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Let the party begin!

  • Each day for 12 days in a row we will be sharing three prize packages with you.  Leave a message under the blog post for each post in order to be entered for all 36 Prize Packages.
  • Visit the prize sponsor on facebook and say hello from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine or CSM. NOTE do not use the same comment everytime you post on facebook – Facebook thinks you are spam and may block you.
  • Names will be drawn randomly and you can win more than once if you enter  your name under more than one blog post!
  • Winners will be announced on Dec 24th. Just in time for Christmas!

Day#11 of 12 Starts NOW!

Our first prize is  from The Crafter’s Workshop

The Crafter’s Worshop is truly one stop shopping for all your stencil needs. The styles and designs are so diverse and simply stunning!  Look at this incredible collection – I hope you find it in your mailbox!


Our second prize is from Stampin’ Up!

Stampin’ Up! makes scrapbooking and stamping so easy with their perfectly created products! This prize package includes


The third prize is from May Arts Ribbon

Check out this beautiful display of metallic ribbon from May Arts Ribbon! Perfect for everything crafty! This prize includes complete rolls of all you see here!


To enter to win

1. Leave a comment right here under this blog post.

2. Visit The Crafter’s Workshop on facebook and say HELLO from CSM – CLICK HERE

3. Visit Stampin’ Up! on facebook – say CS sent you  – CLICK HERE

4. Visit May Arts Ribbon on facebook and say happy holidays from CSM  – CLICK HERE


Have you entered to win all 12 Days yet? DON’T MISS ONE!

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  8. Day #8 – CLICK HERE
  9. Day #9 – CLICK HERE
  10. Day#10 – CLICK HERE
  11. Day #11 – This post
  12. Day 12 – CLICK HERE

Merry Christmas and thanks so much for playing along with us!! You have until Dec 23rd midnight to enter to win all 36 prizes!

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Avatar

    Thanks for the chance to enter at a chance to win these amazing prizes. Merry Christmas!

  2. Avatar
    Robin Arehart Reply

    Closing in on the end. Thank you for such a wonderful contest! CSM and sponsors ROCK!!!!

  3. Avatar

    Thank you, CSM! Thanks to all the sponsors! You rule our holidays! 🙂

  4. Avatar
    Sandra Trent Reply

    Love, love Crafters Workshop stencils and Stampin Up and the ribbons look super. Would love to win. Thanks

  5. Avatar

    Day 11 and the prizes are “heaven” . Thanks for these great giveaways !

  6. Avatar
    Sondra Myers Reply

    Love CSM! Thanks for finding me in the store at Joanns the other day!! I was looking for a magazine and happened to see this one lonely magazine of its kind. Was in awe of it when I opened it! Thank you again!!

  7. Avatar

    2 of 3 are new to me again today. Liked on all the FB pages. Looking forward to getting some new products that you have introduced me to through this contest. Thank you once again CSM.

  8. Avatar
    Elaine McDonald Reply

    Visited the sponsors and they are awesome. ….thank you for such a wonderful giveaway

  9. Avatar

    I really can’t wait….. I love everything it is such cool prizes

  10. Avatar

    Once again, thank you for such a wonderful collection of Prizes and Happy Holidays to you all.

  11. Avatar
    Michele Baird Reply

    Wow I know I have said it before but this is wonderful linking up with new vendors and Ideas.

  12. Avatar
    Krista mccaughey Reply

    I love them all! Can’t wait to see who all the lucky winners are

  13. Avatar
    Judith Naylor Reply

    Each day just gets better and better! What a fun holiday contest!

  14. Avatar
    Chrystiane Bisson Reply

    Wishing real hard … the days is almost here 🙂 BTW love that you make us discover so many nice products and web sites / Facebook sites 🙂

  15. Avatar
    Lois Lemkay Reply

    I have never tried using stencils so this would be a good way to start. I have tried Stampin Up products

  16. Avatar
    Martine M. Reply

    Thanks CSM for organizing this contest and thanks to the companies for such great prizes!

  17. Avatar

    Thanks for introducing us to so many new products!! Good luck to all and thank you CSM and the sponsors! Truly grateful!

  18. Avatar
    Louise Luoma Reply

    All the prizes have been fabulous, hope I am one of the lucky ones

  19. Avatar
    Tammy Lever Reply

    so sad that we are coming up on the end but wow! Another great day of prizes! Some of my faves! Thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas!

  20. Avatar
    Donna Bowmer Reply

    Love Stampin Up. I have the best rep too. Merry Christmas to all.

  21. Avatar
    Donna Bowmer Reply

    Love Stampin Up. They have such creative ideas. I have the best rep too. Merry Christmas to all.

  22. Avatar

    Day 11 already….My how time flies when you are having fun. The Crafter’s Workshop have the best stencils, can never have enough. And Stampin’ UP! well they have the best of everything, then we can wrap it all up with May Arts Ribbon.

  23. Avatar

    Craft fun! I enjoy spending time in my craft room! It’s relaxing! Merry Christmas everyone

  24. Avatar

    OMG! Another day of beautiful prizes by amazing sponsors! Thank you for putting this on! ?

  25. Avatar
    Glenda J Hofland Reply

    Stencils, Stampin Up and ribbon, I love them all. These are great prizes. Merry Christmas to all.

  26. Avatar

    I can’t believe it’s almost over!:( Thank you for the fun giveaways! Thank you for the chance to win! 🙂

  27. Avatar
    Judy Ayala Reply

    Thank you CSM, these products are really nice. Good luck everyone.

  28. Avatar

    Drool, gasp, pick jaw up off the floor. CSM these are amazing prize packages.

  29. Avatar

    I just hate for this 12 Days of Giving to end! It’s been so much fun to visit all the sites and see all the wonderful products that are offered. Merry, merry, and a happy ho, ho, ho to all!

  30. Avatar
    Tami O'Grady Reply

    Oh wow, love the ribbon! Thanks to CSM and all their sponsors for this wonderful opportunity!

  31. Avatar

    Can’t believe it’s the penultimate day of the contest!! This has been wonderful. Thank you for all the opportunities to win but also introducing us to some amazing suppliers, companies and individuals. CSM rocks!!

  32. Avatar
    Bonnie Kwasny Reply

    We have had 12 days of fantastic prizes. It would be very nice to win, anyone of them Thanks for all the wonderful chances we all have. I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and maybe some very happy people

  33. Avatar
    Mary Karas Reply

    Beautiful products. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  34. Avatar
    joanne darrell Reply

    Stencils are not something I have used in scrapbooking before but it looks interesting.

  35. Avatar
    Chris Dumont Reply

    Thanks for the fun of this. More wonderful prizes! will hope and dream not of sugarplums but of stencils and paper and ink and glimmer and embellished and adhesive and, and, and….

  36. Avatar
    Linda Zabierowsky Reply

    One more day to go, until the big revel! Thank you so much for ALL you did to make this happen! Such excitement!

  37. Avatar
    Marianne Gonzales Reply

    It’s been such a fun week. Lot’s of new friends.

  38. Avatar

    Only one more day left…thank you CSM and all the wonderful companies that share great gifts!

  39. Avatar
    Angelica Grosser Reply

    Gosh, You guys!!! FANTASTIC day today aswell! Thoose stencils.. yum!! ❤️
    Thank you for a great giveaway day 11!

  40. Avatar
    Donna Carter Reply

    Such gorgeous prizes again and new to me sites!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  41. Avatar
    Jacqueline Reply

    Three more wonderful prizes. Thanks to the sponsors for the chance to win.

  42. Avatar
    Linda Gosselin Reply

    Thank you Creative Scrapbook and all your fabulous sponsors. The prizes this year have been wonderful and generous. Best of luck to everyone! Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

  43. Avatar
    barb macaskill Reply

    WOW!! So many pretty ribbons from May Arts and the stencils are pretty awesome too! Another day of amazing prizes!! Thank you for the chance to win them!!
    Left all three sponsors some love on FB!! Merry Christmas!

  44. Avatar
    Bryanna Pelletier Reply

    Another great day of prizes – ?. Thank you for the chance to win

  45. Avatar

    Wow! Fun checking out all the fabulous prizes during the 12 days of giving! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  46. Avatar
    Karen McKay Reply

    Thanks so much for the amazing prize packages, excellent sponsors! Merry Christmas to all! ?

  47. Avatar

    With today’s prizes, a person could make a scrapbook without any need for anything else except glue or tape!

  48. Avatar
    Arianna Barbara Reply

    Happy Holidays to everyone!!! Thank you for this amazing chance to win!!!

  49. Avatar
    Elizabeth Prinzen Reply

    Day 10 and the prizes keep coming. Thanks again for the opportunity to win!

  50. Avatar
    inga klaus Reply

    you guys are not supposed to make me drool on my keyboard ….everyday is pack full of smiles!

  51. Avatar
    Valerie Breingan Reply

    I must say,I’ve had the most fun waking up to this every day.I’ve seen some new companies with sensational products and I’m so blessed to take part in such fun.For all this ,I thank you CSM.It wouldn’t have been possible without your hard work.Merry Christmas.

  52. Avatar
    Ann Davies Reply

    I really Hope You all have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!1

  53. Avatar

    I have not used stencils before and this looks like an awesome sampler to try!

  54. Avatar
    Joy Huttenburg Reply

    Another beautiful prize package. Enough to combine card making and/or scrapbooking projects.

  55. Avatar
    Nancie Anderson Reply

    Cannot wait for the last day, it is a prize giveaway that makes me feel like a child again

  56. Avatar
    Pauline Zarlenga Reply

    Day 11 of sharing already… great prizes… thanks CSM

  57. Avatar
    Gertie Boven Reply

    Very pretty prize package today….sweet!!! Thank-you…..

  58. Avatar
    Christine Couper Reply

    Great prize packages – especially love the Crafters Workshop pack!

  59. Avatar
    Connie Hall Reply

    Wow!!! Another Great Day. Fabulous prizes. Thanks for being so giving. Happy Holidays.

  60. Avatar

    Two of my favourites and one I didn’t know about! Thanks for keeping us in the loop of alll things crafty!

  61. Avatar
    Barb Schmidt Reply

    These prizes are so awesome….

    You can never have too many thing that make you happy…. Like crafting supplies….

  62. Avatar
    Kathy Martin Reply

    Great prizes! I love stencils. Thanks for the chance to win.

  63. Avatar

    Thank you yet again for the opportunity to own one of your great prizes!

  64. Avatar
    Tracie Mayert Reply

    Yay! I love love love ribbon! Getting super excited 🙂

  65. Avatar
    Veronica Roske Reply

    All of the packages are so impressive, plus I found so many other suppliers that I have not heard of before. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  66. Avatar
    Charlotte Brochu Reply

    Loving this prize package! THanks so much to all the sponsors and to you for hosting!

  67. Avatar
    Cindy Matias Reply

    These are some hot gifts today. Those ribbons are stunning!

  68. Avatar
    Cheryl McGarva Reply

    Almost to the end of the contest-sigh- I have so enjoyed seeing all the prizes, going to the different, diverse sites, writing comments! I feel like I am involved with one ,big happy family of crafters‼️ Happy Christmas one and all✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  69. Avatar
    Linda Tanso Reply

    I would love to win any of the giveaways. Each day has such great items. Thank you for giving us the chance.

  70. Avatar
    Chantale Groulx Reply

    WOW. What a great host of companies. Can’t wait till tomorrow!

  71. Avatar
    Christina Koenig Reply

    Wow! Another great day of gifts/prizes. Thanks for being the highlight of each morning. Makes me happy every day.

  72. Avatar
    Sarah Lagace Reply

    So exciting to see all the different products and companies I’ve never heard of. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Thanks you!

  73. Avatar
    Tanya Napier Reply

    Oh my goodness! I love these prizes today! I would love any of them. Thanks for the chance!

  74. Avatar
    Cheryl Schuessler Reply

    Great prizes from awesome companies. Thank you sponsors and CSM for the chance to win!

  75. Avatar
    Nathalie Ouellet Reply

    Excited for the opportunity to win one of these great gifts

  76. Avatar
    Evelyn Brydon Reply

    Another prize that would bring with it hours of creative fun! Love it!

  77. Avatar
    Baunita McFadyen Reply

    How wonderful it would be to be the owner of these amazing products! Your sponsors are awesome.

  78. Avatar

    12 days of giving just keeps getting better. Thanks for all the fun.

  79. Avatar

    Oh my gosh! They just keep getting better! So excited for the 24th 🙂

  80. Avatar
    Christine Cuthbert Reply

    Every day such great prizes….I am getting so excited.

  81. Avatar
    Tammy Kearley Reply

    Wowers! ? Another great day of prizes!halt holidays to you all ??❄⛄?

  82. Avatar
    Sheri Loatwall Reply

    This is so much fun to see the prizes each day. I feel like a kid at Christmas!! LOL! Merry Christmas!

  83. Avatar

    Great sponsors today! Scary thing is, I think I already own everything these companies make… lol

  84. Avatar
    karla ferbey Reply

    Wow love the ribbon, would be a good addition to my ribbon box

  85. Avatar
    Cheryl Layton Reply

    Almost sad to see we are getting close to the 12th day. I have learned about some great new products along the way.

  86. Avatar

    Merry Christmas what fun this has been thank you for the great inspiration

  87. Avatar
    Adri Myburgh Reply

    Absolutely amazing! and great generous giveaways from these wonderful companies. I am getting so excited, stencils and ribbon are amazing! Season’s greetings!

  88. Avatar
    Ann Marie H Reply

    Sadly only one more day of amazing prizes . Good luck to everyone.

  89. Avatar
    Kathy Marentette Reply

    So excited about reaching Day 11, cannot wait to see what is coming on Day 12.
    Thank you!

  90. Avatar

    I love stencils! Thank you for offering such great prizes! I wish everyone good luck!

  91. Avatar
    Mary Holshouser Reply

    Some great sponsors.
    I’m a demonstrator for SU.
    I use a lot of May Arts ribbons.
    Crafter’s Workshop is new – I’m
    getting into stenciling so I
    need their gift.
    thanks for having the giveaway.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  92. Avatar
    Zelda Smith Reply

    Love all the prize packages thanks so much for a chance to win ?

  93. Avatar
    Elise Maskell Reply

    I haven’t used stencils before. It would be a good incentive to start. I used the wreath stamp from stampin’ up , it’s so gorgeous and I wanted to start using mini albums too. Who ever has enough shiny ribbon? It would be great to get more.

  94. Avatar
    Carla Hundley Reply

    Oh no, the end
    is in sight!
    Loving all those
    goodies people
    are going to win!
    Happy Holidays.
    Carla from Utah

  95. Avatar

    these prizes look amazing! thank you for the chance to win ?

  96. Avatar
    Keri Postma Reply

    All these prizes are wonderful!! Would love to win any of these prizes! Thanks so much!

  97. Avatar
    Laura Symons Reply

    Thank you to all who donate these amazing prizes for us to create with 🙂

  98. Avatar
    Deb Jennings Reply

    Day 11– seems we just got started. I want to thank you CSM for constantly putting temptation in my way, making me late every morning ( really it is me not you but a girls got to have someone to blame. And it is only because I find each page fascinating) and in some cases you have made me spend money….Lol. Some friends you are! But in reality it has been fun…

  99. Avatar
    Darlene Smith Reply

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year CSM! Thank you so much for this fun contest.

  100. Avatar

    Love this prize pack! Well truth be told, everyday is spectacular! Thanks again for the chance to win

  101. Avatar
    Ardel Doll Reply

    Thank you CSM for hosting this giveaway and to all those companies donating the amazing prizes!!

  102. Avatar
    Paula Santana Reply

    I can’t believe the end is near. I hope I become a lucky winner ??

  103. Avatar
    Bobbi Silva Reply

    CSM you rock for the wonderful 12 days of Christmas! Thank you Good luck everyone

  104. Avatar

    Thank you CSM and all sponsers. What wonderful products!!! Merry Christmas 🙂

  105. Avatar
    heather Wehrli Reply

    Absolutely love Stampin Up. Thank you for the opportunity to win something for Christmas as we don’t do gifts.

  106. Avatar
    Dana Bennett Reply

    How great! Love these prizes! Merry Christmas! ❤️❤️

  107. Avatar

    Wonderful prizes to be won by some very lucky scrapbookers. Merry Christmas to your team and generous sponsors.

  108. Avatar

    Another three great sponsors. We are so blessed in the papercrafting world to have so many companies to choose our supplies!

  109. Avatar
    Cherelyn Morris Reply

    Im am so excited about all the different prizes.Thank you so much for a chance to win!

  110. Avatar

    So excited about the giveaways! Gratitude for the opportunity to win amazing prizes. Good luck, All!

  111. Avatar
    alessandra cavalieri Reply

    these prizes look amazing! thank you for the chance to win

  112. Avatar
    Sharon Horton Reply

    I look forward to seeing the wonderful selection of prizes each day. Everything crossed that I lucky and get picked for a prize

  113. Avatar
    Connie Paton Reply

    Merry Christmas and good luck to all. Thanks to all the awesome sponsors for great prizes and thanks to CSM for this amazing contest

  114. Avatar

    wow…another amazing prize day! so sad it is almost over… thanks for the chance to win!!

  115. Avatar

    Want to win it all. I see 2017 as a very productive and crafty year.

  116. Avatar
    Beatrice Lawson Reply

    Wow, I love everything today so much! Crafter’s Workshop has gorgeous stencils, and the ribbon is fabulous. Love the Stampin’ Up kit, fingers crossed.

  117. Avatar

    Each day prize packs are just too awesome, keeping my fingers crossed and big thank you to CSM for having this giveaway!

  118. Avatar

    Yes Yes and super YES! I think one can never have too many templates for mixed media and art journaling. I have just discovered pocket letters and that pack lends itself to this craft.

  119. Avatar
    Laura Laforest Reply

    LOVE those faith related stencils…….wonderful prizes, all of them!

  120. Avatar
    Bonnie Lee Reply

    Stencils Oh my and Stamp in up in one …today is a good day

  121. Avatar
    Scrapeando hasta los domingos Reply

    Me encantan todos los regalos que os habeis currado y que suerte que los patrocinadores sean tan generosos. Gracias.

  122. Avatar
    Traci Rasmussen Reply

    Once again, more great prizes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  123. Avatar

    Yes!! Drooling over all those stencils & everyone must have a planner for the New Year! And some lovely festive ribbons to wrap them all up! Thanks for the chance. (Fingers crossed!!)

  124. Avatar
    SALLY PAGE Reply

    So many prizes over the days… is making my head spin….in a nice way!!! Xx

  125. Avatar

    I would especially love to see all those beautiful site files under my Christmas tree. Could use them on scrapbooking cardmarking and with my chalk paint jewelry boxes and so many other wonderful projects! Thanks for the chance to win this and so many other great prizes!!

  126. Avatar

    I love those stencils! I make cards, do scrapbooking and mixed media but my stencil supply is pretty small yet so I would love to win that prize. Of course, Stampin’ Up products are wonderful too and we all use ribbon. Great prizes once again.

  127. Avatar
    Janet McGibbon Reply

    More great prizes again today, would really enjoy using these gifts today

  128. Avatar

    i just love all of these wonderful stencils, thank you so much for the past 11 days and I just cannot imagine what is in store for tomorrow !!

  129. Avatar
    Anne Girard Reply

    So many great prizes! So much stuff to win! You are the best!

  130. Avatar
    Shari McLaughlin Reply

    Thank you for another day of wonderful prizes to be won.

  131. Avatar
    Shelley Schubert Reply

    Thanks again for all these amazing chances to win some fabulous products.

  132. Avatar
    Taryn Mandrusiak Reply

    I love all 3 of these prizes today! Especially the Stampin’ Up! album 🙂

  133. Avatar
    Bonnie Vanderheyden Reply

    It has been so much fun over the last week or so, entering the contest for the day. I actually look forward to going on Facebook for a change! Thank you CSM, and Mery Christmas to you all

  134. Avatar
    Rhea Skomorowski Reply

    Can’t wait to see the lucky winners:) thanks for all the chances to win.

  135. Avatar
    Melody Radovanovics Reply

    hard to believe it is day 11 already, another wonderful day. 🙂

  136. Avatar
    laurie kimble Reply

    only 1 more day This has been a wonderful event great companies, great prizes

  137. Avatar

    Exciting times waiting for the winners to be announced. Such great products and wonderful companies. Thanks CSM for introducing them all to your fans.

  138. Avatar
    Arlene Bonsma Reply

    Those stencils would keep the creative play going for a long time! Thank you for the hence to win.

  139. Avatar
    Cheryl Simmons Reply

    I am sad that the contest is almost over, but looking forward to seeing if I will be lucky enough to win any of these great prizes!

  140. Avatar

    How did I forget to do this?! Christmas crazies are to blame.

  141. Avatar
    Misty Hebert Reply

    CSM you are so awesome! Thanks for the #12daysofgiving All the prizes are amazing

  142. Avatar

    Love the Crafter’s Workshop stencils and stamps; Stampin’ Up is always a favourite; and my ribbon stock is dwindling. So once again, fantastic prizes!

  143. Avatar

    Great prizes to one lucky winner, wish it could be me! Good luck to everyone!

  144. Avatar

    That is an amazing collection of stencils. And I love anything Stampin Up. Thanks again for all the great giveaways!

  145. Avatar

    Those stencils sure would come in handy for my mixed media & journaling! Great prizes again. Thanks CS & donors!

  146. Avatar
    Johna Rosser Reply

    thank you for the chance to win. I am addicted to stencils! LOL
    Merry Christmas!

  147. Avatar
    Melanie Kuzik Reply

    Excellent prize again today. Thanks for the chance to win

  148. Avatar
    Liz Dickie Reply

    I want it all! Thanks for giving me the chance. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  149. Avatar
    Colleen Fisher Reply

    Wonderful prizes – thanks so much for the chance to win! Merry Christmas!!!

  150. Avatar
    EKTI Margaret Reply

    You have such nice giveaways this year. Really enjoying this. Good luck to all!

  151. Avatar

    Thanks for doing this give away. I’m having so much fun with it and dreaming about winning something(hopefully);)

  152. Avatar
    Alice Henderson Reply

    Thanks CSM for the great opportunities to enter in the 12 days of Christmas.

  153. Avatar
    Dorrita Gleim Reply

    Another day of fantastic price giveaways! Thank you for the opportunity to when. ❤️

  154. Avatar
    Melitta Ball Reply

    There are ‘days’ of crafting fun to be had with all the amazing prizes to be won today! Thanks once again to you and your sponsor ‘elves’ for the chance to give these great prizes a home in our craft rooms!

  155. Avatar

    I would be totally amazed if I won something especially aCSM prize as they are all so wonderful

  156. Avatar

    My Christmas wish list is on overdrive. I hoard stencils, collect the smaller scrapbooks, and crave trimmings. You are driving me crazy over wanting everything I see.

  157. Avatar
    Ana Haines Reply

    Another day of great prizes. Good luck everyone! Fingers crossed

  158. Avatar
    Steph Berry Reply

    Lovely as usual. Can’t believe tomorrow is our last day of surprises

  159. Avatar
    Betty Boutilier Reply

    Love the Crafter’s Workshop stencils & stamps. Stampin Up Emermal Envy album looks like a lot of fun. Everything looks like so much fun even the Metallic Ribbon .
    Wow one more day??

  160. Avatar
    Linda Oatway Reply

    So many wonderful prizes, so many chances to win. Thank you so very much!!

  161. Avatar
    Alice Pace Reply

    Thanks for another great day of amazing sponsors! Love the stencils love the ribbon and I’m a longtime fan of stampin’ Up products!

  162. Avatar
    susan hatfield Reply

    Thanks for a really fun 12 days full of inspiration and great products!

  163. Avatar
    Ethel Kaludjer Reply

    What a great way to see new websites. Wonderful contest

  164. Avatar
    Amy Hodgson-Smith Reply

    I would LOVE to win the TCW stencils! Unfortunately, I’m not on FB, so I can’t comment on their FB page.

  165. Avatar
    megan mcdonald Reply

    I have found so many great new companies during this hop

  166. Avatar

    More great prizes today! So much crafty potential with those stencils & the metallic ribbons…and I love Stampin Up!

  167. Avatar
    Tina Yeoman-Dale Reply

    On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me-stencils, ribbons, paper and more!

  168. Avatar

    Wow! Three fabulous sponsors! I love Crafter’s Workshop stencils which are great to use! I own them! And Stampin Up’s Christmas album is perfect for all of our photos and make a quick album that looks fantastic! And last, the scruptious ribbon of The Ribbon Resource is making me drool in anticipation! Shiney and glittery and fun! Thank you for all the inspiration and the chance to win!!

  169. Avatar
    michele gauthier Reply

    I love the prizes. A little bit of everything.. Thank you…

  170. Avatar
    Janice Brummett Reply

    Love TCW stencils! I have several but not a duplicate in this gift basket. Stampin’ Up Christmas album is the perfect gift to gather all the Christmas memories. The ribbons are the ‘icing on the cake’! Thank you for collecting all these wonderful products from your sponsors to those of us that are ‘addicted to scrapbooking & card making’.

  171. Avatar
    Jennifer Reynard Reply

    Oh wow, those stencils by Crafters’ workshop look amazing! …and I just love Stampin Up’s project life program. Their cards are perfect for scrapbooking quickly and beautifully! I love May Arts Ribbon, they have the best variety on the market!

  172. Avatar
    Janice Brummett Reply

    I Love TCW stencils! I have several but not a duplicate in this gift basket. Stampin’ Up Christmas album is the perfect gift to gather all the Christmas memories. The ribbons are the ‘icing on the cake’! Thank you for collecting all these wonderful products from your sponsors to those of us that are ‘addicted to scrapbooking & card making’.

  173. Avatar
    Annelies Batty Reply

    more fun and prizes. would be lovely to win some. thanks for another wonderful Christmas contest.

  174. Avatar
    Buffy Burnside Reply

    I didn’t realize I wasn’t following these three on FB thanks for the heads up! Happy Holidays!

  175. Avatar
    Dianna Misik Reply

    More great products from such wonderful sponsors. thank you for the chance to win.

  176. Avatar
    Janet Barnes Reply

    Okay, I’m definitely ready to win today’s prizes! Happy Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

  177. Avatar
    super stick chick Reply

    Such great prizes! I was literally using the beautiful May Arts ribbon on the right just moments ago on a project and it turned out wonderfully!

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