchy Challenge!

We hope to see all of your layouts in our Sketchy Gallery…click HERE to head over there and be inspired!


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    Rhea Skomorowski Reply

    Thanks for sharing us, it was a fabulous weekend 🙂

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    Michelle Marks Reply

    awww…you are welcome Canadian Scrapbooker! We had tons of fun doing it!