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Let the party begin!

  • Each day for 12 days in a row we will be sharing three prize packages with you.  Leave a message under the blog post for each post in order to be entered for all 36 Prize Packages.
  • Visit the prize sponsor on facebook and say hello from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine or CSM. NOTE do not use the same comment everytime you post on facebook – Facebook thinks you are spam and may block you.
  • Names will be drawn randomly and you can win more than once if you enter  your name under more than one blog post!
  • Winners will be announced on Dec 24th. Just in time for Christmas!

Day#5 of 12 Starts NOW!

Our first prize is  from Simple Stories

“Happy holidays from all of us at Simple Stories!”

  • Document your holiday memories this season with our SN@P! Holiday Binder and Classic Christmas collection – CLICK HERE to see details of the collection.
  • In addition to this wonderful prize, Simple Stories is excited to share some free Classic Christmas printables with you – CLICK HERE


Our second prize is from Art Impressions

These stamps probably bring the most giggles to all who use them!  Images that make you smile and sentiments that make us giggle at life!  Everyone needs more giggles in their lives!


The third prize is from US – YAHOOO! – Creative Scrapbooker Magazine

Creative Scrapbooker Magazine is a technique-rich paper crafting magazine that features scrapbooking, card making, stamping and mixed media projects. With a gorgeous overall design and book-like print quality, each quarterly issue of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine will be cherished as an inspirational resource in your craft room for years. We will be giving one lucky winner a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION!


To enter to win

1. Leave a comment right here under this blog post.

2. Visit Simple Stories on facebook and say HELLO from CSM – CLICK HERE

3. Visit Art Impressions on facebook – say CS sent you  – CLICK HERE

4. Follow Creative Scrapbooker Magazine on You-Tube or Instagram  – CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

Have you entered to win all 12 Days yet? DON’T MISS ONE!

  1. Day#1 – CLICK HERE
  2. Day#2 – CLICK HERE
  3. Day #3 – CLICK HERE
  4. Day #4 – CLICK HERE
  5. Day #5 – This post
  6. Day #6 – CLICK HERE
  7. Day #7 – CLICK HERE
  8. Day 8 – CLICK HERE
  9. Day 9 – CLICK HERE
  10. Day 10 – CLICK HERE
  11. Day 11 – CLICK HERE
  12. Day 12 – CLICK HERE

Merry Christmas and thanks so much for playing along with us!! You have until Dec 23rd midnight to enter to win all 36 prizes!

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Robin Arehart Reply

    I’m loving this CSM contest! Visions of craft prizes dancing in my head. 🙂

  2. Day 5 and the prizes are so wonderful .Despite the cold weather , these prizes would warm up any paper crafter’s space.

  3. Melanie Kuzik Reply

    I am excited to check out the new day with you and see the new daily prizes. Thank you for the chance to win

  4. It’s a winter wonderland here a great time to scrapbook with all these wonderful gifts. Thank you.

  5. Judy Ayala Reply

    Love simple stories. Anytime I see their products I buy them.

  6. Linda Zabierowsky Reply

    Another awesome package. Tyvm for the chance to win! So many great gifts!

  7. Sharon Lyman Reply

    I would love all the ideas I could get from a subscription to Creative Scrapbooker!

  8. Birgit Sam Reply

    This is a great idea; a new way to get ideas on projects and perhaps win a great prize!
    Thank you!

  9. Love this Day 5 prize selection! Thank you for this contest! That is so much fun!?

  10. Another fun collection of prizes. Thanks for such a fun giveaway. It has been quite exciting to check everyday to see what new prizes you have for us!

  11. Heather Stratton Reply

    Oh wow! More super prizes! What a great thing to wake up to on a Friday morning!

  12. Louise Luoma Reply

    What awesome prizes, could use all these. Thank you for the opportunity to win

  13. Nathalie Ouellet Reply

    Fantastic! Love seeing what you guys have to offer every day! Fingers crossed

  14. Chrystiane Bisson Reply

    Please please let me win :)… these products are awesome !

  15. Wow. More great prizes. I would love to win a subscription to your great magazine! Thanks.

  16. Keli Anderson Reply

    Inspiring ideas to keep the creative juices flowing. Thanks for an awesome magazine!

  17. Lisa Graham Reply

    Another great package. The binder looks very interesting, love stamping and love, love, love CSM! A subscription would be well used.

  18. all I want for
    christmas is ???????( I would take anyone of these )

  19. Brenda Kroeker Reply

    It would be wonderful to win, especially if it was a year subscription! Thanks for all the fun with your 12 days of giving!

  20. Alzira Armas Reply

    Thank you for the chance to win these, love Simple Stories and Art Impressions

  21. Marielle LeBlanc Reply

    These are beautiful prizes !
    Thanks for the chance to win them.
    Happy Holidays to all !

  22. Carolyn Mendoza Reply

    Wow! These giveaways are amazing! I would love to win any of them! I’m so excited and I’m wishing everyone good luck & Merry Christmas!!

    Thank you so much creative Scrapbooker magazine for the twelve days of giving! You guys are going to make many people super happy this Holiday season. Good luck everyone.

  23. Bryanna Pelletier Reply

    My subscription has expired – sure would love to win the 1 year subscription. ?

  24. Ruth Stephen Reply

    Would love to win one of these great prizes
    thanks – Merry Christmas

  25. Bev Tucker Reply

    Day 5. Haven’t used instagram before but I’m signed up now! looks like I’ll be doing a little following!

  26. Becca Yahrling Reply

    Thank you for the 12 Days of Holiday Giving and so many chances to win such beautiful products.

  27. We’re I to win, I’d gift some and keep one for myself 🙂 TIA

  28. Elaine McDonald Reply

    Prizes are so great….visited the sponsors. ..thank you

  29. Sweet package! Honestly, Christmas is my favourite time of the year and being able to scrapbook it during other times of the year allows my heart to be full and the giving to continue all year round!

  30. Mena Filipe Reply

    These are great prizes to win. Would luv any of these. Thx CSM!

  31. Kathy Marentette Reply

    Completed Day 5! Thank you so much Creative Scrapbooker

  32. Lovely prize package. Enjoying these opportunities before Christmas.

  33. Wonderful prizes!! Merry Christmas and thanks for this awesome opportunity to win!

  34. Cathy Frailey Reply

    It’s beginning to look a lot like a Christmas giveaway – I love coming back every day!

  35. barb macaskill Reply

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO! I would LOVE a one year subscription to your magazine! The SS Snap binders are among my absolute favorites and anything AI is awesome in my book! Love left and have a great day!!

  36. Fantastic prizes! Love the Carpe Diem planner video showing what’s included in the package. 🙂

  37. barb macaskill Reply

    Forgot to add that I am already a youtube (barb macaskill) and IG (meemawof3) follower!

  38. Tracie Mayert Reply

    Seriously such awesome prizes! CSM and the sponsors rock!!

  39. Darlynn Carter Reply

    Merry Christmas. Awesome prizes, especially your magazine which I would love to win!

  40. Tara McCarthy Reply

    Another great day! Who wouldn’t want to to win any of these prizes?

  41. Wow! What an amazing contest! Happy 12 Days of Giving, Merry Christmas and all the best to you in 2017!!!

  42. Shirley Lowe Reply

    CSM is the best. When I receive it -it’s a tea, curl up on the sofa and read front to back kind of day. Day 5. Awesome prizes

  43. Sandra Tucker Reply

    Great gifts, love Simple Stories and the stamps are super cute. And of course you guys are the greatest. Thanks for the chance

  44. Bonnie Kwasny Reply

    Another day of great prizes would love to win any of them

  45. Joanne Glasbergen Reply

    Love that you are doing this. I just signed up for a 2 year subscription cuz I want you to come in my mailbox! Love you magazine!

  46. We are lucky scrappers that CSM cares enough to give us these chances to win these great prize packages from wonderful giving sponsors. Thank you Ps love the printables from Simple stories.

  47. Baunita McFadyen Reply

    Great products yet again. Love my CSM subscription and all its creativity. Could make good use of all these products!

  48. Veronica Roske Reply

    Thank you for another great package, it would be great to have your magazine with all the great ideas and information.

  49. Chris Dumont Reply

    Happy day 5! Wonderful prizes again. Especially the subscription!

  50. inga klaus Reply

    Good morning ! Thank you gain for this contest every christmas. It inspires me and makes me smile!

  51. Deb Jennings Reply

    Day Five is done.spent way too much time on AI website and now I am running way behind. Thanks for such a good time.

  52. Eva Peterson Reply

    Again you’re killing us with these awesome prizes! I agree with Deb Jennings comments, its a good distraction 😉 Counting down!

  53. Sherry Bisek Reply

    Love the gift pack from Simple Stories!! I would love to have any of the prizes.

  54. OMGoodness, LOVE simple stories and LOVE your magazine!! I sure hope I win this day 🙂 thanks for the chance to win!

  55. Jessi Brown Reply

    I didn’t know about your magazine until now and now I’m following. I love simple stories and would love to win this giveaway! Thanks!

  56. Sandy Lewis Reply

    Ooh – love all of these! I finally subscribed to my first scrapbooking magazine in years and I love it. Merry Christmas to all of you!

  57. I love this collection, would love to scrap my 2016 holiday using it.

  58. Pauline Welsh Reply

    Thank You for this fantastic prize and the chance to win!!

  59. Liz Dickie Reply

    Amazing prizes C S. Merry Christmas from cold snowy Cape Breton.

  60. alessandra cavalieri Reply

    Awesome giveaway!!! Thanks to the sponsors!Thank you for another chance to win!

  61. Jena Baker Reply

    Thank you so much for the chance to win a “few of my favorite things”.

  62. More wonderful products being donated for prizes. Keep ‘m coming! Lol???

  63. Cheryl McGarva Reply

    What can I say? Awesome, totally cool, wonderful,etc.,etc‼️ Such neat products as giveaways, Thank you for sponsoring this contest???

  64. Cheryl Schuessler Reply

    More fabulous prizes and scrappy inspiration! Thank you sponsors and CSM!

  65. Brittany Vinyard Reply

    These are so awesome, thank you again for this chance!♥

  66. Jennifer Reynard Reply

    Simple Stories makes some of the best collections ever!! THanks for the chance to win some of these wonderful giveaways today!

  67. krista french Reply

    love to follow you on utube. Always lots of fun. Great prizes thanks for the chance

  68. Karen Waldner Reply

    Thanks for the change to win, another day of fun prizes.

  69. Twila Young Reply

    Is it just me, or is everyone getting more excited with each prize reveal?

  70. Johanne Lacombe Reply

    Thank you for another great day. Thanks for the chance.

  71. Love the simple stories snap collection. And the Christmas line.

  72. Connie Paton Reply

    CSM is the best and these prizes and all the prizes are spectacular thank you and Merry Christmas

  73. Theresa corbe Reply

    I always wanted to try one of the albums that are like this. It is sweet that all the supplies come with it. No thinking!!

  74. So fun to follow along with your giveaways, awesome prizes!!! ????

  75. The perfect magazine to read over the holiday season!!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win CSM!!

  76. Krystal Kay Reply

    I’m excited to enter in every day! Thanks for this gift! Happy Holidays!!

  77. Every day has been amazing with amazing sponsor prizes! Thank you so much for all the hard work pulling this giftaway together.

    Hoping I’m lucky (Dec 17 is my bday :D)

    Good luck to all!!!


  78. Tina Yeoman-Dale Reply

    Wow! Day 4 is full is amazing prizes! On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me-a beautiful Christmas scrapbooking kit, rubber stamps & a subscription to Creative Scrapbooker!

  79. Agatha Wiebe Reply

    I love all of today’s prizes but I think my favorite one is the one year subscription to CSM! Thanks again for the chance to win! 🙂

  80. Love this collection! Pick me and all my memories will have a place to stay! Merry Christmas!

  81. super stick chick Reply

    Great prizes from Simple Stories, Ai and your magazine! This will make someone jump for joy.

  82. Glenda Dopking Reply

    Nothing more wonderful than a CSM subscription to keep the juices flowing throughout the year and a chance at all the other stamping and scrapping goodies! I don’t do Instagram but do love to watch the You Tube videos. Thanks so much for all you do.

  83. Karen Bell Reply

    More great prizes from a great magazine! They just keep getting better and better (if that is possible, lol)

  84. I just love Simple Stories!! They are one of my favourite go to’s for creating beautiful albums. The Classic Christmas collection is perfect for this year’s project.

  85. Thank you Simple Stories for sponsoring the #The12DaysofGiving and for the printables!

  86. Lynn Richard Reply

    I would love all the prizes especially the Simple Stories one. It’s such a beautiful collection.
    I already get my CSM at my local store and follow you on Facebook. thank you for the chance to win some scrappy stuff.


    What a wonderful tradition you have going, I look forward to it each year. Thank you thank you for sharing with all of us.

  88. Michelle Feduniak Reply

    You guys are always amazing I look forward to this everyday thanks

  89. Angelica Grosser Reply

    Fantastic day yet again, CreativeScrapbooker ❤️
    Falla-lalla-laaaa ☃️☃️☃️ 12 days of EYECANDY❣️❣️❣️

  90. Tammy Lever Reply

    Another wonderful day of prizes! Can we even say that too often? Your sponsors are just the best! Merry Christmas!

  91. joanne darrell Reply

    Now that I a subscribed to the YOUTUBE channel I can learn more tips.

  92. Christine Melnyk Reply

    OMG yes! What a great prize. I would be thrilled to win this.

  93. Sheree Delaney Reply

    Love the Simple Stories Collection.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. Another great set of prizes! You are really outdoing yourselves, wow! Thank you for being so generous and for giving us so many chances to win!

    Sammibug in Ohio

  95. Yet another day of awesome prizes! I would love to extend my subscription or win ! Thanks!

  96. Nancie Anderson Reply

    I look for this giveaway everyday, thanks for the chance. Love

  97. Mary Holshouser Reply

    Love the Art Impressions stamps.
    Would love to win that prize.
    the Simple Stories is a great
    collection too.
    Your magazine gives me lots of
    ideas for my cards.
    thanks for the chance to win

  98. Helene Monette Reply

    I just love your magazine and wish we could get it once a month !

    I hope I win. Thanks for the giveaway

  99. mary nelson Reply

    Amazing companies and giveaways! So incredibly generous! Merry Christmas to all!

  100. Art impressions is my all time favorite stamp company! excited for that one! Love simple stories and of course CSM is my favorite magazine EVER! Great prizes!

  101. Nadine Ballantyne Reply

    Love Simple Stories!! Thanks for the link to free printables!

  102. Ulla Hyttinen Reply

    I love Simple Stories. Thank you for the chance to win your beautiful stuff to preserv our holiday memories.

  103. Stacey moss Reply

    Heart palpitations at the thought of winning a one year subscription oh my! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  104. Love all this scrapbook in goodness! Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. Done for day 5 …now waiting for more awesome giveaways in day 6 !

  106. Jan Monforton Reply

    What fun this is playing along each day…a scrapbook/cardmakers dream….all these great prizes!

  107. Love this prize pack. Again, a great day of prizes, thanks for a chance to win

  108. oh oh . . . Think I forgot about this yesterday – hope that doesn’t put me on Santa’s bad list. I want to win!

  109. Connie hall Reply

    Happy Holidays! Popping in to say Hi. Thanks for this awesome chance to win. Prizes look great.

  110. Heather Suttie Reply

    So look forward to checking your blog ever day to see what the new prizes are. Thanks for the 12 Days of Christmas

  111. Chantale Groulx Reply

    I do subscribe to your magazine and eat it all up! There are step by step instructions, product information, tips and tricks, inspiration galore from across our great land. Love it! It would be fab to win any goody so that I could create more memories to keep.

  112. Linda Sullivan Reply

    I would love to win this AWESOME giveaway. I love to scrapbook, take photos and stamping. It is such a relaxing hobby for me. Thanks for the chance!!

  113. heather Wehrli Reply

    Absolutely LOVE Simple Stories, and I would also love to win a years subscription to your magazine. Thank you for the opportunity to win these amazing prizes.

  114. Gertie Boven Reply

    Sweet prize package!!! I’ve wanted to use Simple Stories products for a while now would be a great time to start!!! Lol Art impressions stamps are so fun… Love them

  115. Kim Matthews Reply

    Love this magazine!!! Your 12 days are putting me in the mood to scrapbook….who am I kidding, I’m always in the mood to scrap lol!

  116. Carmen Lalande Reply

    Wow great prize packages! Thank you for the chance to win!

  117. Julie Crawford Reply

    Love Simple Stories, this would make a great gift to me for Christmas shopped for everyone else. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  118. I can’t wait for Christmas! Everyone have a safe and merry christmas!

  119. Barb Schmidt Reply

    Another day, another awesome giveaway… Fingers crossed…..Merry Christmas.

  120. Deanna Wood Reply

    Another wonderful selection of prizes. Thank you for letting us have a chance to win.

  121. Cathy Miller Reply

    Happy Holidays, I love the Simple Stories Classic Christmas line! Hope you are listening Santa!

  122. Happy Holidays! Love reading Canadian Scrapbooker! Sure would be great to win one of these fabulous prizes. Thanks for letting me participate.

  123. I love Simple Stories! I have all their collections – always love the colors and themes. They are perfect for scrap booking & card making!

  124. Valerie Breingan Reply

    Well I see the prizes just keep getting better.AWESOME.

  125. Sue Jacobson Reply

    This is one of my favs!! Working with it now scrappin’ my trip to Europe!

  126. Joyce Parks Reply

    What a beautiful prize pack..any of these prizes are very helpful to the card/scrapbooker. Well done!

  127. Shelley Schubert Reply

    It’s just gets better and better! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of these fantastic prizes!

  128. Linda Oatway Reply

    Oh My Gosh!! I don’t know if I can take anymore of these wonderful prize packages!! But Please keep them coming LOL!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. Kathy Swords Reply

    Simple stories for Christmas AND a subscription, wow I hope I win.

  130. susan hatfield Reply

    I am a big Art Impression fan, they have some really funny stamps! And I have been buying Simple Stories collections for making mini albums for years. They are great too! Thanks to all of you!

  131. Trudy Bihlmeyer Reply

    I love albums. I’m a cardmaker trying to fall into albums!

  132. Tammy Kearley Reply

    Awesome prize!Hope to win! Love reading getting new ideas out of your magazines!

  133. Laura Gauthier Reply

    wow! I definitely would not be complaining with any of these prizes! they are fabulous!

  134. Adele Wasden Reply

    Thanks for having this contest. Such great prizes to have the chance to win.

  135. Denise Bryant Reply

    Woohoo! Happy Holidays, and thank you for your awesome giveaways!

  136. Thanks for the chance to win such great prizes! Love you Creative Scrapbooker!

  137. Christina Koenig Reply

    Oh my goodness. Another day of wonderful gifts. Any one of them would be wonderful.

  138. Beatrice Lawson Reply

    I love SS!!! I hoard all their collections, and they always come out with more goodness! Thanks CS!

  139. TracyM #6773 Reply

    THANK YOU for the chance to win bundles of CRAFTY AWESOMENESS and CREATIVE INSPIRATION 🙂

  140. Ann Davies Reply

    Hey, I love what you’re doing for the comp, it’s great! You have a fantastic magazine as well. Thanks for all your work.

  141. Cherrie Vrabel Reply

    Wow – what an amazing Prize Package!!I am a huge SS fan!! Merry Christmas!!

  142. This contest has been fun! Thanks for sponsoring such great products. CSM – you are doing a great job! Thank you so much ?

  143. Tami O'Grady Reply

    Wow, more awesome prizes! Thank-you for offering this opportunity to win…and Simple Stories is a favorite!!

  144. Shari McLaughlin Reply

    Love all of the articles in your wonderful magazine!!

  145. Oh how I would love to win that album kit!! Bright, happy, festive!

  146. Janet Anstice Reply

    Any one prize would be a wonderful prize to win. Merry Christmas

  147. Nice now I can keep track of ideas from CS on you tube thanks

  148. Gramma Dee Reply

    more great prizes! That SS pkg looks fun. Who wouldn’t want some Ai stamps or a crisp new CS mag in the mailbox each quarter?

  149. Thanks. I keep finding so many companies with products I like through these giveaways.

  150. Robin Hanning Reply

    Hello again! I can’t wait to see if I won any of these days. If not, at least I visited pages I haven’t been on in a while and added new pages.

  151. D'Arcy Evans Reply

    Love the videos on Youtube. Always something new to learn.

  152. Would love to win some great prizes but if I don’t it’s a nice dream anyway.

  153. Colleen Fisher Reply

    More super giveaways! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win some great products!!!

  154. Thank you for encouraging my love of all things pretty, I love your give aways!

  155. I’d love to add a few more of your magazines to my craft room. I can’t seem to part with any of them.

  156. Janet Lebeau Reply

    Wow what an amazing bunch of goodies!! Off to leave them love!!

  157. Paula Santana Reply

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Simple stories…albums in a flash ??

  158. Jeannie Brown Reply

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! More great prizes and sponsors!

  159. Kathy Gautreau Reply

    Another fine day of prizes.. Makes me want to sit in my craftroom all day and play!!!

  160. I love that you are just creating all this fun for us! I love to see the prizes each day so I can add them to my wish list. So much fun. TFS!

  161. Heather Parry Reply

    Wonderful prizes again today. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  162. oh the stories I could tell & record with this collection – classic tales of elf mischief mayhem from a family of 12!

  163. Saundra Fitzgerald Reply

    Just winning the Creative Scrapbooker magazine would be grand!!

  164. Judith Naylor Reply

    I was never into scrapbooking – more of a cardmaker, really – but then I had a grandson. Your magazine has provided lots of inspiration for my new hobby. Thanks!

  165. Love the fun of taking part in the 12 days of giving. Wonderful suppliers and thanks CMS for coordinating

  166. Mary Pat Randall Reply

    Wow! What a win this would be!!!! Love, love, love Simple Stories and really want the subscription to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine! I’m sure the Art Impressions are nice goodies too. Winning these would be a wonderful Christmas present!!! Please Santa!

  167. Courtney Jones Reply

    This is such an awesome idea and really showcases different products!

  168. Lynn Dellinger Reply

    Awesome prizes again today! 🙂 I’m hoping for your fabulous magazines!Thank you for these fun giveaways! 🙂

  169. Love, Love, Love Simple
    Stories ! Art Impressions Wow.. and would love to have print copies of magazine extended for another year for free

  170. Janet Dorkin Reply

    Done, done and double done! Decided to follow both the YouTube and Instagram! ❤️

  171. Patricia Davis Reply

    This is so fun and such great give aways. I hope you pick me for one of them! Happy Holidays!

  172. What great products you are showing. Definitely need to try them.

    Merry Christmas

  173. Julie A. Shearer Reply

    Wow…. these prizes are amazing!!! Thanks to all of the sponsors

  174. Kim Street Reply

    3 great prizes today. Just so you know, I’m on You Tube under Mad Gladys. It’s a mistake that happened long ago and I haven’t been able to change it. Merry Christmas. 🙂

  175. Love your magazine! All these gifts have been great, I’m crossing my fingers.

  176. Karren Hill Reply

    More wonderful prizes. Love Creative Scrapbooker, even getting use to the new name.
    Happy Holidays

  177. Laurie Black Reply

    Great prizes, Happy Holidays and thanks for the chance to win

  178. Scrapeando hasta los domingos Reply

    Enamorada me teneis con tanta maravilla.

  179. Great prizes and such fun this holiday season! One more thing to look forward to.

  180. Keri Postma Reply

    Everyday just gets better and better! We are all are getting spoiled rotten!! Thanks so much!

  181. Darlene Manzanares Reply

    I’m sure I’m on the nice list
    Can I please be a winner?
    Thank you so much!

  182. Glenda J Hofland Reply

    Would love to have a free subscription for a year. Just found you on Facebook and being a beginner scrapbooker a free subscription would be a nice Christmas present.

  183. Happy Holidays and good luck to everyone. Lots of great prizes to win on day six.

  184. Janet McGibbon Reply

    Oh great gifts, sure could use all of them with my little group I belong to!

  185. Irene Freeman Reply

    Thanks for offering your magazine as a prize. I need to renew so would love to win this.

  186. Maureen Ellis Reply

    Thanks so much for these giveaways and the chance to win!

  187. Carole Hogervorst Reply

    Merry Christmas to all at CSM – wishing you a holiday of laughter and lots of hugs – – love the prize – hope I win.

  188. On the fifth day of Christmas, our CS gave away
    simply great mags,
    stickers and scissors,
    scrapbooking goodies,
    drawing supplies,
    and dies, stamps, and adhesives.

  189. Melitta Ball Reply

    Another day of fun prizes and inspiration! Thanks so much for making this ‘contest’ so much fun!

  190. Debbie Fall Reply

    I love Art Impression stamps! Own many if the girlfriend stamps and use them a lot!

  191. So many wonderful crafty goodies! Thanks so much for the chance to win them. The winners will have the merriest Christmas ever!

  192. Arianna Barbara Reply

    Another day of amazing chance to win awesome prizes!!!
    I follow your YT channel as Arianna Barbara and your IG account as raggiodiluc3

  193. Laura Gauthier Turcotte Reply

    Loving the prizes—definitely not disappointing! 🙂

  194. Lorraine Wheeler Reply

    Would love these prizes. This is like waiting for Santa!

  195. D McFarlan Reply

    Who can fail to happy this holiday season with all these great prizes, creative inspirations, and the collaboration and support between all these companies.

  196. What’s better than “5 Golden Rings”? Your prize packages <3

  197. Yippee!! Yet another fabulous prize!! Thank you so very much!! So overjoyed!!

    Merry Christmas!?


  198. Alice Henderson Reply

    found the link, but its not on the main page for Day #5, see above.
    thanks for the great prizes.