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Let the party begin!

  • Each day for 12 days in a row we will be sharing three prize packages with you.  Leave a message under the blog post for each post in order to be entered for all 36 Prize Packages.
  • Visit the prize sponsor on facebook and say hello from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine or CSM. NOTE do not use the same comment everytime you post on facebook – Facebook thinks you are spam and may block you.
  • Names will be drawn randomly and you can win more than once if you enter  your name under more than one blog post!
  • Winners will be announced on Dec 24th. Just in time for Christmas!

Day#7 of 12 Starts NOW!

Our first prize is  from ScrapShotz

ScrapShotz will be sending one luck winner a Mini Misti!

MISTI’s simple hinge design provides consistent stamping for the novice or experienced crafter. This tool will accommodate both the red rubber cling mount stamps or clear stamp. Use the two included magnets to quickly and easily position your cardstock, and the included grid paper makes it easy for you to layout and align your card’s design.. Your MISTI is an investment you will treasure and enjoy, while saving you time and money while you make professional looking cards that reflect your creativity. Great for those who have arthritis as well!


Our second prize is from Shop the Hound

This is an amazing backup tool for your photos and Shop the Hound is giving it to one lucky winner!

Not an ordinary USB jump drive because when you plug it in all you have to do is tell it to search for your photos and then it will back them up. So easy to use. The next time you go to backup your photos it will only back up the new ones.

Holds up to 8,000* photos

*ESTIMATE – based on an average size of 1 MB per picture


The third prize is from Magenta

Magenta’s prize package includes an assortment of beautiful stencils, along with some cling foam holiday themed stamps. Everyone needs a Christmas stocking stamp!


To enter to win

1. Leave a comment right here under this blog post.

2. Visit ScrapShotz on facebook and say HELLO from CSM – CLICK HERE

3. Visit Shop the Hound on facebook – say CS sent you  – CLICK HERE

4. Visit Magenta on facebook and say happy holidays from CSM  – CLICK HERE

Have you entered to win all 12 Days yet? DON’T MISS ONE!

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Merry Christmas and thanks so much for playing along with us!! You have until Dec 23rd midnight to enter to win all 36 prizes!

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Day 7 and the prizes are heaven ! Thank you for organizing this contest.

  2. Once again you amaze me! The picture keeper looks incredible! Thank you for organizing these 12 Days.

  3. Robin Arehart Reply

    This is like being a kid and giving Santa my wish list! 🙂

  4. So keeping my fingers crossed that I win this giveaway. Have wanted a Misti in the worst way! The USB from Shop The Hound – I’m sure it would be full the second I insert it lol! Gorgeous Magenta stamps…such a super giveaway. Thanks CSM & sponsors!

  5. Valerie Breingan Reply

    OMGOSH CS I’ve never heard of these companies either,thank you ,thank you.I love seeing new companies.Fantastic sponsors.

  6. This is a great contest! I learned something new today from Shop the Hound. Thanks!

  7. barb macaskill Reply

    All three of these are awesome prizes! I am most excited for the Magenta goodies! 🙂

  8. D McFarlan Reply

    You have the most wonderful prizes, and introduce me to many new companies. ( not sure my husband appreciates the later.)

  9. Wow. Would love to win these awesome products. The picture keeper sound wonderful. Would love to try it.

  10. Heather Stratton Reply

    So great waking up to these great prizes! Thanks CSM for so many chances to win!

  11. Wow- another amazing day of giveaways! I could use the Picture Keeper! I was just telling my son I needed a new back up. Thank you to the generous sponsors. I left them some love on fb!

  12. Another great day of prizes! Thanks for the chance. Love that picture keeper. Did not know they had those.

  13. Twila Young Reply

    I’ve heard rave reviews about the Misti but I’ve resisted the urge to buy it….so far.

  14. Liz Dickie Reply

    Oh my!! You have done it again C S. What a selection. I am so eying that Misti! Thanks again for the chance.

  15. Pauline Clark Reply

    Woooo….love today’s prizes! How awesome for someone to win!

  16. Annette Anderson Reply

    A very merry Christmas to everyone and good luck to all the winners!

  17. Keri Postma Reply

    Everything one could want for Christmas! Love all these products so useful to have in your scrapbook collection!

  18. A mini misty would be divine! Help my images keep a shine! Please o please, make this mine! Thank you!

  19. Amazing prizes for giving away. Love them all and you too for doing this.

  20. Angelica Grosser Reply

    Yes everybody DO need a christmasstockingstamp ☺️? And a mini misti would be sooo perfect in my mini craftcroom ?
    Thank you so much for the chance to win, U guys rock!!
    Love from Sweden ❤️

  21. each day there is always something I would love to win no exception today. A big shout out to all the companies for making scrapping and card making just a little be easier Is the new magazine out yet because I sure am loving the cover photo?

  22. Margaret Leepart Reply

    There’s alot of great giveaways!
    Yes, especially the Misti…..I just love watching you tube videos about this tool, it’s so cool!

  23. Wow.. the prizes just keep getting better and better. Thank you again for the chance to win

  24. I’m thinking that every day you have something I’ve never seen or a sponsor I haven’t heard of…I don’t get out much! These are amazing! Going to say Hi to them!

  25. Today has some really unique prizes. What a great prize to win!

  26. Ann Davies Reply

    More they still keep coming, such Fantastic Prizes, Thanks again!

  27. Linda Tupper Reply

    WoW..Such great prizes! Thank you CSM for and chance to win and a big thank you to the sponsors! Merry Christmas

  28. Connie Hall Reply

    Popping in to see what fabulous prizes are here today. Thanks for the opportunity and Happy Holidays!

  29. Another day and another 3 great sponsors! I was just a hour drive from home and they had a Barnes and Noble so I had to stop so I could get a CSM! YEAH!!!!! I don’t get them as often as I like since the closest to me is a hour away! Keep up the outstanding work!

  30. Bryanna Pelletier Reply

    Awesome prizes today – love the memory stick – never seen that before.

  31. Maureen Bosch Reply

    The prizes are fabulous and I did it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  32. MORE!!!!! Awesome gifts !!!! Who couldn’t use everyone of these ??

  33. Done again for another day ..now to wait and see what’s in store for day 8 !

  34. Cathy Frailey Reply

    I don’t know how much more of this eye candy I can take! ?

  35. Christine Couper Reply

    All I can say is Wow! Just when I think it can’t get any better!

  36. Thank you CSM you have some more amazing products for prizes today! 🙂

  37. Lois Lemkay Reply

    A friend has a mini misti. I would love to have one as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  38. Jacqueline Reply

    Wow. I would love any of these prizes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Arianna Barbara Reply

    OMG!!!! Crossing my fingers for the Mini Misti! It’s in my wishlist!!!! I hope to be the lucky winner of this amazing tool!!!! All the other Sponsors and prizes are stunning too!!!

  40. Christina Koenig Reply

    Thanks for another great day of prizes. Any one of them would be a great addition to my scrappin’ room.

  41. Nona Aikins Reply

    Yes, amazing, it just keeps getting better by the day ! Thankyou!

  42. Awesome prizes today!I look forward to seeing all the new products and finding new companies with this giveaway each day.

  43. Tracie Mayert Reply

    Another awesome day! Someone is going to be spoiled 🙂

  44. Thank you Jackie and all the wonderful staff at CSM for 12 Days of Giving. Also a big thanks to all the sponsors!

  45. Beatrice Lawson Reply

    Be still my beating heart – a mini Misti! I’d love to keep my fingers crossed but then who would do the baking:-) Here’s hoping!

  46. Veronica Roske Reply

    What another great set of packages, have my eye on the Misti for awhile. Merry Christmas to all!

  47. Thank you for giving us the opportunity for these fabulous giveaways.

  48. Amazing! thank you for organizing this so much fun to take part

  49. Amazing! thank you for organizing this so much fun to take part in the 12 days. CSM you rock!

  50. Sandra MacInnis Reply

    thanks for the opportunity to enter such and awesome contest.Good luck everyone.

  51. Ohhhh! I would Love to win the Mini Misti! That’s on my Christmas wish list! Thank you for all of your fabulous giveaways! Merry Christmas!

  52. Adele Wasden Reply

    Such wonderful prizes thanks for the chance again to win something so special!

  53. Denise Trent Reply

    Awesome prizes again today! Thank you for the chance to win.

  54. ? another day of amazing prizes! thanks CS for the chance to win ! ?

  55. Donna Carter Reply

    Great prizes again!! It’s so nice seeing so many companies joining in!! Thank you!

  56. Baunita McFadyen Reply

    Great prizes again! So need a Misti and photo backup for my craft room. And I love Magenta products. I was very fortunate to take classes taught by the owner in Montreal-great lady.

  57. Sandy Blackman Reply

    Thank you Creative Scrapbooker Magazine, these prizes are just amazing.

  58. I thanks CSM for organizing the twelve days of Christmas the sponsors are so generous. Good luck everyone.

  59. Cheryl McGarva Reply

    I would love to win the magenta stencils- awesome for winter projects❣ Yes that is a BIG hint!!! Lol……….

  60. Linda Zabierowsky Reply

    OH! A Misty!!!Yeah! Awesome! And storage backup….OH HO HO HOOOO… another fine day of Christmas! Thank you!!

  61. Deb Jennings Reply

    Can’t believe we are at Day 7 all ready! I guess time does fly when you are having fun. Needless to say, Day 7 is done and dusted. Thanks for the fun

  62. Oh how awesome! This year has been tough financially and it’s so kind to us a chance to have some Christmas cheer. I pray everyone is sheltered and clothed this year and that 2017 bring joy and prosperity to those in need! Thank you!


  63. Elise Maskell Reply

    The mini mist tool and picture perfect seem to be must haves. 🙂

  64. Janet Berg Reply

    Thank you for the chance to win all the great prizes! This is exciting.

  65. Love all of the awesome sponsors for your 12 Days of Giving! Stamping tool is number 1 on my Christmas list!

  66. Anne Schellenberg Reply

    Wow, another day of wonderful prizes!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these great prizes!!

  67. I chose to purchase the larger MISTI get product
    I forget to look for scrapbooking in Canada on line as that is most convinent way for me to shop thanks CS for the reminder

  68. Tina Yeoman-Dale Reply

    On the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me-another day of three fabulous prize packs!

  69. Today’s prizes had me saying, “Oh wow, I NEED that!” Thanks CSM!

  70. Karen Bell Reply

    Thanks for the chance to get more wonderful prizes! Would love to win any of these great items.

  71. Carolyn Gammel Reply

    Thank you for such a great contest and the chance to win

  72. Melitta Ball Reply

    How generous these sponsors are and such great products they have offered! Isn’t MISTI amazing!?! Who doesn’t need to backup their photos!?! And would it be Christmas without a little Momenta in your cards & scrapbooks?!? Thanks so much for all the work you do to bring us this fantastic promotion every year!

  73. Susan Stanish Reply

    Day #7 — would love to win — these prizes are just WOW

  74. Agnes Chabun Reply

    Merry Christmas to all your gifts are beautiful it would be great to win

  75. Shari McLaughlin Reply

    Another day of fantastic prizes to be won! Thank you for this opportunity!

  76. Janet McGibbon Reply

    Wow, what great prizes are being offered.
    Thanks goes out to the many who have donated prizes.
    Love them alll

  77. Jennifet I Reply

    Thanks to all the sponsors! Such a nice assortment of prizes.

  78. Bonnie Vanderheyden Reply

    Such a great contest, thank you for putting together all of these sponsors and their products! Just bought the December issue of CSM, always a beautiful magazine

  79. Alice Henderson Reply

    wow, great prizes, thanks CSM and good luck to everyone.

  80. Darlynn Carter Reply

    Again, thank you for all the generosity from the sponsors. Merry Christmas!

  81. A Misti is on my wish list…! Thanks for the opportunity to win all these lovely prizes!

  82. Julie Buzanko Reply

    Days are just flying by now, thanks for tbe wonderful contest!

  83. Kathy Marentette Reply

    These new products will be so much fun to learn and use!

  84. I would be blessed to win any of these prizes! Thank you CSM for an awesome Day 7!

  85. Tammy Lever Reply

    Thank you for another wonderful day of prizes from your fabulous sponsors!

  86. M Greenlund Reply

    Day 7!! Amazing prizes once again! Would love to own a mini MISTI! And of course I’m sure I have over 8000 photos where I could certainly make use of the second prize listed above! And could always use more Christmas stencils and stamps!!

  87. Sarah ranother amazingolland Reply

    Wow another day of good nice products to win, very nice comes in handy to add to my craft stash.

  88. Lisa Graham Reply

    I love stamping and an easy and secure way to back up photos would be so nice. Great prize!

  89. I’ve heard about Misti – would love to win and try it first hand! Awesome prizes, yet again!! Thanks for the chance!

  90. Rose Stannell Reply

    Oh what awesome prizes. Picture Keeper is going on my wish list.

  91. Darlene Smith Reply

    Wow another amazing day of giveaways. Thank you so much CSM1

  92. Mary Holshouser Reply

    More great prizes.
    Can’t wait to see the winners names.
    Hopefully mine will be on one of
    the prizes – so many great ones
    that it would be hard to be
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  93. Kelly Roth Reply

    Awesome prizes thank you!!would be thrilled to win any of these

  94. Mary Pat Randall Reply

    Wow! Fabulous prizes today! I really need the Mini MISTI. Like that you noted that it’s great for people with arthritis. The Picture Keeper is something I desperately need. Love the feature of saving your new photos instead of all of them every time I save pics. Magenta’s prize package is just plain fun. My goal for 2017 is to play with stencils. Thanks for wonderful giveaway!

  95. Oh, oh, oh! Would love a mini Misti! Or some stencils. Or a chance to not lose my photos (I’m paranoid about that). What great prizes!

  96. Chrystiane Bisson Reply

    Keeping my fingers crossed … I so want to win something … everything is so so nice !

  97. Both the Misti and the photo keeper are high on my wish list and I love Magenta products so I would be thrilled to win any of these prizes.

  98. Linda Gosselin Reply

    I want them all! O.k. I won’t be greedy. But that mini Misti sure would be a nice gift! Good luck everyone!

  99. Oh wow! This is such an amazing contest!! Thank you so much for introducing these great products! Have a magical Christmas!

  100. Irene Freeman Reply

    Sure could use these products. Thanks for offering them.

  101. Becca Yahrling Reply

    Wow, great prizes! Every day. I really could use that mini Misti – keeping my fingers crossed (for any one of these beautiful prizes).

  102. Awesome prizes! Iv eheard so much about the Misti! Would love to have one to try but, then, I’d be happy with any of these prizes! Thank you for the opportunity!

    Sammibug in Ohio

  103. Shelley Schubert Reply

    More fabulous prizes! Thanks so much for the chance to win. Happy Holidays to all the staff at Creative Scrapbooker Magazine. 🙂

  104. Heather Suttie Reply

    I am in awe of the awesome products and sponsors for the 12 Days of Giving. Thank you for this contest.

  105. Joy Huttenburg Reply

    You get such great prizes from these companies. Unbelievable.

  106. Beth Anne Thomas Reply

    Ooooh…I could put all of these prizes to very good use!

  107. susan hatfield Reply

    Merry Christmas to all! Let’s have a big round of applause for Creative Scrapbooker and all the wonderful companies!

  108. Robin Mowat Reply

    I should be wrapping presents but I get lost in time when I visit these sites. LOL Merry Christmas!

  109. michele gauthier Reply

    Fun to see the prizes everyday… Love it.. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…

  110. awesome prizes once again and a misti! – i really want a misti lol. thx for the chance!

  111. I can’t even tell you how long the MISTI has been on my wish list and it unfortunately keeps getting bumped down! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one and all of the other amazing prizes!

  112. Adri Myburgh Reply

    Once again awesome price to WIN!! Hope Santa CSM will visit my door. Happy Holidays!!

  113. Barb Schmidt Reply

    Keep the goodies coming…. I’m overdue to win something?

  114. laurie kimble Reply

    What wonderful prizes you have! Merry Christmas and thanks for the opportunities to win.

  115. I would happily accept any of these as a prize especially the Mini Misti. Thanks

  116. Merry Christmas and thanks for the opportunity to win the package. Lots of great stuff!!!

  117. Sharon DeHaan Reply

    What awesome packages to win. I hope I’m lucky enough!

  118. Scrappin' Diva - Cindy B Reply

    So many great prizes! Thank you to all the sponsors!

  119. Joyce Parks Reply

    Oh my oh my is all I feel I can say!! More wonderful prizes.

  120. Nancy Sandager Reply

    The photo backup sounds amazing! As does everything else of course!

  121. Nancie Anderson Reply

    Cannot decide which day I want to win, all awesome prizes

  122. Eva Peterson Reply

    This would be so awesome to help align my stamps! So many useful and helpful art supplies!

  123. Evie Wysocki Reply

    Fantastic prizes again. How I would love the mini misti! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  124. Linda Zombori Reply

    This would solve my picture storage problems!!! Thanks for this awesome opportunity to win this fantastic prize!!

  125. Linda Neely Reply

    I literally gasped when I saw the MISTI! Picture Keeper would be so useful, and I really like the stencils & stamps. If it wasn’t so late, I’d be tempted to get some creative on!

  126. Never any shortage to the cool stuff you guys can get your hands on!

  127. Debra Buchanan Reply

    This contest is so much fun and the prizes a fantastic! Thanks

  128. Sandi Lange Reply

    Some very interesting prizes today. Thank you and Merry Christmas

  129. Three great prizes. Each would be awesome to win. Happy Holidays to all!

  130. Thank you CSM for this wonderful opportunity to win such fabulous prizes. 🙂

  131. Lots of great prizes to win, especially the Picture Keeper. Thanks, CSM!

  132. Carolyn Hartwig Reply

    Can’t wait to see my name by one of the prizes. 😉

  133. Denise Bryant Reply

    This is an awesome day for prizes! Fabulous… fingers crossed!

  134. Bozena andersen Reply

    Thank you for the chance to win all of these prizes. I hope I entered correctly! I hope I win. I sure could use some inspiration. ?

  135. TracyM #6773 Reply

    FABULOUS prizes, perfect stamping, stencilling and then storing the pics of our creations!
    THANK YOU for the chance to win 🙂

  136. Cindy Larden Reply

    I’m loving the diversity of all these products. Thanks again!

  137. Angelica Grosser Reply

    Again, wow!! Thank you for the joy this brings every day, Im sure alot of us feels the same! Amazing prizes, so generous!
    Happy Holidays! ❤️

  138. I am familiar with the first two products, but was not familiar with their FB pages. Liked them all so I can continue to get information from them. Thank you again for the opportunity to win, and especially for all the great exposure you are providing to these great products.

  139. Mary-Anne V Reply

    Wonderful and generous prizes..glad to hear of 2 new products to me.

  140. So much fun, I cannot wait for the announcements. I’m really getting excited now.whoop whoop

  141. Judy Ayala Reply

    Thanks for the change to win great products from some wonderful sponsors. Merry Christmas everyone.

  142. Jo Anne Baraniuk Reply

    It’s my birthday! What a great present these gifts would be?

  143. Bryanna Pelletier Reply

    Love the fabulous prizes – thanks for the chance to win.

  144. Cindy Matias Reply

    All I want for Christmas is todays gift package. It is truly wonderful!

  145. Keli Anderson Reply

    I love the picture keeper. A must!! These gifts really broaden the craft mind.

  146. Tara McCarthy Reply

    I’m so proud of myself for keeping up this year! Absolutely loving all of the prizes.

  147. The prizes are awesome! I would love to play with the Mini Misti! Thanks for the chance to win!

  148. Christine Garcia Reply

    Awesome prizes! Because of the arthritis in my hands stamping has been put aside but I think with the Mini Misti I could continue stamping beautifully. Merry Christmas!
    Hugs Christine

  149. Laurie Jones Reply

    OMG OMG! today is my fav! I have been wanting the mini misti so bad!!

  150. Cherelyn Morris Reply

    Love this time of year and the opportunity to win some great prizes.Thank you!

  151. Maryanne Blahey Reply

    Love all the prizes. Thanks CSM for a chance to win these awesome prizes.

  152. Haven’t heard of some of the sponsors. Great way to get introduced to them.

  153. Merry Christmas to one and all at CSM, thanks for these great chances to win any number of fabulous giveaways!

  154. Sherry Bisek Reply

    I would love to win one of these great prizes. Thank you for giving these away.

  155. Shaz Horton Reply

    Lovely prizes. Love the sound of the picture keeper, what a brilliant idea

  156. Mary Beth Rann Reply

    Oh my! More great prizes. This is almost better than Christmas morning as a kid.

  157. heather Wehrli Reply

    I’ve been looking for the picture keeper as I had seen it awhile ago and couldn’t remember where so happy to re discover it. Thank you to all the sponsors for the amazing prizes – would love the picture keeper as my pictures are all over the place …

  158. Maureen Ellis Reply

    Again some great prizes! Thank you for the chance to win!

  159. germaine fryc Reply

    Thanks so much for aspiring so many to cherish their moments and for giving us such wonderful gifts too!

  160. Betty Boutilier Reply

    Being a card maker this Mini Misti would be awesome ti win. This picture keeper tool would help with all my photos . Magenta’s prize pkg looks like so much fun. Thanks to all the amazing sponsors for all the prizes.
    Merry Christmas

  161. Kim Street Reply

    One line I know and have their products. The other two, I did not know about. I really like how we get introduced to new lines, whether we win or not. Thanks for that 🙂

  162. How is it possible that these prizes are so great after so many days. Whoever wins will never have the time to get to use them all before next Christmas

  163. Tami O'Grady Reply

    Oh my goodness, I have been wanting a Misti for ever!! I hope I win!! Thank-you for the opportunity.

  164. Jan Monforton Reply

    Wow, lots more great goodies. Misti…what can I say!! Anyone would love to win it! Love magenta, great products and company to deal with. The picture keeper looks like an awesome tool for any crafter.

  165. Jaimi Bailey Reply

    I’ve really been wanting to try the MISTI — Thanks for the chance to win the Mini!

  166. OMG!! I need need need a Mini Misti!! What a bundle of great prizes…and a fun 12 days of giving! Thanks for the chance to win

  167. Brenda Selanders Reply

    What generous companies. Any gift would be a treasure. Thanks.

  168. Would love love love the misti. Heard wonderful things about it

  169. Shannon Wills Reply

    What great prizes! Thanks for the opportunity to win and Merry Christmas!

  170. Julie Brunet Reply

    Super prize to win … thank you for the chance to win!!!

  171. What great prizes again today. I have been wanting a Stamping tool for ages! I would so love to win a mini Misti. The number of messed up images I make is embarassing.

  172. Jenny van Westrop Reply

    Merry Christmas,
    thank you for the holiday giveaway!

  173. Lindsay Skelly Reply

    Another great day of prizes! My fingers are crossed 🙂

  174. Would love any of the prizes offered. So very generous of your sponsors.

  175. Joanne Glasbergen Reply

    All you gals are fantastic. That’s alot of amazing prizes for 12 days. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  176. Nancy Kyle Reply

    Spoiling us rotten, the prizes are awesome.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  177. Absolutely fantasic prizes!! I have always wanted to get a Misti and who doesn’t need a back up for their photos. Thanks for the chance to win.

  178. Marlene F. Reply

    What lovely prizes. Thank you to the sponsors and Creative Scrapbooker magazine for running the contests. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  179. Carolyn Mendoza Reply

    So Exciting!! This 12 days of giveaways is awesome. Thank you so much for doing it and allowing me to participate! Good luck everyone!