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Has anyone else felt a change to the air? My toes have been chilly in the mornings and warm in the afternoons [except today! …they are still cold!] September makes me want to organize my world again, add a bit of routine back to my life and get ready to “hunker” in for the colder months ahead. I must say, I am looking forward to a bit more time in my craft room!

I have been sorting through my stash a bit, getting layout plans in my head and thinking about how to organize my stuff. This seems to be an ever-evolving system…two steps forward and one back!

Who really knows?

After seeing so many wonderful craft rooms, I have to say that organization is NOT a one size fits all system! But from each submission we receive and share for WHERE YOU CREATE we get ideas we never thought of and can try them in our own spaces. I especially love seeing how crafters with small spaces, makes them work efficiently!

Some more great ideas!

Brenda Drager sent in a few pictures recently, of her storage ideas! I love them! What works for her…just might be the system YOU are looking for!

Stamps!WHERE YOU CREATE/organize/creative stamp storage/label system /Brenda Drager

Brenda’s stamps fit beautifully on this shelf! Stacked and stored on shelves and in bins! What I am really intrigued by is her color coding of the sets! WHY didn’t I think of that! I can tell you I WILL be using this trick to organize my growing stamp collection!

Punches and Buttons!WHERE YOU CREATE/organize/punch storage/button bottles/Brenda Drager

It appears that this shelf sits on Brenda’s desk or cabinet. How lovely to have all those punches [maybe more are tucked away!] visible and easily accessible! I love that the little bottles of buttons sit nicely on the top!

Wall of lovelies!WHERE YOU CREATE/organize/storage wall/storage ideas/magnets/Brenda Drager

Who doesn’t want a wall of wonderful like Brenda’s? I love that everything has a place, is NOT taking up desk space and again is out in plain view. So many of us don’t use what we can’t see! So many ways here to organize things! Magnets, bottles, baskets hooks and push pins to name just a few…and YES Brenda has a few more punches here too!

Thank you Brenda for your WHERE YOU CREATE submission! We love that you have shared your ideas with us! I am confident your ideas will resonate with others!


Call for submissions!WHERE YOU CREATE/submissions/organize/Creative Scrapbooker Magazine/creative spaces


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