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Yesturday I was sorting through and organizing my Creative Scrapbooker Magazine collection. I often have to pinch myself as it ‘s so  hard to believe that it has already been over 11 years in publication. Such a dream come true! Feels like only yesturday. As I was sorting through years of magazines I definitely got squirreled looking at all the past front covers!

What Will The OO’s Be?
One of the things Creative Scrapbooker Magazine has become famous for over the last 11 years is how we change the oo’s, on the masthead, on each and every front cover to a funky design element.  We have a ton of fun designing the oo’s to reflect the look and feel of that particular issue. Through out the years we have had a total of 48 different sets of 00’s!!! WOWZERS!  Everything from stars to trains, to snowflakes to marbles to airplanes – you name it!

Blasts From the Past
I thought it would be fun to share a few of the past front covers with you. Many of these issues are no longer available for you to purchase and many of you probably already have a copy hanging around in your bookshelf.  Truly we have such a loyal group of subscribers – hundreds of you have been with us from the very beginning! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Spring 2012 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover.
Spring 2012 Magazine Cover
Summer 2012 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover.
Summer 2012 Magazine Cover
Winter 2012 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Winter 2012 Magazine Cover
Spring 2013 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Spring 2013 Magazine Cover
Summer 2013 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Summer 2013 Magazine Cover
Fall 2013 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Fall 2013 Magazine Cover
Winter 2013 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Winter 2013 Magazine Cover
Spring 2014 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Spring 2014 Magazine Cover
Fall 2014 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Fall 2014 Magazine Cover
Spring 2016 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Spring 2016 Magazine Cover
Summer 2016 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Summer 2016 Magazine Cover
Fall 2016 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Fall 2016 Magazine Cover
Winter 2016 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Winter 2016 Magazine Cover
Spring 2017 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Spring 2017 Magazine Cover
Summer 2017 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Summer 2017 Magazine Cover

Introducing the LASTEST issue of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine – FALL 2017!

Fall 2017 Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Cover
Fall 2017 Magazine Cover

This issue is just arriving to subscribers and your local scrapbooking stores. It will hit newsstands on Sept 01. The Fall cover was designed by Ali Gage from Kyle, Texas and that gorgeous little boy on the cover was photographed by KAS Images from St. Paul, Alberta.  LOOK for this copy in your mail box!!!!!

Which One Is Your Favourite?
Do you have a favourite cover?  I would love for you to comment below and let us know which one you loved the most!!!! I couldn’t put all 40+ covers in this blog post – giggle giggle – so even if your favourite isn’t up here – you can still add it to the comments below!

Thank you so much to everyone for 11 amazing years!

Happy Scrapbooking and here is to 11 more!

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  1. I love them all too…but of course my favourite would be the Summer 2017 issue. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to compete for the cover. That in itself was an honour. When my layout was picked for the summer issue it was a dream come true. I will miss seeing it on your daily posts on social media and in the stores. Thanks Again!!! XO

    • Jackie Reply

      Absolutely our pleasure Sandy! I love the layout and design of the Summer 2017 issue as well. This was a first for us in many ways – first time staging the layout with a model – first time shooting the cover outside of the studio – first time working on a photo shoot with our new graphic designer – first time we used a photo from this photographer AND first time you were on the cover! I hope to see your work on there again in the future!!!!

  2. I love the Fall 2016 cover. It gives off a warm and cozy feeling. I’ve only discovered this magazine during the Summer after many years of not reading any, believing scracbook magazines had all phazed out! I’m so HAPPY I found you! It inspires me to scrapbook more often and I’ve spent my Summer break getting back in touch with my creative side. I love the Fall 2017 issue (I have a digital subscription) and can’t wait for the next one! They can’t come fast enough!

    • Jackie Reply

      So glad you found us Cristine! The Fall 2016 issue is near and dear to my heart. It is the last issue I worked on with my amazing colleague and friend Christy Riopel. Christy staged the cover using a simple piece of a rather yucky colour of cloth! Giggle Giggle! I was like “Are you sure?” Yep she was! The cover turned out gorgeous! Thank you for your support Cristine – we truly appreciate it!

  3. Fall 2013 has all the magic and mystery of a scrapbookers apothecary. It begs to be opened and explored. That one has to be my all time favourite. Seconds would be the Spring 2013, that little girl in the TuTu with her bunny just steals the heart of this old grandma!

  4. Discovered your Beautiful magazine at Barnes & Noble Spring 2016 and Joann. Love and enjoy every issue and thankful that you can purchase it in the USA. Wish very much one day to own or read every issue printed. Maybe a dvd or digital way to view all issues ever printed? I see and enjoy all the hard work that goes into each issue and appreciate scrapbook paper craft magazines : )

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