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Today on our blog, we welcome colouring artist Betty Hung who is sharing her thoughts on Chameleon Pens.

I received a set of 22 Chameleon pens, plus a box of 16 Chameleon Color Cards last week, and I am off this week. Lucky me! What better way to spend your vacation days than trying out new coloring products? After playing with them for two days, I have to say I am in love with these Chameleon pens.

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Simply put, Chameleon pens are alcohol markers. They are designed so that you can achieve multiple tones from light to dark using one pen. These are alcohol based, so I wouldn’t use them on my coloring books unless they are single-sided. It soaked through 70 lb card stock paper that I used to print my coloring cards, so make sure you put extra protection underneath to protect your desk while coloring.

Each pen has 3 parts: a brush nib, a hard bullet nib and a mixing chamber. The colorless toning medium in the mixing chamber is what gives you the effect of multiple color tones.

Here is my video that demonstrates how I colour with Chameleon Pens:

If you visit my blog, you can read more about these pens and learn how to use them for colouring. Click HERE to go to my website.

Thank you so much Betty!  Your website is always filled with inspiration and amazing colouring tutorials!

If you love colouring as much as we do, you will want to know that along with Color Cards, Chameleon Pens also has a coloring book called  “Lori’s Art Garden” with single sided pages and heavy weight cardstock, ideal for colouring with these pens. Click HERE to see this colouring book on the Chameleon Pens website.

For more information about Chameleon pens, click HERE to visit their website.

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  1. Linda Zabierowsky Reply

    I SOOOOOO LOVE these pens! Very nice demo! Learned something I never thought of…Thanks!

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