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THANK YOU to all our amazing sponsors for making this contest possible! You continue to inspire us with your innovative creations!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS – Inez McLeish – this years lucky A TASTE OF CHA winner!!!!!


Thank you once again to everyone who played along – I think we should do this contest again next year! What do you thing? 🙂

Happy Scrapbooking everyone!

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  1. Congratulations Inez! SOOOOO happy for you (but jealous! 🙂 ) Enjoy all your wonderful prizes! Yes, I think we should do this EVERY Year! Hopefully I can win one year! TEEHEE!

  2. Congrats!! Yes, yes to next year!! (perhaps you could break it down into a few, like a prize a day to spread the love?)

  3. Barbara J. Baxter Reply

    Congratulations, Inez! I hope you don’t get carpel tunnel from opening and playing with all your new toys!

    Yes to repeating this next year. I learned of quite a few vendors I had not heard of before. And, this was fun! Thank you again Creative Scrapbooker for putting this on!

  4. Becca Yahrling Reply

    Congrats to Inez! Wow, how fabulous! And YES to next year. Maybe a prize winner each day??? 🙂

  5. Christine Couper Reply

    Congratulations, Inez! Hope we get to see some of the great ways you use these products so we can all be inspired!

    This was a fun contest and a good way to learn about unfamiliar vendors. Might be nice to have 2 or 3 winners, rather than just one.

  6. Kerry Taylor Reply

    Congratulations Inez! I’m green with envy and so happy for you at the same time. I hope we get to do this again next year.

  7. Laura Peddicord Reply

    Congratulations Inez! Enjoy all of your boxes that are filled with so many goodies!

  8. Arianna Barbara Reply

    Congrats Inez! Yes, I think it would be amazing if you do this every year! I hope, I can win one year!

  9. Monique M Bangs Reply

    Congrats Inez! You’re one lucky lady! Enjoy! And thank you CHA for giving me the opportunity to participate in this contest!

  10. Janet Trim Reply

    Congratulations Inez. You are very fortunate to win such a great prize package. You will have many hours of pleasure coming your way.

  11. Congratulations, Inez, and, Creative Scrapbooker Magazine for the amazingly fun contest! Thanks to all who entered! We loved seeing your posts!

  12. Michelle Peacey Reply

    Congrats to the winner!! And doing it again next year would be great.

  13. Sandy Blackman Reply

    Congrats Inez! So much fun ahead for you! A prize a day next year would be awesome!

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