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Hello everyone!  Kerry Engel here today on the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine blog featuring some great products from Stabilo. Three different types of Stabilo products including Woody 3-in-1, CarbOthella's and Pen 68Last month I did a Facebook Live on drawing layered circles with these three Stabilo products. CLICK HERE to see that live video.

On the blog today I’m sharing a step by step of the technique, only this time we are making rectangles.

Scrapbook card that says "hello" featuring Stabilo designed by Kerry Engel.
Hello card designed by Kerry Engel

I was inspired by the July Sketchy challenge too, the rectangle layout determined the arrangement on my card.

A scrapbook sketch for a 12X12 layout designed by Kerry Engel
Creative Scrapbooker Magazine July 2017 Sketch

The beauty of the Stabilo products is that you can coordinate your colors from the fibre-tipped pens to the Woody to the CarbOthello chalk pastel pencil.
This card is basically small rectangle layers made with 3 different Stabilo products from the blue/green color family.

Step ONE
Prep card stock with gesso.

Step TWO
Draw shapes using the Stabilo Pen 68.

White piece of cardstock preped with gesso and rectangles drawn on it in various sizes and various shades using Stabilo pens
Step TWO

These pens are water-soluble so they magically react with water. (Well, it’s more like science than magic, but it’s the little things in life, like water soluble pens, that make me happy.)

Step TWO
Take a water brush or small paintbrush and activate the ink along the inside of your shape, pulling some color into the interior of your shape.)

Gently wet the inside of your rectangle. Using a small wet paint brush take color from the end of the Stabilo Woody and randomly color in your rectangle.   Blotting color here and there. No need to completely color in the shape. You want the color to mix and mingle gently. I tried to create a gradient with my colors moving down the page from the darker blues to the bright green and yellow.

Using a wet paint brush to smear the colours on a card with rectangles that were drawn with Stabilo pens.
A white card with rectangles that have been coloured and drawn using products from Stabilo
Create a Colour Gradient


Creating yellow splatters on a card using Stabilo woodys.

To create the spatters, wet the tip of the Woody and your brush, simply flick the wet paint off the top of the Woody on to your paper.


Adding shading to a scrapbook background using Stabilo Carbothelo chalk pastels.

To create a bit more depth, I edged the bottom and left edges with a grey Carbothelo chalk- pastel. You could also use the chalk pastels to create more depth inside your rectangles too.

Step SIX

Scrapbook card with sentiment hello on it featuring products from Stabilo
Step SIX

To create the titles I ran my “practice pages” through a die cut machine using Stampin, Up! dies.  “Practices pages” are those left over papers (when you’re learning a new technique) that don’t quite work out but you just can’t bear to throw them out. Well they look amazing once I run them through a die cut machine and I feel like I’m not wasting products. I’m creating from my mistakes. I’m basically adding value to my waste products.


Scrapbook card that says "hello" featuring Stabilo designed by Kerry Engel.
Hello card designed by Kerry Engel

I sprayed the entire thing with Varathane finish. This keeps the chalk in place and keeps everything from smudging. It also gives the project a leather feel.

Scrapbook card with the word Happy on it surrounded by circles created with a variety of Stabilo products.
Happy Card designed by Kerry Engel

Here is another version I created using circles; same process only I outlined my circles in black at the end. Have fun layering your blocks and remember to turn your practice sheets into embellishments!

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Creative Scrapbooker Magazine summer 2017 front cover
Summer 2017 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine


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