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Hello everyone, Karen Ellis here.
Happy 150th Canada and…   Happy 4th to all our American Friends!

On May 21 I had the privilege of hosting a CSMLIVE on Facebook.  During that live Broadcast I demonstrated how to create a Canadian flag monoprint using Gel Press Printing Plates and ArtFoamies Stamps.  It was so much fun to do and I’m so happy that so many of you watched!If you missed the broadcast, click here to view:

During the broadcast I mentioned I would be posting another project inspired by the same technique.   Yes!  You can use the printing plates on all kinds of surfaces – not just paper!A picture of Karen Ellis holding a bag she created using gel press art foamies from monoprintingHere is a fun Cloth Tote I made by monoprinting with the plates and stamps.   I prepared the Gel Press 5×7 Plate the same way as in the video BUT… instead of pressing the cloth into the plate, I mounted the plate onto an acrylic sheet (specifically, I used a Sizzix Big Shot cutting pad!) and treated the plate like an acrylic stamp.   This is a great way to use the smaller plates and you can see exactly where your image will be placed when creating your monoprints.Gel Press monoprinting the canadian flag using ArtFoamiesI love the Rustic Letters and Numbers sets from ArtFoamies!  They’re so easy to stamp and give that “not so perfect” look that complement monoprinting so well!Gel Press monoprinting the canadian flag using ArtFoamies Before stamping the letters, place them where you’d like them and then, one at a time, add paint to the stamp by tapping them into a painted palette (as you did the maple leaf) and stamp the image on the tote.  The ruler (as shown above) can act like a level so your letters stay even. You can also stamp the flags on wood! Check out this Door Plate I picked up at the Dollar Store.   It currently hangs on my front door to welcome all who drop by to say HI!Gel Press monoprinting the canadian flag using ArtFoamies on a wooden board hanging on a door.For our American friends, use tape to mask off the 5×7 plate to create the stars and stripes!Gel Press monoprinting the American flag using ArtFoamies to create a cardMask off the top right corner of the 5×7 plate (remember the image will be reversed when you “stamp it”). Gel Press monoprinting the American flag using ArtFoamies. Mask off the corner of the gel plate Paint the area blue, remove the tape and stamp on your card/surface.Gel Press monoprinting the American flag using ArtFoamies. Mask off the corner of the gel plateLine it up and stamp away!Gel Press monoprinting the American flag using ArtFoamies. Have fun printing and stamping!   Enjoy celebrating and showing pride for your homeland!
Happy 150th Canada and Happy 4th USA!
Karen Ellis
To see more of Karen’s work visit – The Art House Studio

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