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​Well! I’m just a bit dumbfounded today! Next week trick or treaters will be knocking at my door and then in a flash…we’ll turn our calendars to November! That means we are just over two months until 2018…which means I did not put to use all the great organizing ideas from a year’s worth of  WHERE YOU CREATE blog posts! How does that happen!? Of all my years on this wonderful earth…I swear 2017 has flown by the fastest!

That being said, we will forge ahead sharing more creative spaces and organizing ideas. When you are ready to put some of these great ideas to work, you just need to find your way back to our blog, all of our WHERE YOU CREATE blogs posts are easy found…at the click of your mouse!

This week’s creative space

Today we get to see where Steph Kallinen scrapbooks! In Steph’s email to us she wrote: “I live in a very small house with my hubby, 3 teenage kids and 2 giant dogs! I love that this space is all mine for crafting and scrapping!  I love to find treasures at garage sales, flea markets and antique stores to organize my space.”

We LOVE that as scrapbookers and crafters, we can manage to carve out a space to create. I think we just understand at the core of our being how good it is for our souls. I also feel our families understand that importance as well!

Photo Tour of Steph’s Space

Where You Create with Steph Kallinen / Creative Spaces / Stay Organized / Scrapbooking Spaces
Lots of counter space and we love all the cubbies and storage boxes!
Where You Create with Steph Kallinen / Creative Space / Organizing / Organized Space
I LOVE how nicely everything tucks underneath the counter tops keepings thing tidy but accessible! I wonder what’s in the “French Rabbit” box?
Where You Create with Steph Kallinen / Storage ideas / Scrapbooking Room
The magnetic holder is such a great idea and check out the amazing box organizing scissors, pens and tools! Small spaces can have places for everything!
Where You Create with Steph Kallinen / Creative Spaces / Organizing ideas
Love the rustic feel of this shelf! Great space for storage and sentiment.
Where You Create with Steph Kallinen / Creative Space / Scrapbooking Storage / Organize
Steph has lots of great horizontal space and practical storage underneath! I’m thinking her scrapbooking friend doesn’t steal her supplies!

Thanks for taking the time to check out the wonderful places and space we share with you. We are always thankful for readers, like Steph, who share their scrapbooking spaces with us! We just love getting smart ideas from everyone’s desks and rooms!


Your assignment if you choose to accept…send us your pictures! We want to feature your creative spaces and hide-aways!Where You Create / Creative Scrapbooker Magazine / Regular Blog Feature / Creative Spaces / Submit to be Featured

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    • Steph Kallinen Reply

      Thank you! We have 2 big dogs- litter mates- like this and we love them:)

  1. LOVE that you are not afraid of color, Your space looks so tidy and convenient. I’ll bet the windows give you wonderful day light too. Keep smiling and creating, thanks for sharing!

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