WINNER UPDATE – Congratulations to Laural Martin – this weeks lucky winner!


YABADABADOOOOOO its Wednesday! Time for a GIVEAWAY!

This week the wonderful people over at Creative Memories are giving away their Original Border Maker System along with 3 Cartridges! YAHOOOO

This prize could be yours!!!!! (cardstock not included – cartridges may be different)

Creative Memories Border Maker System

To enter to win this prize package

1. Visit Creative Memories on Facebook – CLICK HERE – post hello from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine under one of their existing posts not as a message.

2. Leave a comment right here under this blog post.

You have until Friday Nov 20th at midnight to enter to win!

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Avatar
    Janet Cobb Reply

    I would love to win! I have never tried this and winning would be a great way to try something new!

  2. Avatar
    Rochelle Winter Reply

    I would love to win something like this. It would allow me to add dimension to the scrapbooks I make for children who have had their wishes granted.

  3. Avatar
    Donna Rudy Reply

    Oh the places my projects could go with this border maker system……oh the possibilities! Thank you for the chance to win!

  4. Avatar

    Love C.M. I’ve seen this boarder maker at work and it is one of the greatest tools for boarder making…

  5. Avatar
    Carolyn Johnson Reply

    This looks like a really fun tool. Thanks for a chance to win.

  6. Avatar
    Meagan Anthony Reply

    Thanks for the chance to win! These border makers would be perfect for adding that extra bit of detail to my pages! Love them 🙂

  7. Avatar
    Chris Carlson Reply

    Love using boarder makers on my cards. Thank for the chance.

  8. Avatar
    Gramma Dee Reply

    Wow! Have always loved CM tools, and still use some of the originals. Would LOVE to get a start on this new border system.

  9. Avatar
    arlene ellicott Reply

    Love that Creative Memories is back. Love these punches.

  10. Avatar
    Rebecca Yahrling Reply

    Who doesn’t love border punches?! This is awesome and I thank both CSM and CM for this generous giveaway!

  11. Avatar
    Glenda Thorne Reply

    Something new! YAHOO!Always looking for a unique way to spruce up cards and layoits and these punchs would certainly do the trick. Thanks CM and CSM.

  12. Avatar

    I’ve always loved CM’s products. Couldn’t wait to see them back in Canada! I have their border system and it works great! Would like to win these new cartridges!

  13. Avatar

    I went to their Facebook page and didn’t see where to comment or say hello I didn’t do that but I did like the page!

  14. Avatar

    What a great prize – and something I don’t have and have never tried! Always room for more craft supplies!

  15. Avatar

    CM is what got me started on my scrapbooking passion. Would love to win the package from CM.
    Thanks CM and CS for an amazing prize!

  16. Avatar

    I’ve been wanting this system for a long time, would love to win it! CM and CS rock!

  17. Avatar

    Nice prize! CM has stood the test of time and keeps bringing out more and more timeless creative must-haves. I soooo want the film strip punch 🙂 Thx for chance to win.

  18. Avatar

    These look very intriguing. I would love to win this to try it out. It looks so versatile. Thank you for the chance to win!

  19. Avatar
    Amanda McFadden Reply

    I’ve tried these border punches before and love them!!! Thanks for the chance to have my own set!!!

  20. Avatar
    Tegan Shaw Reply

    Would love to win these lovelies. It would be a great addition to all my scrapbook goodies.

  21. Avatar

    these will make great borders for my greeting cards.
    Looks simple to use.

  22. Avatar
    Divya Jami Reply

    Very excited and eager to win this giveaway…these border makers are really awesome…thanks for the oppurtunity to win this..Hope to win…:-)

  23. Avatar
    Pamela maclean Reply

    Very nice, would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  24. Avatar

    Would love to win this border maker system for my Christmas cards and scrapbooking projects!

  25. Avatar
    Debbie Siddle Reply

    What a super prize! I would love to win. Thanks for the chance to and fingers crossed…x

  26. Avatar
    Heather Halliday Reply

    Looks so cool! Can think of tons of ways to use these!

  27. Avatar

    What an amazing prize! I would love to try these out! Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Avatar
    Valerie Dionne Reply

    I would love to win this prize! I love CM products! Thanks!

  29. Avatar

    Love Creative Memories products! Such great quality. What a great giveaway. Count me in please!

  30. Avatar

    A nice addition I have a few of the borders but not the ones shown here thanks

  31. Avatar
    Carla Hundley Reply

    I have used these
    before and it’s a
    great system.
    Carla from Utah

  32. Avatar
    Danelle Lux Reply

    Yeah another thing to add to my Christmas list!! Thanks for the great prizes as usual

  33. Avatar

    Tried leaving a HELLO on Creative Memories Facebook site (after I ‘liked’ them), so not sure what I do now?! These punches look so interesting and will be fun to use!

  34. Avatar

    I have visited Creative Memories website and I am very interested in trying this border system. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  35. Avatar

    Love to win. What a great early Christmas gift, I’d even to good and put it under the tree…

  36. Avatar

    Love your magazine. Wait patiently for it everytime a new one is published….keep up the great work!

  37. Avatar
    Jan Hester Reply

    Love this product and used a friends. Before I could proceed, CM wait away. They are back but slow recovery from an accident takes me away from scrapping. I buy your magazine to keep my inspiration alive and hope one day I’ll be able to continue. Would be great to have some new product help me along the way.

  38. Avatar

    i would love to win some border punches. What a great prize!!!

  39. Avatar
    Sandi Weaver Reply

    What a terrific prize this would be to win! Thank you for this opportunity!

  40. Avatar

    Eeeekkkk! !!, I LOVE this border maker system. Would love to win!

  41. Avatar
    Debbie Fagnant Reply

    I so missed out on getting this system before would love to all it to my collection. thanks for the opportunity

  42. Avatar
    Gertie Boven Reply

    Just liked Creative Memories…so glad to see that Creative Memories is back and we are able to enjoy thier products again!!!!!! This would be an awesome prize to win…thanks for giving me a chance to win…

  43. Avatar
    Roxie Griffith Reply

    I stopped by and told them Hello. I would love to win some Creative Memories!

  44. Avatar
    Mickey Drake Reply

    This would be a great asset to my crafting room! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  45. Avatar
    Laura Webber Reply

    I have tried the border sets before and would love to win! Would be a great Christmas just for me 😉

  46. Avatar
    Debby MacLean Reply

    I love Creative Memories – Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  47. Avatar
    Megan Woytowich Reply

    I would love to win some creative memories! Thanks for a chance to win

  48. Avatar
    Brenda Bassett Reply

    Awesome prize…would love to have these…could do so much with them

  49. Avatar
    Jan Monforton Reply

    I am so glad Creative Memories is back! I would love to win these.

  50. Avatar
    Catherine Guimont Reply

    Would love to win this prize. I love CM and Canadian Scropbooker Magazine.

  51. Avatar

    This system is the best! So easy to use and you get a great end result! I’d love to win!

  52. Avatar
    Elaine McDonald Reply

    that would be a wonderful prize to win… creative memories products

  53. Avatar
    Donna Krause Reply

    This is awesome, Creative Memories is the best for scrapbooking!

  54. Avatar
    Laura Papercuts Reply

    wonderful wonderful wonderful! :)Has a week gone by already, wow.

  55. Avatar
    Linda Douglas Reply

    This would be absolutely wonderful to win. Would be so thankful.

  56. Avatar
    Karen Fleck Reply

    Wow. What an awesome prize this would be to win. Already getting ideas of where I’d use this first.

  57. Avatar

    Love this border tool! Have been considering buying it for year byt too expensive! would love to win it!

  58. Avatar
    Sheri Loatwall Reply

    What a fabulous prize. I would love to play with these!

  59. Avatar

    This would be awesome to win and add to my crafting supply Great Give Away

  60. Avatar

    I love the borders. I have never tried Creative Memories punches.

  61. Avatar
    Kathy Gautreau Reply

    Thanks for introducing me to this company!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their punches!!!! Awesome prize!!!

  62. Avatar
    Pearl Supernault Reply

    Pick me, pick me! I would love to win! Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂

  63. Avatar

    What a wonderful giveaway! This would be an awesome addition to my craft room!

  64. Avatar
    Nancie Anderson Reply

    Hope to win this awesome system, my BFF has it and shares, but would love to have my own.

  65. Avatar
    Lorna Sampson Reply

    Love this system! Would give it a really good home if I won it!

  66. Avatar
    Leana Hodge Reply

    Love the CM border maker system! Would love the new cartridges.

  67. Avatar

    Creative memory was the first items I bought that got me hooked, glad to see them back …also would luv to win this prize, thanks for the chance..

  68. Avatar
    Sara Hewitt Reply

    I love that CM is back in Canada! Tried out the border maker system at Creativ Festival. It was fast and easy to use. Would love to win and use it again!

  69. Avatar

    I would love this awesome prize, Creative Memories was how Scrapbooking became the glimmer in my eye. Now I scrapbook, make cards and other paper crafts. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity

  70. Avatar
    Regina Furman Reply

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance.

  71. Avatar

    Such a fun prize this Win It Wednesday! This Creative Memories Border Maker System would be awesome to use! Thanks for the chance to win it! And thanks to Creative Memories for sponsor this prize… Good Luck to all! 🙂

  72. Avatar
    Celia Benedict Reply

    Would love to have my own,I’ve shared with a my BFF for years, but she lives 70 kms away! A border maker just is so easy to use and decorates any style page!

  73. Avatar
    Kim Veevers Reply

    Would love this tool for creating cards and scrapbooking
    Thank you for the opportunity to Win

  74. Avatar

    Wow, this looks like an amazing would make a beautiful addition to my limited border punches. Thanks for the opportunity.

  75. Avatar

    I missed Creative Memories – glad they are back. Would love to add to my border making!!! Thank you.

  76. Avatar
    Robin Buchholz Reply

    I love Creative Memories products! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  77. Avatar

    Saw someone using this at your crop in Winnipeg. Would love, love, love one!!!

  78. Avatar
    Evelyn McLachlan Reply

    What an amazing tool! Would certainly help in scrapping my trip to Germany!

  79. Avatar
    Lillian McGowan Reply

    I started my scrapbooking with CM, the border maker is awesome, would love to one.!!

  80. Avatar
    Georgina C. Reply

    Yes please, I’ve always wanted one of these 🙂 So many cool crafts to make with this border maker!

  81. Avatar
    Clara Krassman Reply

    Thank you to Creative Memories and Canadian Scrapbooker for the chance to win this gorgeous prize. Would be awesome to making borders.

  82. Avatar
    Jennifer F Reply

    Wow love this! What a great prize! So many different things you can do with a border punch.

  83. Avatar

    I’m in love with this border maker system!!!!! So happy they brought it back with new cartridges

  84. Avatar
    Janet Durant Reply

    What an amazing system. These would make lovely borders for my scrapbook. Love em!

  85. Avatar

    Excited to get a chance to win the CM Border Maker System.
    Your the best, CSB !!

  86. Avatar

    What a terrific and versatile tool…thanks for this opportunity to win!!

  87. Avatar
    Cheryl Quinn Reply

    Oh my goodness I would love to have this. I use borders all the time.

  88. Avatar

    I just started to build my stock of punches and these would not only make a great addition but a great presentation christmas gift!

  89. Avatar

    This would be awesome! Creative Memories has superb products!

  90. Avatar

    I love using borders. I have seen Creative Memories Border system. Very good quality. Would be awesome to win.

  91. Avatar

    I don’t have any patterns like these!, would love to win! I used a know a Creative Memories rep but it has been a while since I have seen her. Will say hello on FB Thanks! Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  92. Avatar

    The Border Maker system is one of the best products available to create stunning borders in minutes. Creative Memories is my go to supplier for all things related to scrapbooking!

  93. Avatar
    Vickie Anderson Reply

    I love this product and would love a chance to win it. Thank you, Vickie

  94. Avatar

    What a fabulous prize, thanks to Creative Memories and Canadian Scrapbooker.

  95. Avatar

    Love love love this idea. This machine is fabulous. Thanks to CM and CSM for the chance to win.

  96. Avatar
    Marlene Freylinger Reply

    What a great prize. I love making borders. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  97. Avatar
    Anita Smit Reply

    How cool it would be to win these amazing products – which incidently are not yet available in South Africa.
    They would make my card and invitation making so much more creative … thank you for the opportunity to be in for a chance to win them…

  98. Avatar

    My friend has one of these and loves. I have used hers a few tines and would love the chance to win it. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  99. Avatar

    This is so exciting! Thanks for a chance to win these
    great looking border punches 🙂

  100. Avatar
    Deb Jennings Reply

    I would love to win this Border maker and the cartridges. I have never seen this before but I am sure that I can find many uses for it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  101. Avatar
    Patti Giles Reply

    Amazing punches. Would love a chance to use them on my layouts.

  102. Avatar

    I am a scrapping tool junky and would love to win this boarder maker. It would be a wonderful addition to my collection of tools and see myself using it often. Would be great to pass on the individual punches I have for one machine with many options
    Thanks for giving all of us followers again another opportunity to win.

  103. Avatar
    Sarina Coffin Reply

    I have 6 little crafty kids and this would be sooooo easy and fun for them to use!! They are not strong enough to use my punches and always drop them trying to get them to work. We would be in crafty heaven with a border system such as this one! Thank you for the opportunity to win such an awesome and easy to use gift! 🙂

  104. Avatar
    Johanne Lacombe Reply

    This is an amazing prize. I would love to try it. Thanks for the chance

  105. Avatar
    marie collins Reply

    this is very cool would help alot in making my scrapbooking pages look wonderful. I would love to win and thank you for the oportunity.

  106. Avatar

    Haven’t seen these tools before. Great way of trying them by winning. Thanks for the opportunity.

  107. Avatar
    gina wojciechowski Reply

    It would be awesome to win this!!!! thanks for the opportunity, you guys are awesome!!!!

  108. Avatar
    Sandy Blackman Reply

    What a lovely prize! It would be a lot of fun to have these in my stash!

  109. Avatar
    Linda Lenz Reply

    I would love to win this package. It would certainly enhance my card making experience. Thank you for giving me a chance to win.

  110. Avatar
    Nanci Dagg Reply

    This looks so awesome to use. Since I list my job I am making cards as gifts so this would really help to amp them up. Thanks for this wonderful contest

  111. Avatar
    Cathy Hutchinson Reply

    Would love to get my hands on some new punches. Thanks for the opportunity!

  112. Avatar

    This weeks prize looks like quite a few hours of great fun. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  113. Avatar
    Christine Lemoine Reply

    Love the border punches, they add so much to pages and cards. Thank for the chance.

  114. Avatar
    Laura Papercuts Reply

    I can’t find my comment, so not sure if it posted correctly. Annnnywaaaaysss…whoohooo, gorgeous punches. 🙂

  115. Avatar
    dawn walsh Reply

    i would love to win this as i havent had a new tool in years

  116. Avatar
    Brenda Drager Reply

    I love the border system and it would be amazing to win. You can never have too many tools! I would also like to suggest more templates for your circle cutting system, I think I have most of them and would love more!

  117. Avatar
    Janet Dorkin Reply

    Thanks again as always for the fabulous giveaways you guys a CSM always have!!!! Love…..♥!!!

  118. Avatar
    Angie Makein-Ashuk Reply

    I love the new border maker. I tried it at a crop last week!! After daughters dental surgery, just can’t afford it 🙁 But I did manage to get a subscription to your magazine at the Scrap Chic crop!! Can’t wait for the first issue!!

  119. Avatar
    Camilla Greene Reply

    Great prize! You can never have enough scrapbooking supplies!!! Thanks!!

  120. Avatar
    Sandy Jacklin Reply

    Border Punches! What a cool idea! Another great contest! <3

  121. Avatar
    Shannon Goodall-George Reply

    Would love to win the border maker system! I love the tools CM has to work with!

  122. Avatar

    Love Creative memories!.. would love to win this 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win

  123. Avatar

    I have never seen this system before, but now that I have I want it!! Thank you guys for having this draw!!

  124. Avatar

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!! thank you for the opportunity, love, love love it.

  125. Avatar
    Cindy Branchaud Reply

    Looks like a toy to have for sure….I hope Santa understands that we all want one….Good Luck everyone…Thanks for giving all of us a chance to win such a beautiful toy…

  126. Avatar
    Lindsay Murphy Reply

    This tool is on my Chtistmas wishlist. Thanks for the great opportunity to win them.

  127. Avatar
    Janet Trim Reply

    This is a wonderful looking prize. I have used Creative Memories products for several years and love the versatility of them. Got my fingers crossed as I would be over themoonwith happiness if I won this prize.

  128. Avatar

    This looks like an amazing tool! Love the cartridges shown, so many options…thanks for the chance to win!!

  129. Avatar

    These look amazing! I would love to scrapbook with these, especially the film strip, how unique. Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  130. Avatar
    Debbie A Smith Reply

    I have always wanted the border system but could never afford it. Thanks for the chance to win. I will even share it with my Mom.

  131. Avatar
    maria zelinski Reply

    I would so love to win this awesome prize. thanks for the chance to win

  132. Avatar
    Valerie Longauer Reply

    I would love to get the CM border maker system! Love it! 🙂

  133. Avatar
    Amy Cooley Reply

    These border punches look fun! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  134. Avatar
    Lianne Pelletier Reply

    Oh how I would love to win this package!!!! I really really need these as I only own one punch!! Fingers crossed!!!

  135. Avatar
    Rhonda Daudet Reply

    HELLO!!Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful prize. I have already thought of the many ways I can put it to use in my scrapbook in and card making crafts!!!

  136. Avatar
    Christina Burritt Reply

    Awesome idea to creating borders! Would love to win one!

  137. Avatar

    I have loved creative memories. I do scrap booking to help me with my severe cumulative PTSD. I am unable to work so I do scrapbooking to lower my anxiety and control my disorder. I would love this item to make my pages beautiful.

  138. Avatar
    Mabel Cole Reply

    I have never won anything in my life ..Thank you for this chance …

  139. Avatar

    Who would not love to win these amazing borders? I know I would and just in time for Christmas. Thanks for the oppportunity.

  140. Avatar

    Wow, now that’s a great border system can’t wait to see all the borders in the future. Thanks for thinking of your readers we value your magazine and your guests. Continuing to follow…8-)

  141. Avatar
    Deb Jennings Reply

    Who could resist making great borders? Not me. I so would like to use this system. Fingers crossed… Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  142. Avatar

    I would love to win this! I love to scrapbook and have a baby on the way so will be doing a lot more of it!

  143. Avatar
    Joy Blundell Reply

    Wow…this would make a lovely early Christmas present for me!

  144. Avatar

    This looks like it would be so much fun to use. Thanks for the chance to win!

  145. Avatar
    Gail Burns Reply

    We miss Creative Memories here in Australia. Just love this border punch system and would love to win it.

  146. Avatar

    I love to scrapbook and this would be great to make borders for my pages…. It would also be a great early Christmas gift. Thanks for the chance to win.

  147. Avatar
    Eryl pearcey Reply

    Fabulous item and never seen those cartridges before, would love to win!

  148. Avatar
    Brenda Ferguson Reply

    CM makes great tools…the Original Border Maker System looks like another one I’d like to add to my collection!

  149. Avatar
    Taryn Mandrusiak Reply

    I would love to try out this border making system. Looks like it’d be a breeze to use and such beautiful results 🙂

  150. Avatar
    Corrie Van Helden Reply

    I have many tools, products, albums, etc. from Creative Memories and know that they have quality products. This is a great prize that could be very useful for scrapbooking as well as card making!

  151. Avatar

    Oh what an awesome giveaway! Perfect for making my greeting cards!

  152. Avatar
    Cathy Levis Reply

    Would live to win this. Have tried this border making system and its great ! You guys are pretty good too !

  153. Avatar

    Good luck everyone at this chance to win such a wonderful prize!

  154. Avatar

    This looks like a very cool system. It was also nice to find out Creative Memories is back!

  155. Avatar
    Elizabeth Simpson Reply

    I’d love to win this diecut border system. I find that diecut borders add so much to mini-albums, cards, and scrapbook pages, and Creative Memories products are high quality and seem to last forever. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize!

  156. Avatar
    Josephine Thompson Reply

    Welcome back Creative memories> I would love to win this prize!

  157. Avatar

    This is an awesome give away, thanks for another wonderful chance to win.

  158. Avatar
    Trudy Wimberley Reply

    This border punching system looks very cool. Would love to win this!

  159. Avatar
    Lisa Green Reply

    I’ve got more than a few project ideas lined up for the holidays … winning this system would make them that much more eye-catching!

  160. Avatar

    What a perfect give away to say “Creative Memories is BACK!!!” All the best to the consultants! 🙂

  161. Avatar
    Krista Taylor Reply

    I love CREATIVE MEMORIES!! So glad it’s back and available in Canada! What a great contest. Thank you Canadian Scrapbook Magazine for being apart of it!

  162. Avatar

    Whish we could have all the products in South Africa….that you guys have overseas…love scrapbooking..but most time …products are not available….

  163. Avatar
    Stephannie Langager Reply

    I would so very much be blessed to win this prize, I’m a web & graphic Designer as well as a Marketing Personal and Handcraft Enterpreneur. I love scrapbooking and cardmaking. Looking forward to Monday when you announce the winner. Thank you for the opportunity to win a great prize.

  164. Avatar
    Susan Burnett Reply

    Thought I’d have a go as love the prize, never win raffles but fingers crossed!

  165. Avatar

    I love these fabulous borders .Thanks so much Creative Memories for the chance to win this awesome prize package. Good luck everyone.

  166. Avatar
    Debbie Goswell Reply

    Great prize.My friend selling creative memories got me into scrapbooking!

  167. Avatar

    Great giveaway Creative Memories! Thanks CS for Why Not Win Wednesday!

  168. Avatar

    Oh I would love to win! Maybe this would help get me back to scrapbooking! I do love it and miss it… But life gets in the way sometimes!

  169. Avatar

    My daughter just started to express an interest in scrap booking with me…this would be a great addition to her upcoming birthday present 🙂 thanks for the chance to win!

  170. Avatar

    Like the punches – great for scrap-booking and even card making.

  171. Avatar
    Bethany Hoskin Reply

    Love the punches! Great giveaway! Had to laugh at the monkey photo on Creative Memories Facebook page – my kids totally give me that smile!

  172. Avatar
    Karen Bell Reply

    I have a lot of Creative Memories from years back, glad to see them back again.

  173. Avatar

    What a great opportunity. Thank you. And happy to see Creative Memories back in action.

  174. Avatar
    janet fleckenstein Reply

    A aone handed scrapper/card maker, even I could use these!

  175. Avatar
    Janet McCormick Reply

    I would love this! So many times I need a nice border and I end up having to pull out my Cricut. This would be so much easier!