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Creativation is one of the biggest crafting trade shows in the world. At this show many crafting companies release and display their latest and greatest products – the winner of this prize package will receive a little taste of the latest products from 44 different crafting companies!!! YAHOOOO!!! THIS IS A HUGE PRIZE!!!!!! Creativation Giveaway | Creative Scrapbooker MagazineIt is DAY#2 of a Taste of Creativation featuring Paper House Productions, Art Impressions, American Crafts Kelly Creates, American Crafts, Clearsnap and Simple Stories

How the contest works
1. This contest is all about giving our sponsors some LOVE!
2. During the next  10 days (Jan 29 – Feb 7th) we will ask you to visit  44 of the HOTTEST scrapbooking manufacturers on facebook LIKE their pages or FOLLOW their blogs. Joining their communities will keep you informed of all things good in the scrapbooking industry!
What will you win – A TASTE OF Creativation sample pack worth  over 1000.00$ of the latest products by our 44 AMAZING sponsors!!!!! WOWZERS!

Now lets get started!
#1 – Paper House ProductionsPaper House Productions LogoCreativation Giveaway | Featuring Paper House Productions | Creative Scrapbooker MagazineStargazer Planner from Paper House Productions
Have you paused recently to contemplate the immensity of the universe? It’s enormous, and filled with possibilities. It’s only fitting that you require a planner to keep track of all the wonderful things in store for you. The Stargazer is just the ticket to a whole new realm of interstellar and terrestrial planning and appointment keeping.
Follow Paper House Productions  on facebook – CLICK HERE

#2 – Art ImpressionsArt Impressions LogoCreativation Giveaway | Featuring Art Impressions | Creative Scrapbooker MagazineOh how we love these fun loving stamps from Art Impressions Rubber stamps! They make us giggle.
Follow Art Impressions on facebook – CLICK HERE

 #3 -American Crafts and Kelly CreatesAmerican Crafts and Kelly CreatesCreativation Giveaway | Featuring American Crafts Kelly Creates | Creative Scrapbooker MagazineHave you heard about Kelly Klapstein’s new “Kelly Creates” hand lettering collection with American Crafts? Learn the art of brush lettering with her beautiful dual tip Dream Pens, Workbook, Practice paper pad and 3-pack of black brush pens in small, medium and large tips! Breathe. Write. Relax. Sit down with Kelly’s new book “The Art of Brush Lettering” and let the calming experience of calligraphy bring joy and peace to your holiday season.
Follow Kelly Creates on facebook – CLICK HERE
Follow American Crafts on facebookCLICK HERE

#4 Clearsnap Creativation Giveaway | Featuring Clearsnap | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine #creativation #giveaway #scrapbooking

Complete your ColorBox® collection with this new line of Premium Dye Inkpads.

Colors appear bold and crisp when stamped while also offering the versatility of being used for watercoloring.
These bold, fast drying inks saturate coated and uncoated cardstock, yet clean easily with water.
Follow Clearsnap on facebook – CLICK HERE

#5 – Simple StoriesSimple Stories logoCreativation Giveaway | Featuring Simple Stories | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine The Sub Zero collection from Simple Stories. This line is perfect for your all your winter inspired projects!
 Follow Simple Stories on facebook – CLICK HERE

To enter to win the Taste of Creativation Giveaway
1. After visiting todays featured sponsors – liking them on facebook or following their blogs – come back to the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Blog and post DONE under this post.
2. Participate in all 10 days – for your name to be entered 10 times in the draw!!!!!!
3. ONE random winner will be drawn and announced on Feb 11th.
4. You have until midnight Feb 10th to enter to win.

Good luck everyone and thank you so much for sending your LOVE to our wonderful sponsors! We wouldn’t be able to have such GREAT giveaways if it wasn’t for them!  Please take the time to visit them for us!!!!!

Be sure to enter everyday

THANK YOU SO MUCH and good luck!

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  1. Therese Arsenault Reply

    Again today!!! This is going to be the best week of the year.

  2. Sue Tersmette Reply

    Day 2 Done! Wow, this is shaping up to be an awesome prize pack. Love you guys!!

  3. scrap booking and creativity are my passions and contest are always a blessing which makes it more fun to create -love all the new things the designers come out with–the new things everyone produces–enjoy all of it

  4. Dana Bennett Reply

    Already following!!

  5. Done. Although I can’t refollow or relike some of these I would if I could.

  6. What amazing products above. What a dream come true this win would be.

  7. Kathy Gautreau Reply

    Such great companies!! I’ve Liked/loved and have been following them all for a while!!! Best hobby ever!

  8. Done! Thanks for the opportunity to win these fabulous items, so exciting!

  9. What an amazing giveaway this is it would be so fun to play with everything thank you so much for the chance to win this giveaway

  10. What an amazing prize. Thanks for the opportunity to win and fingers crossed. CSM are amazing.

  11. Marjorie Dumontier Reply

    Done ! Again today, I was already a follower of these great companies !

  12. Elaine McDonald Reply

    Awesome products and suppliers…they provide us with the pleasures of creative crafting. .thank you cms and sponsors

  13. Sheila Briere Reply

    Done, wonderful sponsors!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Done and thank you for giving us a chance to win this amazing prize package!

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  16. Shirley Kunzler Reply

    It is always a pleasure to see the new products available from all the companies

  17. Kim Klinkovsky Reply

    Done. Love all these companies, like them, and follow them.

  18. Done. Thank you for all your hard work in putting away this awesome giveaway!

    Samantha Jackson-Houp on FB

  19. Darlene Smith Reply

    Done and thank you for the chance to win amazing prizes!

  20. Done! (and have left a message of thanks on those pages where we are able to post comments).

  21. DONE! Was already following all these suppliers so hope I didn’t need to unfollow and then refollow! Thanks so much!

  22. Oh Wow, that Stargazer planner is amazing; it’s out of this world!!!

  23. Oh Wow, that Stargazer planner is amazing; it’s out of this world beautiful.

  24. Paula Desmarais Reply

    Done! this is so great to have all these new people to follow

  25. Oooh la la…that Stargazer Planner & the ColorBox palette = swoon!

  26. Tammy Lever Reply

    Another fabulous day! Thanks for the chance to win – my feed is going to be blowing up with all the great companies that I’ve liked today! DONE

  27. Cheryl Ryan Reply

    Would use all of this stuff. I love your magazine as well.

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  29. Sandy Hemsworth Reply

    Following everyone above!! Very inspirational artwork!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some of these amazing prizes!!
    Good luck everyone!

  30. DONE – I believe I posted it already, several days ago, but got so much on my plate that Im not 100% sure if I did or not lol – So posting again.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  31. Dana Bennett Reply

    WOW!! Thx to all the
    sponsors and CSM for
    hosting these giveaways!

  32. Dana Bennett Reply

    Such fantastic prizes!
    Thank you to all the sponsors
    and to CSM!!!
    You’re all amazing!!
    Dana from Quebec

  33. Dana Bennett Reply

    Such fantastic prizes!
    Thank you to all the sponsors
    and to CSM!!!
    You’re all amazing!!
    Dana from Quebec

  34. Bryana Ortiz Reply

    These prizes are
    absolutely amazing!!
    Thank you CSM and all
    the sponsors for this
    opportunity to win!!

  35. what beautiful products today. thanks to the sponsors and magazine!

  36. Done. Love that this contest is available for so many people. Plus it gives us a look into companies we might not of ever seen, so thank you

  37. Done, thank you once again for sharing all the new products, You gals are so great.

  38. Dana Bennett Reply

    These giveaways are just
    Thanks to everyone involved!
    Dana from Quebec

  39. Dana Bennett Reply

    Thx to all the sponsors
    and to CSM!!

  40. Dana Bennett Reply

    Love these amazing
    Giveaways!!! Thx
    Dana from Quebec