WINNER – congratulations to Cathy Ockermann- this weeks lucky WINNER!

I LOVE WEDNESDAYS!!!! We give away something EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY to one of our lucky followers!!!!  It could be you!

This week we are giving away an assortment of the VERY HOT Tim Holtz for Ranger Distress Oxide inks!  YAHOOOOOO@ranger_ink @csmscrapbooker @timholtz #ranger #creativescrapbookermagazine #csmscrapbooker #timholtz #distressoxideinks #giveaways #scrapbookinggiveaways #whynotwinwednesday #distressink #oxideink

To enter to win this contest

1. Visit Ranger on facebook – CLICK HERE – Say hello from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine!

2. Leave a comment right here under this blog post. You have until Friday May 19th  at midnight to enter!

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Avatar
    Christine Ranson Reply

    An awesome prize for sure!! Would love to get my hands on these!

  2. Avatar

    Time again for another great giveaway would love love love to be this winner of this one …Thanks for the chance 🙂

  3. Avatar
    Elaine McDonald Reply

    Would love win some of these inks…..they are on my wish list…lefty a post for ranger a9nd thank you for the opportunity

  4. Avatar
    Laura Gauthier Turcotte Reply

    oh, wow!!! Haven’t had the opportunity to play with the new inks YET, and heard many great things about these new babies. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Avatar

    Seen lots of videos with these. Colors come to life. Thanks for the. chance

  6. Avatar

    Love me some Tim Holtz products!!! Would absolutely love to be able to add these to my current collection

  7. Avatar
    Donna Rudy Reply

    Would love to add this ink to my “collection”! Thank you for the chance to win!

  8. Avatar

    Fantastic prize! Have been wanting and waiting to buy a set of the Oxides…they look wonderful in the videos and the possibilities are endless.

  9. Avatar
    Sondra Myers Reply

    I could really use these for my ink supply!! Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  10. Avatar

    What a great prize! Would love to use these new Tim Holtz for Ranger products. Thanks for the chance to win them.

  11. Avatar
    Colleen W. Reply

    I have watched a lot of videos on the Distress Oxides, would love to win! Thanks CSM and Ranger!

  12. Avatar

    I love distress inks and haven’t used the oxides yet but would love the opportunity to do so!! I get such wonderful inspiration from creativescrapbooker, keep up the great work!!

  13. Avatar
    Laura Templin Reply

    I’d love to have a wider variety of inks so I can use diferent techniques in my projects. Everything scrapbooking related, I just love.

  14. Avatar

    Fabioso giveaway…….Loving these Oxides….. Fingers crossed !!!!!! xx

  15. Avatar

    That is a fantastic prize for this weeks giveaway! I have my fingers crossed.

  16. Avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a couple of these.

  17. Avatar

    Happy Wednesday! I have left a message on Rangers FB page and would love to win these inks! I have seen a few demos and did a make and take with them and have made space in my craft room for them!

  18. Avatar
    Brenda Shreves Reply

    Great prize….would sure like to try them. Haven’t gotten any yet.

  19. Avatar

    Recently learned how to use the Ranger distress oxide inks, would be a great prize to win!

  20. Avatar
    Pearl Supernault Reply

    Oh what a sweet prize!! Thanks for the chance to win ?

  21. Avatar

    Thanks for the chance to win these. I have a few & have just learned how to use them . Beautiful colors.

  22. Avatar
    Dottie Sims Reply

    Wow – anything from Ranger & Tim Holtz is an awesome prize!

    • Avatar

      nice prize love to work with tim holtz ink .. would live to win this!!! thanks and hi to all canadian scrapbook magazines !!!!

  23. Avatar
    Janet Calardo Reply

    Thanks for a great offer!! Would love to win the Distress Oxides! So many uses and I really want to try them on polymer clay!

  24. Avatar
    Arianna Barbara Reply

    Wow! I would love so much to try these amazing inks!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  25. Avatar
    Denise Bryant Reply

    Love these pretty colors! How fun to win a set of these new inks! Thanks for the chance!

  26. Avatar
    Tegan Shaw Reply

    Love your products. Be an awesome prize to win. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  27. Avatar
    Joan isaak Reply

    Get prize to be entered to win. Hope it’s me! Thanks CSM.

  28. Avatar
    Linda Correa Reply

    Would love to win any of these marvelous ink pads. They have endless opportunities

  29. Avatar

    Oh who wouldn’t love to win this great treat
    Thanks for the chance
    Happy Day !!

  30. Avatar

    Oh wow – just discovered these would love to get more colors !!!! Thanks for the chance

  31. Avatar

    Haven’t had a chance to play with these yet, but would love the opportunity!

  32. Avatar
    mary nelson Reply

    I’ve been hearing amazing reviews about these little guys. I would absolutely love to see for myself!

  33. Avatar

    I would love to win the distress inks by ranger. I saw a class at the scrapbook expo when I went and they used the distress inks to make creative backgrounds for cards and scrapbooks. The colors are bright and vivid. From what I saw they are much nicer than regular ink pads. Can’t wait to try them! Thank you Creative Scrapbooker for sharing this contest.

  34. Avatar
    Beth Anne Thomas Reply

    Awesome prize! Thanks for sharing so much with all of us!

  35. Avatar

    I was at a crop recently and said to the Organizer (who had all the new Oxide inks) “Why do I need a whole new set of inks in the same colours… Show me!”. And oh boy did she!! Wow! My mouth dropped open I was so blown away. MUST. HAVE. THESE. Please?? ?

  36. Avatar

    Love win Weds , and wold love to win those inks , here’s hoping !

  37. Avatar

    These have been on my wish list since Scrapfest! I keep seeing awesome techniques used with them. Would love to have some of my own! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!

  38. Avatar
    Jacqueline Reply

    Wow. Would love to own these awesome products from Ranger and Tim Holtz. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Avatar

    Oh what a fabulous giveaway. I’ve been wanting to play with these since they first appeared. (No local scrapbook store.)

  40. Avatar
    Carla Hundley Reply

    Hearing great things
    about these and would
    love to win some!
    Carla from Utah

  41. Avatar
    Joan Gerhart Reply

    What a wonderful opportunity! Thank you! Would love to play with these inks.

  42. Avatar

    I have been wanting these inks for so long!! Someone is getting a seriously awesome prize this week!!

  43. Avatar

    Thanks!’ I would love this one. the creative ideas are already flowing!!

  44. Avatar

    Oh my GODNESS, what an AMAZING prize!!! I see these inks everywhere and they look soooo dreamy!! All fingers and toes crossed! :))

  45. Avatar

    Happy Wine day! I mean …Happy Why Not Win Wednesday !! Thanks for doing this! I haven’t been able to play with these yet…..would be cool!!!

  46. Avatar

    Happy Wine day! I mean …Happy Why Not Win Wednesday !! Thanks for doing this! I haven’t been able to play with these yet…..would be cool!!! Ranger is amazing!

  47. Avatar

    So amazing! I would absolutely LOVE to win these! Thanks Creative Scrapbooker magazine.

  48. Avatar
    Heather Wehrli Reply

    What an awesome prize today – would so love to win this..

  49. Avatar
    Rhonda Lundeen Reply

    Thank you for this chance at a great product! Good luck everyone!

  50. Avatar
    Maryanne Blahey Reply

    These are a new inks i would love play with. It would be nice to win this!

  51. Avatar
    Mary Lou Friesen Reply

    I would love to win these fabulous Distressed Oxide inks from Ranger! ❤️ Working with these beautiful colours! I have left a message at fb Ranger as well! Cheers

  52. Avatar

    Told Ranger INK a Hello and I would love to win these oxide inks, what a great give and since I retired, money is tighter so I can’t add to my stash like I want to

  53. Avatar
    Debbie A Smith Reply

    I so love the oxides ink pads. These are on my must have list. Thanks for the chance to add to my very small collection.

  54. Avatar
    Sharon Gullikson Reply

    This would be a dream come true!! I don’t have any yet…

  55. Avatar
    Veronica Roske Reply

    A great giveaway, I love how these Ranger Distress Oxides react to water and change your whole project to something completely different. Thank you Creative Scrapbooker Magazine, what a fun giveaway!

  56. Avatar

    Fabulous giveaway! Would love to play with these. Thanks for the opportunity.

  57. Avatar
    Miriam Prantner Reply

    Such a great giveaway! I have been wanting to try these!

  58. Avatar
    koalabc/barb Reply

    Wonderful Creative Scrapbooker Magazine with these Ranger Distress Oxides inks..I have watched when Tim Holtz showed them and been wishing for these since that day..Some of my friends & family have these..Maybe it will be for me to have the awesome set..Thank you for this amazing chance..

  59. Avatar

    I haven’t had the opportunity to try these yet!!!! I would love to win!

  60. Avatar
    Eileen Robertson Reply

    Thanks for the chance to win these! They are hard to find where I live!

  61. Avatar
    Maria Trumbley Reply

    ? what a great prize! Am so waiting to collect these new inks. Thanks for the chance

  62. Avatar
    Pauline Zarlenga Reply

    Love love love ranger products…. best inks ever. It’s so fun to play with all their products…. pick me to win this great prize.

  63. Avatar
    Carolyn Pullano Reply

    Ranger makes awesome projects! Hi from Creative Scrapbooker.

  64. Avatar

    Oh, I would love to win these! I saw Tim Holtz demonstrate them online and was fascinated. Thanks for the chance to give them a try.

  65. Avatar

    Would sooo love to win these. I’m needing something new in my scrapbooking world it’s been a while. Pick me ?

  66. Avatar
    Jennifer I Reply

    Ooh I would love to try this. I have seen some fabulous projects by other people with these!

  67. Avatar

    Oh please please please pick me !!! Does that sound desperate ? Lol

  68. Avatar

    Ooooh! I have a special box for time holtz. LOVE his products and awesome techniques. One day I will go to see him at an event! Thanx for this awesome opportunity!!! Xoxo

  69. Avatar
    Mary Holshouser Reply

    these ink are on my list of “must get”.
    thanks for the chance to get them now.

  70. Avatar
    Margaret Montoya Reply

    Ranger ink to scapbookers is like tattoo ink to tattoo artists!

  71. Avatar
    Marlene F, Reply

    What lovely colours of inks. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  72. Avatar

    I am hearing and seeing the wonderful results of the new distress oxide inks and what they can do!

  73. Avatar

    Would love to try out these oxides. Thanks for the chance to win.

  74. Avatar
    Sharon Castillo Reply

    Don’t have Ranger Distress Oxide inks yet but I know how it could make your projects beautiful and creative. Thanks for the opportunity.

  75. Avatar
    Jan Fowler Reply

    I don’t have any of these new inks so I’d love to win this set. Thank you for offering such a great prize.

  76. Avatar
    Janet Mack Reply

    I don’t have any of these yet but I love the regular Distress Inks.

  77. Avatar
    Bryana Ortiz Reply

    Been dying to try these
    new inks! Sure would
    love to win this amazing
    prize!! ?
    Bryana from Ottawa

  78. Avatar
    Dana Bennett Reply

    I love Tim Holtz so
    so much!! Been
    dying to try these
    new inks! The projects
    I’ve seen are so
    ❤ Dana from Quebec

  79. Avatar
    Dandy Civitarese Reply

    would love to win these, and then get Nicole Wright to teach me how to use them!

  80. Avatar

    What an awesome giveaway! Love Tim Holtz and would love to win these!

  81. Avatar

    This is the most amazing giveaway! I have been on the hunt for these and can’t seem to find them anywhere. I totally need them in my life, I have seen the most fabulous projects created with them! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  82. Avatar
    Jessica Schaub Reply

    Another wonderful giveway! I would love to make something with these!

  83. Avatar

    YES YES YES, gotta have these! I so want to try my hand at these new inks

  84. Avatar
    Jaimi Bailey Reply

    I have been dying to try these, but the budget just won’t allow at the moment. Thank you for the chance to win!

  85. Avatar
    Barb macaskill Reply

    I wouldn’t be distressed if I won this amazing prize package! Love left for Ranger on Facebook and thank you for the chance to win this awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed ?!

  86. Avatar

    Wow, what a great giveaway. I would love these in my stash to play with.

  87. Avatar

    I’ve been watching video after video with people using the Oxide inks and so want to try them. I would be thrilled if I won this week’s prize.

  88. Avatar
    Kim Street Reply

    I definitely have some crafting must-haves, and Ranger Inks are on the list. While I have a selection of ink pads and bottled inks, I haven’t tried the Oxides yet! Excited to have a chance to win, but shall be treating myself to some stamp pads soon enough. Thanks for the chance to win.

  89. Avatar
    Rosanna Judah-Elliott Reply

    Haven’t tried any of these inks yet! They look like LOTS of fun! 🙂

  90. Avatar
    michele gauthier Reply

    Wow!!! I love Tim Holtz and this looks fun… Thank you…

  91. Avatar
    Linda Tupper Reply

    WoW Would I ever love to be able to win these inks!! I’m just dying to work with them. What a great giveaway!!

  92. Avatar

    I have never tried these Distress Oxide Inks but would love to.

  93. Avatar

    Such a dreamy prize!!! Thank you so, so much for a chance to win these Distress Oxides!!

  94. Avatar
    Debbie Siddle Reply

    Wow, I would so love to win this. Thanks for the chance to. x

  95. Avatar
    Jennifer Smith Reply

    Another great Win it Wednesday prize pack! Thank you CS and Ranger

  96. Avatar
    Sue riviello Reply

    I am dying to try these! Haven’t found them in any stores yet.

  97. Avatar

    Wow! What an incredibly fabulous prize!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  98. Avatar

    I have been dying to try these! Everytime I have the money to order some, they’re sold out!!

  99. Avatar

    I don’t have any of these colours. Love how bright some of them are.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  100. Avatar

    Love Tim Holtz and his distress products. Awesome prize. Thanks for the chance to win.

  101. Avatar

    This is a great giveaway! I have been watching a lot of videos as I wasn’t sure I was gonna give in to the hype and I have a ton of regular distress inks….but I’m a convert and the chance to win would be Sweet!!! Thanks so much for the chance!

  102. Avatar

    Love Ranger and CSM!!! So excited about this giveaway, fingers crossed! I ordered this set from a local store and still haven’t received them, so to win would be awesome!!!

  103. Avatar

    These inks are so much fun! Would love to win more colors of these oxide inks!

  104. Avatar

    Very nice prize, would be so nice to play with. Good luck everyone and tks for the chance to win.

  105. Avatar

    These are at the top of my wish list! Thank you for the wonderful chance to win.

  106. Avatar
    Nancie Anderson Reply

    Thanks for the chance to win, everyone would be happy with this prize, so why not me!

  107. Avatar

    Thanks again CSM for some great stash….I really could use these! 🙂

  108. Avatar
    Pauline Clark Reply

    Wasn’t sure if I needed these oxide inks but maybe I do. I’ll check out some more videos now…just to be sure. Heehee. Thanks for the chance to win!

  109. Avatar

    Would love a chance to try these! I have not done much stamping, or used inks. But watching the videos of how to use the distress inks makes me want to give them a try. Thanks!

  110. Avatar

    Oh My! I’ve been trying to find these in our local scrapbook stores and no one has them yet! I Love Tim Holtz and winning these would make me sooo happy!

  111. Avatar

    Oh be still my heart! How I would loooove these inks! Thank you for the chance to win!

  112. Avatar
    Sylvie Hoobanoff Reply

    Ooooh! What a great prize! I would love to win this set!

  113. Avatar
    Regina Furman Reply

    I would love to try these! Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. Avatar

    Love these! Just thinking about all the wonderful projects where these could be used.

  115. Avatar
    Audrey Taylor Reply

    I really enjoying using my Distress Oxide Inks …. would love to play with these! Thank you CSM for Why Not WIN Wednesdays ….. what a good reason to reach the middle of the week!!!!

  116. Avatar

    Brilliant prize and I’ve used mine so much they need replacing!

  117. Avatar

    I don’t have any of the new ink yet so this would be amazing thanks so much for the chance

  118. Avatar

    Playing with the new inks would be so much fun…. Specially after reading the new creative scrap bookers magazine ,,,,,dreaming out loud 🙂

  119. Avatar

    Would love to win the Distress Oxides. I’ve tried them but do not have any yet.

  120. Avatar

    Another great prize. Have used a bit of the vintage photo of this line and really like the results.

  121. Avatar
    ava gavloski Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing the love of the industry with all of us. Appreciated.

  122. Avatar

    Wow what a great prize! there are so many great ideas to use these new inks! Thanks for a chance to win~

  123. Avatar
    Suzanne Marcil Reply

    I would loooove to try these NEW INKS! Thank you and have a great week-end.

  124. Avatar
    Karen Frobisher Reply

    Yay…love WIN IT WEDNESDAYS and these Ranger inks are gorgeous!

  125. Avatar
    Glenda Hofland Reply

    I would love to win these, i don’t have them yet. Would be nice to try something new. Also would like to know what is the difference between distress inks and the oxide inks?

  126. Avatar
    Rhonda Lundeen Reply

    When we go to the Ranger Rick FB page…there is no place to write “creative Scapbooker sent me”. I sent in a message…is that what we are suppose to do? Thanks for any info….

  127. Avatar

    This is such an awesome Win it Wednesday prize! Thanks CSM. Love you guys and Ranger 🙂

  128. Avatar
    Carmen Baird Reply

    I have picked up a couple of colours to play with somwould love to have some more!

  129. Avatar

    Would love to win this!!!! Thanks for the chance. The distress oxides look like so much fun to play with!

  130. Avatar

    Would love to have a chance to try these out! What a great prize!

  131. Avatar

    Thanks so,much for this opportunity!!! Would love me some Tim’s Oxide Inks!! ?

  132. Avatar
    Marcia Simon Reply

    Was using my mini distressed inks the other day, love to try these!

  133. Avatar
    Linda Fielding Reply

    Maybe I’ll win this time. Would love to have a set of these inks. Saw Tim Holtz demonstrating them at the Great Lakes Mega Meet in Novi, Michigan.

  134. Avatar
    Deborah Chaney Reply

    Wow. Awesome set. Great to enhance all my paper prjects!!

  135. Avatar
    inga klaus Reply

    Done with much love 🙂 #csmscrapbooker #whynotwinwednesday #distressoxide #entertowin

  136. Avatar
    Laurie Black Reply

    Amazing prize! Nice assortment of colors, I have been watching tutorial videos and these inks look like so much fun to use.

  137. Avatar

    I so would love to play with this new line of inks! They look like so much fun! ☀️

  138. Avatar

    Would love yo win these gorgeous inks! Just starting to use inks in projects! Thx CSM for the chance to win!