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Creative spaces and the 1st of September! Hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful long week-end, it’s like the last hoorah before we get back into routine again. My son is no longer in school, but I must admit September routines are like resolutions in January…the are deeply engrained! I look forward to spending more time in my creative space as the weather cools.

We’ll keep our intro short today as Alyson Mayo has a great photo share for us…here we go!

Let’s take a peek…
I have been told several times that I have a very interesting (and organized) creative space. I actually deal with diagnosed OCD and it manifests itself in the form of perfectionism so I can’t stand disorganization. I also love the colour turquoise so that was a huge factor when choosing elements for my space.I am fortunate to have a large room in my apartment that I use for creating. I am a Close To My Heart Consultant and I am also on a few design teams so I need to be organized.

My desk has been attached right onto the wall using two 4×8 foot melamine boards. I wanted the depth and couldn’t get it with a standard size desk. My Cricut Explore is covered looking straight ahead and my printers are on pull out trays so they are not taking room on top of my desk.beautiful creative space with very organized storage and turquoise accentsThis is the view looking toward the back of my room. The standing table is on casters and can roll any direction. I love it and I work there much of the time. It is built from 3 IKEA Kallax units and gives me much additional storage space plus a huge additional work space. The organizers over the door hold design team information, order forms, other paperwork, etc.workstation island with storage

My desk workspace is very important to me. Items I use most often must be close at hand. The computer sits at the V in my desk and my Cricut is just to the left of that. In the hanging organizers are items like adhesive, pens and pencils and the tools I use most often. Inks are all on the shelf above, along with the markers that I use the most. The turquoise plastic bins next to the ink pads (and that was done using fabric to cover up the ugly plastic bins) hold scrap cardstock pieces. The containers to the left of that hold ribbon and twine. To the right of the tools is a magnetic holder that holds cotton swabs, sanding tools and my tweezers. I keep my scissors  in the hanging bag- a treasure I ordered for my car but it didn’t work there. It ended up being a perfect fit for my scissors!creative space shelving and wall storage

The Ikea Raskog carts are so awesome! They fit my organizers perfectly and I store so many odds and ends in these… extra ink pads, embellishments, stamps from other companies… you name it. The white bin on top contains retired cardstock for the purpose of practice Cricut cuts.turquoise ikea carts for scrapbooking supply storage

This wall storage is something I found while visiting the US – The containers are magnetic and can be moved around on the wall plates in any configuration you wish. I love it because the items I use often are here – my ATG adhesive, my idea books, large and small storage bags, glitter pens and my heat gun. Perfect!magnetic storage system for scrapbooking and crafting supplies

Check out this storage unit…
This combination of old Expedit shelving contains so much, there are labels on everything. Extra printer paper through to my scrapbook albums are stored here. Within the bins and boxes, everything is neat and organized – I have to know where to find something quickly or it drives me nutswonderful storage unit for boxes and bins

This stamp storage cart fits my stamp sets perfectly and I even have two drawers left at the bottom for more! I love that it is also on casters and can be rolled to wherever I want it to be. It currently fits perfectly right behind my door.movable wire basket storage for acrylic stamps

On the back of my door, I keep my most used resource books.over the door hanging storage for books

On the front of my door, I have a hanging organizer where I can showcase recent cards that I have created so when people come to visit, they can see what I have been doing and/or what they might want to create as well.over the door storage for DIY card display

My paper storage cart was built for me. It is simply made from 2x4s and some old garage rails. I had a bunch of 12×12 hanging folders and I wanted to keep vertical paper storage. It is so much neater than horizontal storage. This cart was designed to fit under a fold away table…I LOVE this. It is also on casters and rolls wherever I need to move it.Vertical storage for 12x12 paper and supplies

The cabinet next to that is storage for other items, on top of that are these bins. In the bins are various small items – shimmer trim, corner rounders, small punches, tools that I use but not often enough that I need them close at hand.cute bag storage that spells out I create

hope you enjoyed the tour of my creative space. I love where I work and have tried hard to make it mine. My guests always comment on how much they enjoy working here and how easy it is to locate what they need. That makes me feel like I have done my job in creating a workspace that is inviting and useable for everyone.

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  1. Gorgeous! Having worked in Alyson’s studio I can attest to how beautiful it looks and, more importantly, how phenomenally well organized it is. It’s a beautiful space in which to work. My creativity would know no bounds if I had a space like that 😀

      • Would you come organize my office/craft room? I would gladly pay for that service!

      • Hey I love your room it’s to die for lol but I have to ask we’re did you get your stamp rack it’s so functional and deffinetly some thing I need !!!!!!

        • Hi Layla,
          The stamp storage cart is from the Container Store in the US. It is from the Elfa collection where you can build what you want. I took some screenshots of what I purchased to help someone else who wanted the details of what to get because it can be confusing to build this online if you aren’t sure of how this site works.
          If you would like more detailed information re what to get, please email me at amayoconsultant@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to send you the information that I have and to answer any other questions. 😊

  2. Absolutely beautiful space!!!!! Love it!! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  3. I have the privilege of knowing Alyson through Close To My Heart, where I too am a Consultant. When Alyson was looking for a little adventure in the U.S. and I, frankly, needed a little (HAHAHA) organizing, I invited Alyson to come for a visit. Little did she know that I had a DISASTER waiting for her to help organize. She was a real trooper, and a task master in terms of getting me to part with some of my “MUST” haves/MUST keeps. She also taught me about the importance of boxes with lids, labeling what’s inside, and having the right storage furniture.

    Our biggest challenge was tackling my storage area which had become a dumping ground. After finding the floor, we went to BJ’s Wholesale Store (like a Costco) and found PERFECT metal wire shelves (just $99 USD each!). We loaded those shelves up with boxed keepers. I believe we wound up hauling to Goodwill something like 14 large boxes filled with recyclable supplies, and an equal amount went out in the trash. What a HUGE amount of work, but it was accomplished thanks to Alyson’s tutelage, and it’s stayed neat after she’s left! Listen up when Alyson tells you to get yourself organized. (I am DEFINITELY Oscar to Alyson’s Felix.)

    • And what an adventure this was for both of us! I’m so happy that Ellen’s creative space is now a workable and useable spot for her to be more productive and she can FIND what she needs much easier than before. It was tough for her at the beginning to decide what was necessary and what had not been used for years… (donation or trash). Coming up with a workable system for her was most important and we did that together.

      Oscsr and Felix – perhaps… I prefer Fred and Barney as two very good friends 😊

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. I love your space. I’m not OCD, but I’m a type A married to a type A and we need our life organized. My craftroom is also done in white and turquoise, my favorite color. I haven’t had the funds to make it exactly as I like, and am using a few odd pieces, but overall it works well, with a place for everything. Looking forward to the day when my husband is retired and can build in the wall bed with drop down desk and storage shelves that I am dreaming of. I’m sure you really enjoy this space.

  5. Bernice J. Reply

    Alyson, I am very interested in where you got your stamp storage cart. It looks narrow and therefore perfect for a spot that I have!

    • Bernice – my stamp cart is from the Container Store in the US. It is from the Elfa series and is the narrowest cart that they make. The Elfa system is customizable size-wise within certain parameters. They do ship to Canada but it isn’t cheap – if you are going to the US, it is far better to pick it up there and bring it back with you if you have that option.

      • Hi Alyson! How many of your stamps fit in that cart? Do you keep your retired sets or sell/purge those?

        • I have approx. 350 stamp,sets in that cart – and I have removed the snaps from the. back of the envelopes plus taken out the paper pieces to give me so much more space. Three drawers are full – not jammed but full enough that I need to start thinking about starting a fourth one any time now.

          I do keep a fair number of retired sets – if I like something and continue to use it, it stays. If not, it goes. Simple as that.

  6. Your creative space is amazing. I too utilize IKEA’S furniture and also have one of the carts. Best investment I made for my scrapping space. I, too, would like to know where you got the rolling stamp storage cart. I have quite a few of CTMH stamps and that would be perfect for me. Thanks for sharing your space with us.

    • Sandi – please see what I wrote to Bernice (above) re the stamp cart. May I also mention re the CTMH stamps that a few years ago, I removed all the snaps from my stamp sets and I also took the paper inserts out of the envelopes. I cut a slit in the plastic envelopes for the flap and doing that almost TRIPLED my storage space for my stamp collection! CTMH is now making the stamps without the snaps on the envelopes (thankfully). Removing those snaps saves so much space!
      That cart fits those stamp sets perfectly. It’s expensive but worth every penny 🙂

  7. Such a beautiful space Alyson! Thanks for giving us a peek into where you create all your amazing artwork. Let me know if you want to organize another CTMH sister in a year or so! 😉

    Paige Dolecki

  8. Rhea Skomorowski Reply

    Absolutely incredible! It looks so clean and organized!

  9. Love your studio. Can you please give information on your “Stamp Cart”. I’d love to know where you got it.

    • Susan – a few people have asked about this already. Please check up a couple of posts for my response to Bernice. Let me know if you have any other questions!
      Thanks 🙂

  10. Denise Gifford Reply

    I have had the pleasure of being friends with Alyson and working in her room several times. As beautiful as the photos are, seeing it in person is even more amazing.

    Not only is Alyson very organized, she is extremely talented. I am lucky to have her as a mentor in my life.

    Looking forward to the next time I can spend time with her and create in her amazing space.

    • Aww, thanks for your very kind comments, Denise 😊😊

      I’m looking forward to having you back to visit and create with me again!

  11. what an amazing space you have…. would love to have a bit of your organizational skills!!!! thanks so much for sharing it with us1

  12. Alyson, my husband wants to know when you’re coming back to the states and if you can visit us??!?! LOL.. Ellen lives an hour or so from me so we can crop before or after we purge ha ha.

  13. Alyson, I am so happy to see you have shared your creative space with the world!! I have to admit that I have admired pics via Denise after one of her visits…and was in awe . Thank you so much for sharing the details on how you accomplished such an organized space. You have given me my creative space goals !!

    • Tina, Denise told me she had shared the photos she took while she was here… I’m glad this post has given you the inspiration to work on your own space and to maybe give you some ideas as to how to organize your own items. Please feel free to contact me any time – I will do whatever I can to help you out!

  14. I love, LOVE, lOvE your space! Would you happen to know the approximate dimensions of your room? I have a 14’x24′ building that I would like to convert to a studio. I’m trying to gauge what it might look like. Thanks!

    • Hi Kim,
      My apologies for the delayed reply – I had accidentally turned off notifications for this post.
      The dimensions of my room (excluding the closets) are as follows:
      Approx 10’7″ x 19’2″
      I hope that gives you a better idea of how your space might work for you!

    • Julie – the desk is one that I actually worked with someone to build for me. I couldn’t find one the size I wanted anywhere (depth was a problem as no one had one deep enough for my liking). I finally went to Home Depot and got two 4×8 foot melamine boards and they sit beside each other. There is a shelf at one end that just holds various supplies and the other side has my printers on slide out trays. The desk is attached to the wall for support and there is a centre post for support. The end shelves provide support at either end. I love it because it is 24 inches deep with lots of room!

  15. Hi! I LOVE your space & organization. May I ask where you purchased the magnetic wall storage?

    • Hi Tracy,
      I assume you are asking about the 4 panels where I store my ATG adhesive and idea books along with some other items. That storage system is from the Container Store in the US. It is terrific for a few reasons -it can be mounted with screws or with command strips (mine is done with command strips and has held up now for almost a year). It was originally designed for indoor plants and herbs – how cool is that? You can customize it as you want. There are 2 systems available: Perch and Urbio. I have the Perch collection 😊

      • Alyson,
        Yes, that is the storage I was wondering about. I’m happy to hear that it’s something I can buy locally & that it has held up well for you. The pocket that

  16. Barb MacAskill Reply

    I am also curious about your stamp storage cart. What is the exact name of it? I see quite a few that look like it but want to be sure I am looking at the right one. TFS!

    • Hi Barb;
      The stamp storage cart is also from the Container Store in the US. It is from the Elfa collection where you can build exactly what you want. I took some screenshots of what I purchased to help someone else who wanted the exact details of what to get because it can be confusing.
      If you would like more detailed information re the size, pieces, etc., please email me at amayoconsultant@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to send you all of the information that I have and to answer any other question you may have 😊

  17. I really want one of the storage carts that you put your stamps in – can you share the link for this item? If it’s not available, what about the measurements?


    • Hi Jenna,
      As I mentioned to someone above, the stamp storage cart was purchased at the Container Store in the US. It is part of their “design your own” component in their Elfa series. It can be quite confusing to try and build this online yourself. I have a couple of screenshots saved from assisting someone else with a purchase.
      Please email me at amayoconsultant@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to send you this information and to answer any other questions you may have.

  18. I LOVE your space!!! Can you tell me where you found the 4×8 melamine top for your desk? I’ve been searching for something like this!
    Thank you!

    • Hi Tina,
      That is just a basic piece of melamine board (actually two 4×8 pieces placed in an L shape in my case) from Home Depot. Any major hardware store like that should carry them. You do need a support piece in the centre if you are going to do what I did and put two of them together and you will notice that I have two end pieces – one at either end – to provide support as well. There are then 2 x 4 block pieces underneath to attach the board to the wall.

  19. Where did you get the rack that the CTMH stamps fit in perfectly?
    Will you help me with my room…. lol

    • Hi Judy,
      The stamp storage cart is from the Container Store in the US. It is custom built using the Elfa system. I have screen shots saved that I have sent to several people who have asked for additional details as it can be difficult to figure out if you aren’t familiar with the program on the store site and how to use it.
      As for helping you with your room…. it depends where you are located. That may be a possibility so don’t rule it out if you seriously want the help!
      Feel free to email me and I can send you more information re the stamp cart. My email is amayoconsultant@gmail.com

  20. I love your room!

    Can you please tell me what organizers you have on your Raskog!

    Thanks ,

    • Hi Jo,
      The clear organizers that I store on the Raskog carts are all from Close To My Heart. They are available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large – and they fit perfectly on those carts! It is almost like they were designed just for that purpose. They can be arranged in various configurations as well. I store all sorts of things in mine… embellishments, extra ink pads, miscellaneous items – you name it.

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  22. Can you tell us where you got the stamp storage card from? That’s a great idea!!

  23. Where did you get the cart for your stamp storage? Do you have a link and/or the name of the cart? I’m looking for something like this. Thanks!

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