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So? Are you wearing any green today? Will you be drinking any green beer? Will someone kiss you just because you’re Irish? Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

So much to celebrate on this day even if you aren’t Irish, because we are just three more sleeps until the start of spring…winter is almost behind us; or at least that is what my brain thinks! The days are brighter and whatever snow comes now, shouldn’t last long…we’ve got this!

Time to get to business! We are thrilled to share Joanne McClintock’s creative space today. You will love her organized space!


Hi Kim.

I thought I would share my craft space today.

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I’m quite proud of it; but it is and will always be, a work in progress. I try to add objects that inspire me, so it is ever changing.

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My fabulous hubby agreed to move our eldest son downstairs so I could craft upstairs and be more in the hub of our home.

I picked the color and I tried to use as many items as I could from my old room; but it didn’t work out that way. Fortunately, I knew the items I wanted from Ikea.

#JoanneMcClintock #csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #creativespace #punches #organize #storage

My craft space is bright and cheerful. I have things from my late mother-in-law as well as work by Christy Riopel. There are works I have created and pictures of friends & family around the room.

#JoanneMcClintock #csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #creativespace #organize #joy #boxes #magnets #storage #art

I have a great sound system so I can crank up the tunes to get my creative juices flowing!

#JoanneMcClintock #csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #creativespace

I hope you enjoy the view!

#JoanneMcClintock #csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #creativespace

We certainly do enjoy the view! We’d LOVE to see you space as well so be sure to share your space!

 #csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #creativespace

#csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #creativespace


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  1. Looks great! I recently moved my crafting space to my bedroom as I had to keep dismantling my set up in my basement for family event. It is a work in progress. Someday I hope to put an addition on our house and create a bonus room for me to craft.

  2. Diane Ward Reply

    I loved seeing your space and I appreciate that you said it will always be a work in progress. I know mine is too!

  3. Patty Richards Reply

    This lady may appear hyper-organized, creative and fun but she is also an absolutely fabulous mom, sister and friend.

  4. Kerri Tareta Reply

    Fabulous Job Joanne! Love your ideas, the paint colour and most of all, the woman behind the ideas!!!

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