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Hello! Kim here again for a Where You Create share!

I am really happy to share today’s space with you because I think it represents a big percentage of people who scrapbook! We all love dedicated spaces with lots of great organizing ideas…but it’s just not the reality for everyone.

I like to think of our creative space as a vehicle…it doesn’t matter what you drive as long as it gets you to the destination! Our destination…completed layouts and stories told!

Let’s take a peek into Angie Storlie’s creative space! I’m sure you will agree…it’s pretty SWEET!

Hi Kim,

I am a “kitchen table” scrapbooker who keeps my stuff in a big Rubbermaid tub and a 12×12 paper organizer; in the bottom of my closet.  While I would love to have a dedicated scrap space someday, there is something great about keeping my stash to a minimum and having it portable. 

My favorite place to scrap is a cozy little cabin called Pine Knot that is owned by my aunt and uncle.  They live on the Echo Trail in Ely, Minnesota; the gateway to the world class Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

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I LOVE the idea of spending a weekend here with scrappy friends or family! ?

My sister and I love to haul our scrapbook stuff to Pine Knot and cozy up for a winter weekend of scrapbooking!  Sometimes we take a break from scrapping to take a snowshoe hike or venture into the town of Ely for dinner out.  There are always deer wandering by the cabin and it’s just so peaceful.  We are lucky to have access to this space!

@CSMSCRAPBOOKER #AngieStorlie #whereyoucreate #creativespace #cabin #minnesota #january2017 #snow #deer #winter
Sometimes the perfect space is all about LOCATION!















Thanks so much Angie for sharing your scrapbooking story, I am confident it will resonate with so many of our readers!

We are always looking to share creative scrapbooking spaces! We’d LOVE to see where YOU create your layouts!

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  1. Oh That would be a wonderful place to scrapbook! So beautiful! I started out scrapbooking on the dining room table, then converted a closet to my scrapbook room, once we bought a house I took the guest room and made a craft room! Sorry guests, you can have the couch, LOL!!

  2. That’s a beautiful spot! I reorganized my sewing table, and that is where I make my cards.
    For scrap booking I usually spread out all
    my stuff across a table. at this point in time it is the ping pong table.

  3. Gina Bloyaert Reply

    WoW what a beautiful spot I Would love too scrap there!
    When i’am crafting I always do iT on my diner table hahaha and iT is spread all over where on my closet in my granddaughter her crib anyway all over THE place.
    Mvg Gina Belgium

  4. Heather Stewart Reply

    I am lucky enough to have a craft room. It is a mess usually but I take out my folding table and voila a clean space to scrap with friends. It means I don’t have to clean up each time (hence the mess) but keeps it out of everyone else’s way. Also my teenage daughter uses these things for projects or to do her own crafts.

  5. Looks and sounds lovely! I like the idea of scrapping around family. My craft area is nice and I’m very grateful for it, but it’s in the basement and sometimes I miss people and sunlight. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I am lucky to have a scrapbook room where I can leave stuff on the table. I go I. When I feel like it and do a little. My son als uses t all to make cards for special occasions. He use to use scrapbooking supplies for school projects as well.

  7. Sheila Styre-Briere Reply

    I also have a dedicated craft space now but it doesn’t seem to matter, I always end up back downstairs with my hubby in the living room!

  8. Marianne B in AZ Reply

    What a beautiful place to spend a weekend making memories, while preserving memories! I think most everyone started scrapbooking, card making, or any number of crafts, in the dining room table. If they are like me and lucky enough to have a craft room, I would like to guess that, also like me, they still end up using the dining room table at some point. When I am blessed to have friends come to my house to do paper crafting with me, it is usually done in the dining room. My craft room can accommodate one guest and me. After that, it is off to a bigger space!

  9. The setting for your favourite space is a breath of fresh air indeed! I too started at the kitchen table. I hope you get your space one day soon!

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