Kim Gowdy here with a quick card share! Trying to get my head out of winter; so I’ve had fun creating a card, using this leaf stamp and sentiment stamp from Magenta.

@csmscrapbooker #Magenta

The card kind of reminds me of a tropical destination [NOT on my calendar] and warms my winter heart.

@csmscrapbooker @kdgowdy #sakura #magenta

All of the colour applied to the card was done with Sakura’s CRAY-PAS oil pastels and some yellow was added to the background with Sakura’s Koi watercolor brush pens.

@csmscrapbooker #sakura

The oil pastels were quite fun to play with. They layer and blend so smoothly. I added a few colours and used a piece of paper towel on my finger to blend and kept layering until I was happy…SO EASY. The colors are soft yet vibrant…I look forward to more creative time with them.

Have a CREATIVE day!



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    Elise Mungovan Reply

    Forgot to let you know I visited all these sites and left comments. Done

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    How eazy Peazy was that, Love the look of the crayons Thanks for sharing…